Java vs JavaScript- everything you need to know in 2022

Java and Javascript both sound similar, but they are not the same when it comes to their uses. We’ll explore all of the differences between java and javascript.

So you can finally choose the one that is more suitable for your project, or if you are a beginner, you will likely understand after reading this article which one is better or which one you should learn first.

The main difference between java vs javascript is;

Java is an object-oriented programming language, used for multiple tasks such as developing games to execute in backends. In contrast, Javascript is a scripting language that helps to build dynamic web pages using HTML as a structure. You can assume javascript is browser friendly, while java is for general purposes.

Introduction of Java and javascript?

What is Java?

Java language is a top-level object-oriented programming language. Sun Microsystem first introduced java for developing general programs, and its syntaxes are very close to C++.

Currently, java has become one of the most useful languages in the world. Many tools, frameworks, libraries have been introduced that assist java in expanding its uses. In short, java has a wide range of usages, and its demand is still leaping forward.

What is Javascript?

Javascript benefits under contrasting a web page by adding some cool functions to it. Basically, it is known as the third layer of the cake. HTML, CSS, Javascript.

HTML is for building structure, CSS for styling, and then javascript to add cool and sometimes essential functions to a web page.

Apart from that, javascript has support for a few additional tools that can lead to javascript in server-side programming, even developing small mobile apps.

Which is better for Web development?

Java can be used for web development. Many popular java frameworks are out there that encourage a java programmer to expand java applications, such as Vaadin, JavaServer faces, etc.

Java fits better than javascript in web development as you can build your server within the box.

Javascript is proposed mainly for web page development tasks. Javascript can make a webpage dynamic and can transform a static HTML page to behave dynamically. Best for only the client-side.

Object-Oriented Languages

Java works as an OOP language. A programmer has to define an object first to work on that. Not to mention, java’s object can work for various platforms.

Java objects support the following properties, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation. 

Javascript also works on the concept of OOP language; however, many of the time, javascript’s object is limited to work on just browsers. The javascript objects also follow the concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation compatibility.

Front-end Development

Java is not fully compatible with front-end or client-side developments; you need to use frameworks for this approach. Fortunately, there are some frameworks that help java to be used in the front-end.

Although it is recommended for beginners to use java as a building front-end, honestly, many enterprises use java as a full-stack language. Well, the learning curve should be in mind.

Javascript has been the top choice of programmers for six years. 90% percent of javascript programmers integrate it for front-end development.

As javascript is easy to learn, it does not require anything to execute its codes except only a browser. Javascript codes are supported by almost every browser around there.

Back-end Development

Java fits better in building the back-end; actually, java can develop a robust back-end.  So far, we know java is not specially made for the server-side; thus, we use some tools that come down here.

Mainly java programmers use these tools Apache, JBoss, and WebSphere when it comes to executing it in server-side programming.

Javascript is not much compatible when it comes to executing javascript in server-side or back-end programming. However, javascript has a trump card too.

That is node.js. By using node.js, javascript can be utilized for back-ends as well. Honestly, javascript’s back-end handling capability is not that much powerful as java.


15 language popularity by the percentage of developers

Java is the second popular programming language if we calculate on a scale of active users. Despite the fact that java is a very powerful language, the range of its applications is to the sky.

However, most java users are so-called expert programmers, as to unlock java’s full potential, you have to be an expert no matter what.

Javascript is the most popular programming (scripting) language, it’s based on the survey held by the StackOverflow community.

They found that javascript is a beginner-friendly language. This is what increases its popularity among beginners. Furthermore, the only easily executable language on browsers is also a key factor.

Which one is more compatible with browsers?

Java language somehow can be executed in a browser. There is a tool java applet, which is the leading factor here; it helps java driven codes to run in a browser as javascript codes.

Although it is not considered a practical approach by java developers, bugs are not so popular among developers since this method leads to so many errors.

Javascript, the most convenient language for browsers, and its codes are fully functional on any browser. Even though you don’t need to have any tools for implementing javascript code into a browser, it handles itself all.

Which one has wide Usages?

Java has various usages, as it is known as programming knowledge. Developers can utilize java language for making mobile apps, desktop software, enterprise web applications, banking systems, and tons of other programs. Java is a one-solution for thousands of uses.

Java scripts also have a wide range of scope of developing applications as java. Primarily, Javascript is only limited to using it on a web page and building a dynamic web page.

It is all a javascript language can do. However, not to forget, javascript is still on the top when it comes to counting the number of users.

syntaxes and Code Examples

Java syntaxes must be declared first in a class before implementation; it is case-sensitive.

See the java language code example.

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello World");

Javascript syntax works in both ways, either declared variables or non-declared variables. It has a set of syntaxes, “declare variables,” “assign values,” “compute values.” And javascript codes are worked with HTML and CSS classes.

See javascript code example.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>My First Web Page</h1>
<p>My First Paragraph</p>
<p id="demo"></p>
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = 5 + 6;

For developing apps and games

Java works well with many frameworks that saintly use to develop apps and games. Such as Kotlin that is used for developing apps. Kotlin and Java can work together.

Not only that, search a little on the web. You will end up finding so many useful frameworks compatible with java.

Javascript also comes in handy when developing mobile apps by using only traditional languages such as HTML, CSS, and javascript. Phonegap and Cordova are some useful tools for this approach.

Developers can leverage Javascript game engines to develop games in Javascript.

File Extensions

A Java file extension is .java.

A javascript file extension is .js.

Java vs javascript- which is easier to learn?

Learning javascript is way easy, is Java hard to learn? Let’s dig in.

Javascript codes are easily executed on a browser, even though it does not require any virtual environment to run javascript code. For instance, use CTRL+SHIFT+C on the console. Start writing javascript codes. Yes, it is that straightforward.

 On the other hand, java requires a tremendous amount of research from the very beginning.

Since java has some sub-version, mainly J2EE, JSE, JRE, JBLAH, JJAY., to figure out their pros and cons is going to take some additional effort.

Okay, even though you have figured out the java version you want to start learning, there is still a long way to go. Java requires specific development environments, libraries, IDEs, fundamentally.

Java vs Javascript- Which is better to learn in 2022?

Java and javascript are both familiar with their specific tasks. To judge whether which one is better to learn is ultimately an irrelevant question with knowing the purpose and intentions. However, let’s find out the ways and know when to use java and javascript.

First of all, I would like to include here, although java and javascript have vast differences, they also overlap at some points. Keep reading. We’ll explain this to you.

When should you learn javascript?

For Developing SPA & front-end

So you should learn javascript if your intentions are to develop (SPAs) Single page applications. Javascript has pretty strong frameworks for building front-end such as jQuery, AngularJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS.

The handling server-side of a Dynamic small web app

Learn javascript if there is a project like handling a server-side or back-end of a small dynamic web page.

Out of fact, javascript is generally invented for writing script. Times have changed. There are some modern tools & technologies that expanded the javascript functionality.

Javascript now has support from node.js, MongoDB, and express.js, which help a javascript programmer build a database using javascript codes.

Despite the fact, these databases are not as strong as Java offers. However, they still cut down the learning curve.

Small Mobile app developments

Javascript has got empowered. It offers to build mobile apps within the box. The tools like ReactNative, PhoneGap, etc., are primarily there to assist javascript developers while making a mobile app using HTML, CSS, and javascript.

When should you learn java?

Java offers a wide range of applications; the scope of its learning curve is almost infinite.

Let’s have a look at some of its uses that you can decide later whether you should learn java or javascript.

Java is a better choice for Developing big apps.

So, are you finding differences between java and javascript to build mobile apps? Only if you plan to develop something big, you are useful to learn java.

Java can develop any type of mobile apps, as the most popular Android development IDE “android studio” is fully compatible with java. However, you’ll need some frameworks to take steps ahead.

One of them is the Kotlin framework. To find out more, you can search on google. You will likely find many frameworks for building apps while writing code in java.

To develop enterprise web-based software.

People who want to develop enterprise software should stop the difference between java and javascript to learn. It is crystal clear here. Java has introduced a sub-version called java (EE).

Thousands of developers are learning this java framework just to develop apps for enterprises. Not only that, many of the well-known companies use java EE. However, since it looks very important to learn, it would not be easy to understand.

Developing Strong back-end & REST APIs

So to develop a strong back-end, you should consider learning java. Although javascript also can be used in server-side programming.

Due to the fact, java can create a complicated back-end, REST APIs, as it works based on the concept of OOP, so it also allows developers to concert the front-end (java based classes) to the back-end.

It is like two-way binding. The possibilities are infinite, so you should learn java instead of javascript.

General Desktop Software development.

You should prefer learning java for developing general desktop and web apps. Well, many other languages fit better out of the box. Python, Ruby, and many more… Lastly, if your concern is about choosing java vs javascript, you have a clear vision. Go with Java.

Java and javascript- Are there any Similarities?

Despite the fact that java and javascript share entirely different goals. However, there are still some overlapping points.

  • Client-side:

Both these languages can be utilized for building a client-side view in a different way. Java uses applets for this approach, while javascript is self-contained everything.

  • Server:

Another similarity in these is that both can be used for building back-end servers. A java version known as (Java EE) is used for this, while Javascript can do this with the help of Node.js + Express.

  • Mobile Apps or desktop apps

These both can develop mobile apps. Java ME is something that can be run on android studio for developing apps while Javascript with Phonegap / Appcelerator.


Is JavaScript front end or backend?

Generally, javascript is a front-end scripting language. It works better with HTML, CSS language. However.
It is also true modern tools push this language to use this for server-side as well. Formally javascript is famous as a front-end language.

Is java front end or backend?

Honestly speaking, java is a general programming language, just like python. So it can work for the front-end as well as the back-end.
To declare a conclusion, if we use a scale on its performance basis, then we can say java is a server-side language since many well-known websites are using java for handling the back-end.