JavaScript vs Ruby: Everything you need to know

JavaScript and Ruby are not the same. JavaScript is an object-oriented front-end scripting language with the help of the node.js framework. It can be utilized in the back-end process to replace PHP. In contrast, Ruby is an object-oriented, general programming language, with ruby on rails (framework); it functions in the back end the same as PHP.

The gap here is because of the frameworks: ruby on rails and node.js. Without them, they both are poles apart from each other.

So the question is what frameworks are, so they like plugins to extend languages’ functionality? For instance, JavaScript or typescript naturally is only for a client-side scripting language. Yet, with the help of the Node.js framework, developers manage this to be used on the server side.

In the same way, ruby is a general programming language, similar to python and R, yet a big part of this programming language is involved in web development. Reasoning the framework “Ruby on rails,” which makes this language useful, works similar to JavaScript with node.js.

Both languages are the same by nature yet have some contrasts in the working areas.

  • JavaScript is an object-oriented, dynamic scripting language and has interrupted ability.
  • Ruby is also an object-oriented language by nature, but it is a general-purpose language. And its codes work on the principle of interruption.

JavaScript vs Ruby: Differences

PurposeIt is developed for web pages. It can change a static web page to turn into a dynamic web page.It is developed for beginners to code with ease. Mainly web development was made it easier.
Easy to learnIt is difficult to understand the JavaScript syntax for a newbie.It is easy to get started with, and its syntax is as simple as python.
PerformanceIt is said about javascript. It is almost 4times faster than Ruby in a few operations.When comparing its performance against javascript, ruby is slower.
OOPS It is an object-oriented scripting dynamic language. Interpreted rather than compiling when running.It is also an object-oriented, dynamic interrupted language.
Full-stack developerJavaScript can be used for full-stack web development; node.js helps in back-end handling.Ruby is not considered as a full-stack web development language. Only good for handling the back-end process of a large-scale app.
Comparison between Javascript and Ruby

Frontend or backend?

  • JavaScript can be used as a front-end and back-end language using the same language.
  • Ruby in web development is only used in the back-end using ruby on rails.

Speed performance

Both languages have a great place at their places. Generally, JavaScript is faster than Ruby. It’s also said that the apps built by using JavaScript are lighter than Ruby.

Node.js is not suitable for handling large data. But when it comes to something big, mainly server-side, then ruby on rails is the way to go.

  • JavaScript is faster than Ruby in some cases.


The expert developers in both these languages are paid well by the companies; in 2021, the job opportunities of both are quite high.

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