Laptops for web Developers in 2022- best picks

For a developer, choosing the right laptop is not that easy. There is so much to take into account to meet the requirements for developing a web, front end, or full-stack developing both demand a device with decent power.

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Anyways, we don’t really need a high-end device but still, you just can’t go long with minimum requirements.

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Laptops for web developers in 2022

a fair choice for web developers that also don’t break the bank adapts to 13.5 inches (3000×2000) 4K touch screen displays, provides an impressive 1.6GHz combined processor speed and excellent Intel HD graphics 620 GPU, 2GB VRAM, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and impressive 11-hour battery life.

Among the cheaper options, the laptop is still ideal for many. A full-size, 15-inch (1920 x 1080) full HD touch screen display, powerful Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, Intel UHD Graphics 620, and 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD will provide a very good web development experience. Battery life is 7-8 hours per charge, which is a big plus here.

For web developers and gamers, this budget-friendly laptop has a 15.6″ full HD (1920*1080), as well as AMD’s Ryzen 7 processor. The AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 graphic card makes for a great viewing experience, while 8GB RAM (DDR4) can handle multitasking, and a 512GB hard drive gives plenty of storage, all with 7.5 hours battery life. 

One of the ideal laptops for many, equipped with the latest oiled display size of 15.6 Inches, impressive processing power thanks to 9th Generation inter Core chip it has with a clock speed of 4.7GHz its performance can match with the most expensive ones.

The big screen combined with an NVIDIA card of 4GB adds extra beauty to it. It can run any IDE smoothly as it has 4GB RAM and can store thousands of web projects in its huge 256GB hard drive.

The laptop has a good balance of price and features for passionate gamers and professional coders, get a Display size of 15.6 inches HD screen, the processing power which comes from AMD Ryzen 5 R5-3550H Processor adds great value, the viewing experience is also excellent with its GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics.

It would not be bogged down by opening several chrome pages thanks to 8GB DDR4 RAM/ 256GB NVMe SSD.

For web developers and gamers, the laptop is a little costly but worth every penny since it features a 16-inch LED 4-K display (2560 x 1600). It also offers the latest processor, the Core i7, 11th generation, which runs at 4.7GHz.

With new Intel Xe Graphics, you get a better viewing experience. It has a 1TB SSD and 16GB DDR for a smooth run of all your software.

Laptop requirements for web developement

  • Processing power Intel Core i5, 17, 8th generation.
  • GPU: with 4 GB vRAM
  • Ram: 8-16 GB or more
  • Hard drive: depends, 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD (choose expandable)
  • 15 inch full HD resolution (Most needed)
  • Battery timing: Up to 8 to 10 hours

You require a 16-inch laptop with a powerful processing chipset at least core i5th 7th generation combined with at least 8 GB RAM for the finest coding and front programming in Javascript HTML, CSS, or building site by using CMS like WordPress.

Surely, you have to download different software and run lots of projects, so at least 256GB hard disk should be available. And adding a GPU is wise enough.

A decent laptop not only saves your time but also ensures your workflow.

Best Laptops for web Developers 

Before going to purchase the finest model of laptop, have a look at these excellent models.

All of them have wonderful features, beautiful designs, and fast speed. 

1. Microsoft Surface Book 2

  • 13.5” (3000 x 2000) touchscreen display
  • 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 CPU 7th gen
  • Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU, 2GB VRAM
  • 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD
  • 11-hour battery life.
Microsoft 2 - Laptops for web Developers in 2022- best picks

Microsoft surface book 2 is a 2-in-1 laptop, a good choice for web developers.

Ships with everything to satisfy all the needs, a sensitive detachable touch screen, has a decent amount of processing power 1.6GHz 7th generation combined with 8GB RAM, and come up with a 13.6 UHD display.

Ensuring to deliver a great detailed screen that can define each and every RGB color scheme.

Note; there is an updated model Microsoft Surface Book 3, which has more powerful processors, sufficient to run modern games as well.

Despite its inter i5 processor, this laptop boasts hyperthreading technology. Due to the fact that four consecutive cores are available, you will enjoy a better CPU experience.

Regardless of the work you do, multitask, compile lengthy codes, the system is powerful enough to match you up without bogging down, and it doesn’t heat even at full capacity of working.

Anyways, we don’t recommend this to gamers.

This is because the amount of graphics units it has built-in, is not something made for gaming, so hardcore gamers like PUBG, COD, GTA V would not run at maximum graphics. 

By this means, the graphics are excellent for the majority of users, able to run almost any 3D software.

If you also require a decent GPU, this laptop should satisfy your specifications.

2. New 2018 Lenovo Yoga 730 2-in-1

  • 15.6” (1920 x 1080) touchscreen display
  • 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8250U CPU
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU
  • 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD
  • 7-8 hour battery life
Lenovo - Laptops for web Developers in 2022- best picks

One of the best choices for web designers is this laptop from Lenovo, a lightweight model with all the essential features you will want to put on the table.

Thanks to its HD display touch screen you can zoom in and out easily to test out the user interface right after building a front-end.

The display size is also perfect for developers, a 15-inch screen with thin bevels adds beauty to this model.

In addition to its fascinating look, the weight is only 2.5 pounds that is ideal if you want to be attached to your projects while on the go.

An Intel Core i5 8th generation quad-core processor drives this laptop.

Having a clock speed of 1.6GHz, each of its four cores can reach 3.4GHz when clocked at turbo speeds.

In addition to the processor, 256GB of storage space provides adequate space to save loads of projects, also you can install plenty of useful software you require without bothering the system bogging down.

Over seven hours of use can be done on a single charge, once it’s down it features fast charging so you can get back to work in a shorter amount of time.

3. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Full HD Display Laptop

  • Diplay: 15.6” full HD (1920×1080)
  • Processor: 0GHz AMD Ryzen 7 3700u CPU
  • GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 GPU
  • Battery: 7.5 hour battery life
Acer Asipire - Laptops for web Developers in 2022- best picks

The Acer Aspire 5 is one of the decent laptops available for web developers in 2021.

It comes on a budget yet hits all the bells and whistles, a powerful & lightweight laptop model that delivers amazing performance on each of your projects.

Moreover, having a built-in Ryzen 5 3500U Processor.

This laptop model can handle any project type of web designing project, whether it is too complex or difficult. 

The rich & crisp graphics on the wide screen help you work for longer durations with a focused mind and pleasant atmosphere.

Of course, it is your best friend to do programming on it wherever and whenever you want.

The slim design with good construction delivers ideal and amazing visuals making you comfortable with an easy keyboard.

Since it comprises the Acer BlueLightShield, you don’t need to fear damaging your eyesight while you busy in programming for extended periods.

Not only does Acer Aspire 5 offer wonderful features needed to the developers, but it also provides extended battery life.

You can take your laptop comfortably with you wherever you go as it has a lightweight design with an Aluminum casing. Besides having a powerful bass, it offers you an amazing sound system.  

It lets you complete extra projects with various ports, comprising USB 2.0, USB, 3.1and HDMI.

Furthermore, with the help of 2×2 802.11 ac, you can reinforce your wireless signal while you go anywhere.

Since it has a convenient backlit keyboard, you can complete your projects comfortably at any location. 

4. LG Gram 16Z90P

  • Diplay: 16 inches LED, 4k (2560 x 1600)
  • Processor: 11th gen CORE i7 4.7 Ghz
  • GPU:  Intel Xe Graphics
  • Battery: 6 hour battery life
LG Gram 1 - Laptops for web Developers in 2022- best picks

The latest LG gram 16Z90P laptop with a broad screen presents a unique combination of excellent performance & transportability.

Moreover, the small size structure of this model is not only lightweight but also strong & durable.

Since it features the 11th Generation Intel Core i7 and Iris Xe Graphics, the developers will experience amazing speed while programming. 

The LG gram contains a 1TB NVMe drive also the Thunderbolt 4 ensures speedy data transfer & a smooth display of video.

Moreover, with excellent graphics, this model presents an amazing performance that helps create great-resolution tasks and editing.

It contains all the vital features that most developers require throughout programming and coding. 

Equipped with a 16GB RAM, it offers an upper level of presentation to create great content, performing multitasks, editing & designing.

Comprises an HDMI port, two USB-C ports, a micro SD card reader, Thunderbolt four support & a 3.5mm audio jack. 

Also, an extended battery life of 22 hours with a solo charge allows you to work for longer durations without any fear of battery shortage.

However, the battery life differs from the particular features that depend on the model, functions used, configuration, & settings of energy management.

It is made in a way that ensures usage convenience along with an HD webcam. Besides, the keyboard is simple and easy to use with backlit light and Alexa settings. 

5. Dell XPS 15 7590

  • Display: 15.6 Inches oiled screen
  • processor: 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750h (4.5 GHz)
  • GPU: NVIDIA card, 4GB
  • RAM/ROM: 4Gb, 256Gb
  • Battery life: 8 Hours.
Dell XPS 15 - Laptops for web Developers in 2022- best picks

The XPS series by Dell is another finest and premium quality laptop for developers that offers excellent performance with good speed.

Comprising the 9th generation Core-i7, it is one of the best performing models available on the market. The recent Dell XPS 15 is among the top-performing laptops on the market. 

Moreover, the Dell XPS 15 not only includes amazing features, it as well comprises a beautiful design,  4K screen & an extremely silky casing.

On the other hand, various people faced issues with its webcam. However, you may sidestep this odd feature while focusing on the other useful features. 

Furthermore, the broad screen lets you experience sharp & rich picture quality that seems amazing and doesn’t affect your eyesight.

It is vital to consider developers who must stare at the screen for extended durations while programming or coding.

So, while you get tired and want to relax, the Dell XPS 15 is pretty good to watch movies as well.

Although this laptop model has an ergonomic & sleek design, it carries many striking features and systems inside it.

The 9th Gen Core i7-9750H processor functions back-to-back with 16 GB RAM. So, you run your programs without suffering from any annoying lags at all. 

6. Asus TUF FX505DT

  • Display: 15.6 inches HD screen.
  • Porcessor: AMD Ryzen 5 R5-3550H Processor
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics
  • Battery Life: 6 hours
asus Tuf - Laptops for web Developers in 2022- best picks

Last but not least on our list comes Asus TUF FX505DT that is specially manufactured for the developers.

It is also one of the best options for people who require good performance but have a low budget.

This laptop is the best AMD-supported model currently presented on the market.

Equipped with AMD Ryzen processors & excellent graphics, the latest TUF FX505 manages all of your programming projects with reliability.

Also, the RGB keyboard is very convenient and easy to use. 

Since it has a NanoEdge style and a slimmer bezel that provide great immersion in a very small pack, rich and crisp graphics present crystal clear colors that make your projects brighter and pleasant.

It provides perfect settings for both coding & programming that are important for the developers.

However, besides other amazing features, this laptop model has a battery life that is not extended enough, i.e.less than five hours. Also, the construction is all with plastic.

On the other hand, while focusing on its rate and excellent features, you must not be distracted from the major aspect.

It is providing wonderful functions along with an extremely budget-friendly rate. 

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs 

Do I need a powerful laptop for coding?

Of course, not; there is no need to get a powerful laptop for programming and coding at all. In programming, you need to edit text files. Thus, for that, you can go for a lower-spec choice & save your money.

Can I do coding on any laptop?

You can do coding on various laptops. However, your work can be upgraded while using an appropriate device for the task you do.

What is the lifespan of a laptop?

Mostly, a laptop works efficiently for up to four to five years. Still, it might continue longer, however, with less capability of its parts that become less efficient to run upgraded applications.

How much should I spend on a laptop?

Mostly, the laptops have rates of around Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 60,000, and this price tag is pretty best for most developers. If the laptop has sufficient RAM, you may install an operating system according to your requirements, for example, Linux.

Final Thoughts 

Here are the five of the best laptops for web developers available in 2021. If you’re an app programmer, game designer, or web developer, these options are best suited to you.

Which one of these models did you like the most do tell us in the comment section below. Also, if you have any queries, ask us; we will love to answer you as soon as possible.