JavaScript Vs TypeScript – Which one perform well in 2021

Programmers often get confused whenever it comes to choose one between JavaScript and TypeScript. It is easy to differentiate them yet hard to define.

By just looking at their working applications you will find both are fairly developed for the same purposes. However, I have seen many new programmers don’t understand this by just a simple explanation.

But, believe me, this blog post is different, we have tried to make it simple as it could be. Even if you have zero knowledge, you will likely learn something new.

However, if you search this on google “ TypeScript vs JavaScript” you will get a quick overview.

Many traditional explanations on google I’ve been through which speak to the point. No one dares to fully explain it…

Speaking truly, this is what forced me to write this blog post…

Because I know that Only exploring differences would not entertain you as much as if we get through a detailed comparison. In such a way, after reading you will not only carry out the differences but also you will be able to end up with a mindset, to select one either TypeScript or JS.

So, without further delaying…

Let’s get started by enlightening the common differences.

JavaScript Vs. TypeScript- what are the Differences?

First and foremost, TypeScript is known as the powerset of JavaScript, which means, anything can be done by JavaScript then there is no way that TypeScript cannot do.

Meanwhile, TypeScript fully covers JavaScript in the light of features. As well as caring additional features too, mainly it has an OOP Module.

The following differences are a one-way explanation, simply this is based on only TypeScript’s overwhelming capabilities.

  1. TypeScript is an Oriented programming language, JavaScript is known as only a scripting language.
  2. TypeScript supports modules, JavaScript doesn’t support.
  3. TypeScript has an interference, JavaScript doesn’t have.
  4. These two work for the same purposes, “making webpages alive

These are very common differences that maybe you already know but we have not over yet.

In case, if you just jumped out here, let’s introduce you to JavaScript and TypeScript. Before comparing both of these scripting languages.

What is JavaScript? (introduction)

JavaScript is a client-side server language, it can be executed on the browser. The primary purposes of this scripting language were to make webpages alive, interactive, dynamic, and so forth. However, people cut out to use it in the backend.

Today almost every website uses JavaScript, you also may have noticed that too.

 what..! didn’t you?

No way, you might don’t have enough knowledge to pick up on it, so let’s figure this out first.

Here is an example especially for you.

Basically, any website is composed of three languages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Let us give you an example of each one…

  • HTML; It provides structure, text, layouts, headings, images, etc… all the content you see is due to HTML
  • CSS; It converts the HTML Dumb structure into a beautiful-looking page, simply it adds colors, borders, shapes, etc…
  • JS vs TS: Here they come into play, they add functionality to a webpage making a webpage alive, such as a pop-up appearing when a user clicks on a specific button, adding live counters, showing a warning when something goes wrong, and so on… The limit of its uses is the sky…

I expect now you have a very clear idea of their practices…

Let’s get back to the point…

So we were running over JavaScript introduction… let’s continue

As things come about, every language contains some additional features, similarly in JavaScript developers feel comfortable with its performance, most of them don’t seem to have any problem.

Below are a few most important features of JavaScript, I want you to consider reading them all once.

  1. JavaScript can be executed in the browser as well as on the server-side with the help of Node JS, basically, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language but with the help of Node JS programmers somehow make it work for backend programming.
  2. JavaScript is safe and secure.
  3. JavaScript enticed many other scripts such as Coffeescript, TypeScript… In order to add some additional features to it, in fact for taking down JavaScript, however, it doesn’t seem to bear any decline yet.

I hope now you have a clear vision regarding why JavaScript is popular, and keep moving on further,

we ought to account for TypeScript which is quite similar to JavaScript.

What is TypeScript? (introduction)

TypeScript is a new so-called ultimate version of JavaScript, more adaptable, more powerful, yet less popular than JavaScript even though TypeScript can do everything that JavaScript is capable of.

This might leave you shocked… You are probably also wondering why it is not popular even so it has more functionalities…

The only reason why it has not gained much reputation is only because of our human nature, we don’t accept change readily.

Besides this all, before it was introduced, JavaScript had already been adopted by the majority of developers who mastered JavaScript and became capable of using JavaScript out of the box.

However, it would be exciting for you to know why did TypeScript introduce then,?

Again, Let’s dive into this discussion…

Why did TypeScript introduce when there is already JavaScript performing well?

It basically gets around on one feature, which is OOP (Object Oriented programming).

JavaScript lacks this feature, and yes OOP is one of the most useful ways that help programmers to complete the project sooner than later, which is why we can assume this is a big factor that enticed TypeScript to take place before JavaScript.

Try to put your little focus on the following paragraph to fully understand OOP.

Basically, the object-oriented program is a module that lowers the complexity of coding, it works for objects rather than functions.

I believe you need an example of this, right?

So, Here is one,

When developing any script in JavaScript we define function and properties. No matter how many times we have to use one function we always define whenever we require…

Technically, it is not ideal to define a function many times. That’s why it confounded developers and they introduced the term OOP.,

What it does is to allow us to define an object, its properties, its functions at once. So, whenever we need the Function’s properties we can call it, in this way coding becomes much easier and less complex…

However, OOP contains some sub-features in it. Which I don’t think is necessary to wrap up in this context.

So long as you are interested in reading, I would like to explain something that may go off beyond the topic. First Let’s have a close look at their reputation… Who will be the best choice to learn in 2021?

Should I learn TypeScript or JavaScript

javascript vs Typescript trend

To be honest, there is still no match TypeScript before javascript in terms of popularity, not even at least for the next 5 years. As you can see the above image is taken from google trends, showing interest over time in these two languages. It is apparent, javascript even with the lack of features yet overwhelming TypeScript. Just Insane fact…

So here is our recommendation for new programmers.

If you happen to learn a programming language in 2021, and at some points confused between choosing JavaScript vs TypeScript, then don’t wait for any next thought just go with JavaScript. It is worthy…

Although Javascript is still number one according to the annual Octoverse report by Github, but TypeScript has jumpt from seventh place in 2018 to fourth place in this year.

TypeScript climbed fourth position this year

Benefits and disadvantages of using TypeScript over JavaScript

To the point, there are not many Cons using TypeScript over JavaScript comparatively Pros.

Well, even “Moon has blackheads” so it is must that TypeScript may have something that restricts programmers to adopt it blindly, and it could make sense too.

Without delay let’s get to it;

Pros and Cons of choosing TypeScript

Advantages of using TypeScript over JavaScriptDisadvantages of using TypeScript, which may be limiting its growth
TypeScript highlights errors, and hints codes similar to a puzzle game at compilation time, whereas JavaScript doesn’t have these characteristics, and to find errors wait till the runtime.TS takes a long time to compile the code compared to JavaScript
TypeScript has a concept for defining modules, JavaScript doesn’t have.A hard to digest fact; nowadays the majority of developers are comfortable using JavaScript, it is hard to stick with TypeScript and easy to go with the flow.
TypeScript supports interfaces, that java doesn’t.A hard to digest fact; nowadays the majority of developers are comfortable using JavaScript, it is hard to stick with TypeScript and easy to go with the flow.
TypeScript has better documentation for APIs as compared to the documentation of JavaScript which is in sync with a source codeMany developers have found some unexpected bugs in TypeScript…

We have come this far, by the way, Congrats to you.

Now you probably have a clear idea about why to choose JavaScript and why to choose TypeScript in 2021, but to get on further details, we have to look at how they work when they combine with different frameworks…

Achieving this would let us talk regarding their performances first…

TypeScript vs JavaScript performance

Judging, JavaScript, and TypeScript’s performances are quite harder to explain in a one-way process. Because there are factors that must be included. Eventually, we like JavaScript for being simple and straightforward, to begin with. Whereas typescript is a good choice though, it helps programmers to turn down coding efforts.

However, as we said this, it is not a one-way explanation. So, we have to include something from outside yet important modules.

Moreover, as we are now talking about their performances, then surely there must be included their frameworks to more dependable conclusions. Indeed, no matter what you are up to, you will have to use frameworks with JavaScript and TypeScript.

Angular framework with JavaScript and TypeScript

Angular 2.0 is one of the most useful frameworks these days, its performance even boost up when it is used with TypeScript rather than JavaScript, due to its huge functionality…

Even though it also performs well with JavaScript but using TypeScript is recommended by developers. Because, unlike other frameworks; it is self-standing, every module you might need to include in your project will be available in it, which is why it slightly takes up much storage around 250KB.

React framework with JavaScript and TypeScript.

As we have matched up angular and TypeScript, but React when utilizing with ups the performance JavaScript as well add several new features.

We have previously revealed the popularity of JavaScript and explored why JavaScript is considered more beginner-friendly.

The combination of JavaScript with react native is beyond imagination, like JavaScript, react JS is also easy to adopt and simple to begin in project building.

React is a lightweight library. Unlike angular it does not contain many features itself,  its size is around 150KB, that’s why it is also known as a speedy framework, thus to add functionality we need to use third-party resources.

VueJS framework with JavaScript vs TypeScript

We have done up saying angular with TypeScript, performs well, Reactjs with JavaScript matches well, but out of debate…

Here is our all-rounder framework VueJS, which treats both equally, it is neither a library nor a fully-packed resource framework. It is actually in between… which is why we called it an all-rounder.

With that, it seems we are done with frameworks, now to refresh your mind, you probably need a short conclusion on frameworks.

Words for absolute beginners

I hope you might have understood which framework performs better.

But, we strongly recommend beginners not to deal with this topic yet.

Indeed, all these frameworks are best, in fact, there is no concept of best and worst.

Moreover, the frameworks are being used in giant websites such as Airbnb, Alibaba, Walmart, Amazon, even Facebook itself use react js…

If you are still conscious about who developed these frameworks? Here is a brief introduction…

AngularReact JSVue
It was developed by Google back in 2010.It is developed by Facebook and Facebook also use this frame too, released in 2013This framework was introduced by an unknown programmer community released in 2013.

Finally, we have almost fetched up all the required information to entice you enough to know why you should learn JS or TS in 2021.

Let’s move on to know that too…

Why learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is fun and stands right up to a newbie’s interest, who surely is interested in developing beautiful fully functional web pages, web apps, so on…

In 2021, JavaScript has become more evaluated as compared to back in 2020, because of its high demand, the developers are consistently building it up to meet user’s needs.

to assist you completely, kindly head-on the following paragraph.

JavaScript itself is nothing, you must have (at least) knowledge of HTML for starting up, however, having CSS knowledge is also recommended so that you can design a beautiful structure of any webpage.

And then, you can apply JavaScript after learning HTML, CSS, the limits of its applications are infinite when you conquer it, you are allowed to use the JavaScript you wish.

The more you understand it, the more amazing you play with JavaScript.

So, now you are probably thinking of job opportunities if you learn JavaScript, fine…

The Job opportunities for JavaScript experts are on the peak, and it is rising with each passing day.

According to a survey held by programmers, they found that around 70% of companies are looking for experts in JavaScript, moreover, the average salary of a JavaScript coder is 84,500$ per year. Which I believe couldn’t be neglected though…!

Kindly note this, mastering JavaScript means you should have knowledge of its supportable frameworks too.

Let’s guess, which websites do you think use JavaScript? No idea….?

Look at the names, you will surely be amazed…

These websites floated with JavaScript from the frontend or even some of them had backends developed by JavaScript.

Google, Facebook, Youtube, eBay, Amazon, eBay, QQ, etc…

The list keeps going, but by looking at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, you can assume the demand for this language in 2021.

Once again, JavaScript must acquire knowledge of frameworks too, these websites for sure use JavaScript somehow they are using different frameworks.

Frameworks also play a big role. But for what purposes?

It is a matter of fact, when we see any website there are different features which they are caring about…

The primary reason for why they don’t all have one framework is because often we want a light feature, that simply means could be achieved by reactJS.

Off the chance. if the project forces us to have long detailed objects, such as interfacing JavaScript in a web app, CMSs websites, Forums, where a huge amount of JavaScript codes are needed… which simply means it requires more coding and features, then Angular would be suitable.

This is what the majority of programmers recommend, but you should read this.

remember; it actually does not make sense whichever framework you use, as long as you cover things up adequately, as per requirements given by any client…

Traditionally, whenever it comes to discussing JavaScript, TypeScript gets itself into the discussion, so just by fulfilling the gap, let’s have a comprehensive look over TypeScript and know why to learn TypeScript…

Also read:

Why learn TypeScript?

It is said by die-hard fans of TypeScript that it has a better future than JavaScript. However, I would really like to accept this fact, but it does not let me…

TypeScript is indeed more adaptable, more featured, often empowering JavaScript functions too…

Do you know? TypeScript is actually not a competitor of JavaScript but a friend, such that you can convert TypeScript code into JavaScript when needed. By changing the File extension TS to JS by writing a few lines of code.

Hence proved, TypeScript is not a competitor but a true friend of JavaScript.

Thus most developers are still trying to find out the truth behind why it is still not getting popular.

I have a valid opinion too.

Only a few people know that TypeScript when loading on a webpage, slightly takes longer time interval comparatively JavaScript, even if you apply a similar function in both.

Bearing the fact the TypeScript has enormous functions that make it bigger in file size…

Although that is not a big difference, it is only around 0.3s to 0.5s second slower than JavaScript.

Of course not a big deal though…

However, suppose a web page which has a size 2,000 KB, and has a load time of 2.1 seconds in the google page insight tool, when it uses JavaScript.

They now need a few additional JavaScript features on the webpage. And this time they use TypeScript which will dramatically increase the load time from 2.1second to 2.5s. Result? Bad user experience,!

It is absolute here, no one wants to experience this. Herewith TypeScript loses its value.

If we talk about its jobs…

Many companies started hiring TypeScript developers in 2021, the salary of TypeScript is somewhat lower than JavaScript developers, it is around 60,000$ per year. According to a survey. Whereas avg salary of JavaScript developers is finalized around 84,500$ per year…

Final Verdict- Author’s remarks

Tons of features, syntax, modules, plugins, frameworks are attachable to these scripting languages. That empowers them like that no one dares to imagine the limits of usages…

With this all, as a developer when it happens with us; to tell beginners which one to choose, either JavaScript or TypeScript, we quite often just answer “why do you don’t learn both…!”.

But to be formal with you, I have written down all of their pros and cons which speak to their performance and popularity.

Furthermore, you have to push yourself into the programming world, we are only here to help you out in cases where you might need a 3rd person perspective.

In the end, we would like you to have a look at our other guide; which one is better Flask vs Django?

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