Linux Lite VS Lubuntu: Which one should you choose in 2021?

Confused between Linux lite and Lubuntu? Or tired of searching their detailed review but found nothing? Congratulations! Your search has now come to an end because the right piece of information about Linux Lite and Ubuntu has been clicked and opened by you.


If you want a Linux distro to run on an old PC and looking forward to finding the best one then you may choose Linux lite or Lubuntu for your old PC or laptop. The reason for this said is that an old PC or laptop needs a lightweight smooth running distro to work efficiently and effectively. And both of these qualities are found in both Linux Lite and Lubuntu. But you can’t run both of them together. So which should you choose more preferably?

I heard some people saying that you should prefer Ubuntu over Linux Lite, while others saying that Linux Lite is a more efficient Linux distro. But which one is in actual best? How to decide and install a perfect distro on your old PC? Is there anything that can decide the best among both? The answer is YES. Features of both Linux Lite and Ubuntu will decide that which one is best among both.

So here in this article, we are going to share a detailed review and key features of Linux Lite and Ubuntu to make you capable of deciding that which Linux distro you should use in 2021. And hence you don’t have any need to throw out your old laptops.

 Let’s get started with a detailed review of the features of both distros one by one.

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Linux Lite

Linux Lite is an operating system that is fully based on the Linux kernel, derived from Ubuntu, and is specially developed for old PCs, laptops, and computer systems. It is a lightweight Linux distribution that is specifically created to save Old laptops from becoming a part of dustbins. It is open-source and free to use Linux distribution and is reliable to install for smooth functioning.

Let’s have look at its requirements and features.

System requirements:

  • CPU requires the processor of 1 GHz  ( 1.5 GHz recommended)
  • The system requires a RAM of 768 MB. ( 1 GB recommended)
  • A free disk space of 8 GB is also required. (20 GB recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 ×768 is needed  ( 1366 × 768 recommended)
  • DVD Drive or USB port is mandatory for ISO image.

CPU performance:

The CPU performance of Linux Lite is really well and smooth. You can easily prefer it on various other popular Linux distros such as Ubuntu. The minimum requirement of a CPU processor is 1GHz but you can make it even better with a 1.5 GHz.


Linux Lite is a Debian-based Linux distribution and it is mainly developed by a team that was led by a great developer named Jerry Bezencon. So all the credit for its development goes to this great creator.


The documentation of Linux Lite is like a wonder. It is a detailed guide written in a very simple language that can be understood by everyone including senior users and even beginners. It has all the necessary information about how to install Linux Lite on your system, its regular updates, supported applications, and many more. You can easily learn a lot from this detailed user’s manual.

How easy to install it is?

Linux Lite is very easy to install. There is nothing complicated in it. Also, the speed of installation is very fast. A test has shown that Linux Lite can be installed on any Laptop or PC within 1 minute and 30 seconds or even less.

User interface:

Linux Lite uses a default user interface Xfce that is quite user-friendly and customizable. You can have the best out of it and it is quite enough to make your old PC’s graphics and menu bar look new and customized.

Is it best for programming?

You can consider it good for programming as it writes programs very well. Also, it generates various custom software. An effective coding can also be performed using Linux Lite. Ultimately you can say that it can be considered good for developers and programmers

Should you use it for gaming?

Well, Linux based games can be run and played on any Linux distribution. But for Linux Lite we can not consider it as the best distro for gaming as it is not developed for gaming. You can play games, but the results will not be according to the desired results of a gamer. You can opt for more interesting gaming distros if you are a gamer.

Supported applications and software

Linux Lite supports the following software and applications

  • LibreOffice
  • VLC Media Player.
  • GIMP
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Firefox
  • Skype
  • Spotify
  • VirtualBox


Helpful community:

The community of Linux Lite is very actively helpful and supportive. You can get instant support and help whenever you need to. Also, the creator of this amazing distro is active and very helpful.


Linux Lite is highly customizable. You can control and customize all the settings of your desktop icons, menu bars, number of icons and folders, panel location, and panel appearance.

Easy to learn for beginners:

Linux Lite is developed with a user-friendly interface. It is more friendly for beginners that are completely unknown to Linux Lite. It gives all the necessary suggestions to keep the system smooth running and up to date.

Adaptable and perfect for old hardware:-

Linux Lite is perfect for the old hardware as it is based on Xfce that is enriched with advanced features.


  • It can be a bit buggy sometimes.
  • Sometimes, It becomes difficult to work with local files.


Like Linux Lite, Lubuntu is also an operating system that is entirely based on the Linux kernel that is derived from the Ubuntu family of distributions. The astounding thing about Lubuntu is that it is an open-source Linux distribution. Also, we have to pay nothing to use it, because it is free.

Lubuntu is GNU licensed and is perfect for use in Old PCs that are just about to be kicked out of the house because of their old and less featured hardware.

System requirements:

  • Ram should be at least 512 MB (recommended 1 GB)
  • CPU processor:- Pentium 4 or Pentium M or AMD K8
  • A free disk space of 8Gb is required
  • A USB port is mandatory

CPU performance:

CPU performance is great with 1 GHz but it is less performing than that of Linux Lite. You can say the CPU performance of Linux Lite is better than Lubuntu.


Lubuntu was first founded by Mario Behling and then continued to be developed and grown by Julien Lavergne. On a whole, you can say that it is a development of the whole Lubuntu community.


Lubuntu has a detailed documentation or user’s guide that can make you learn everything about it, even if you are blank. Some of the subsystems of Lubuntu are documented even in much more detail. You can get answers to all your questions by it’s detailed FAQs section. Also it provides a piece of tremendous information about installations, alternate and minimal installations, ISO checking, customizing of desktop, settings of mouse and keyboards, and application of different themes

How easy to install it is?

Lubuntu is actually very easy to install. You can download it from google chrome within few minutes. But the speed of installation is a bit more than Linux Lite.

User interface:

Lubuntu has a friendly and familiar user-interface that is more like a usable graphical interface. It allows you to customize your PC or laptop the way you want. It is lightweight and fast. Additionally, it is provided with a number of different themes and applications allowing you to send emails, search in Google, play games, and chatter with your friends very conveniently.

Is it good for programming?

A question may arise to your mind that whether it is good for programming and coding or not. So the answer is simple. You can use it for doing coding tasks but it is not meant for this purpose. You can choose better distros for programming.

Is it good for gaming?

Yes. Most of the experts suggest it for gaming. You can have clear and crisp graphics of games if you are using Lubuntu. If you want to set up a separate PC for only gaming then Lubuntu would be a good choice as a gaming distro. Also, it is more appropriate for gaming than Linux Lite.

Supported software and applications:

Lubuntu supports the following apps and software:-

  • Firefox
  • MPlayer
  • LightLocker
  • Simple Scan
  • Evince (Pdf reader)
  • Abiword
  • Audacious ( word processor)
  • Galcalculator (calculator)



Lubuntu is lightweight and works on fewer resources. Also, it requires a very little storage space to get installed on a PC or laptop.

Best for old computers:

Lubuntu is perfect for use in old systems with old hardware. It is a life-giver of Old computers and Laptops.

Stable and smooth functioning:

Some users consider it as the most stable and smooth functioning among all the Linux distros.

Easy documentation:

The documentation is very detailed and easy to understand. You can learn how to install and run it even if you are a beginner.


Yes, it is a virus-free Linux distribution.


  • The system becomes very slow sometimes.
  • Doesn’t work well on high-performance PCs.

An overall comparison of Linux Lite and Lubuntu:

Linux Lite and Lubuntu, both are high performing, efficient and stable Linux distros and are two different flavors of Ubuntu, based on Debian. A slight difference in features makes one of them dominating over the other. Just have a look at them.

  • CPU performance of Linux Lite is better than that of Lubuntu. Experts have quoted this by testing the CPU performances of both.
  • Linux Lite gets downloaded and installed in less time as compared to Lubuntu.
  • For programming, you must consider Linux Lite, because it has more developing and coding features than Lubuntu.
  • If we talk about gaming then you should choose Lubuntu as your gaming distro. Linux Lite is a bit behind in gaming and is not actually for gaming.
  • The user-interface of Ubuntu is more friendly and customizable than Linux Lite.

Final thoughts:

So, this overall comparison has surely thrown an image of the best Linux distro among both of them in your mind. Now, based on features and specs, you can decide which Linux desktop distribution is best suited for your PC or laptop. If still, you have any doubt or confusion, you are free to try both of them on your own. Trying by yourself will further help you a lot in making the final decision.

We hope that you have got what you were here for.

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