15 Best API for keyword research

The way to manually do successful keyword research is highly time-consuming, tedious, it requires hours of brainstorming and multiple online searches.

This process may still work for an individual or a small setup, but it is surely not complex and developed enough for an enterprise setup. For a company, one needs an automated system for data analysis and sourcing.

This is possible only via API-fueled keyword research, which works well for any size of project or company.

Such a system can help automate the everyday keyword sourcing, enable diving into new sources of getting keyword data, develop programs that semantically SERP lists and keywords, and help the organization’s SEO efforts to be far more successful.

15 Best API for keyword research

list of Best keyword research API’s to automate keyword research:

Google AdWords API

Google Adwords API Free tool for keyword research

Nothing like working with the source of search data, Google. Using the data from Google Adwords API is like working with the mother ship itself.

They have a meaty backhand setup that captures the source of any search done. Their documentation is flawless and their robust SDK can provide limitless options to any user.


DataforSE seo tool database

With DataforSE you can get large search volumes, know about the Cost Per Click, information about historic monthly searches and also get data about your competitors who may be using the same keywords by accessing information from the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg keyword research with API free

A great tool that can be tried by beginners, students, and marketing experts alike, Keyword Keg is another highly recommended go-to keyword application. For expert users, advanced filters and complex search options are available.


Zenserp SEO tool with API access

They claim their SERP API is powerful enough to scrape information from real-time search engine result pages. Giving the user very potent SEO insights and data. They have a free plan that you can try out or buy a loaded paid plan of various sizes depending on your specific need.


GEORanker API tool for SEO bigdata

GEORanker is a very powerful automated API tool for SEO and keyword search. They give the user all the tools for SEO Data that they may need to provide solutions to customers or to further create successful online marketing tools.

Their API services are highly featured they can help do Geo Tracking of keyword searches done, give important information about related and relevant keywords that are profitable and provide data about location-based ads on Google that are related to the specific keywords.

GEORanker price table
GEORanker Price table


RankRanger SEO keyword API

RankRanger also has a highly recommended Keyword Research API tool. They provide a list of suggestions that can work as successful keywords.

They give the user a list of keyword options, the type of keyword to use (questions, related subjects, and related keywords), the relevance score, and also the average search volumes of the keywords.

RankRanger premium plan price table
rankranger price table


SERPHouse SEO API tool for keyword research

Another API for Keyword research is brought to you by SERPHouse. Their tool is easy to use, presented in REST JSON format, and culminated from data got from both Bing and Google search results.

SERPHouse Price table
SERPHouse price table


SERTPStat Keywords analysis api

Serpstat comes with five different processes. Rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, and competitor research. Users can view the history and analytics report with a single click.

The tool can be used by SEO specialists, analytics experts, PPC specialists, content managers, and digital marketers.

SERPStat price table

The tool comes with the following Keyword Analysis features:

  • The pages with the highest visibility
  • Variants of keywords and search suggestions
  • Google trend results
  • Selection of missed variants of key phrases
  • Identifying competitors and comparing search visibility with them
  • Data on the frequency of the phrase, value in context, position, etc.


Keywordtool.io best api for google, amazon, ebay keyword research

Keywordtool works for Google and Bing search volume data for a large number of keywords. It also suggests keywords from autocomplete results of Google and other search engines, which lets the user get long-tail keywords on a single API call.

It also provides accurate search volume estimates for other platforms like Amazon, youtube, and eBay. They have pretty good documentation and code samples to start with.


Megaindex SERP history API

This tool is useful for analyzing “Site Visibility”. The tool works for organic searches and Adwords. The tool is available in multiple languages. The following are some of the features that this tool provides.

  • Website position for keyword provided
  • Estimated traffic and effective impressions
  • API to check the changes in positions per month
  • Pages with the highest visibility in search
  • A list of competitors
  • History of changes in the visibility of competitors
  • Chart visuals of Comparison with competitors
  • Selection and clustering of queries in the report.


semrush - best keyword research api

One of the best service providers for analyzing queries. It provides competitors’ reports and shows what keywords competitors are ranking in search engines.

Semrush shows the analytics in two sections, “Domain Analytics” and “Keyword Analysis. The following are the features that this tool provides.

  • Top domain keywords in organic search results
  • Position on requests, target URL, cost per click and other parameters
  • Change in the website visibility traffic
  • Competitors keywords ranking in search
  • Pages with the highest visibility and traffic
  • Keyword difficulty assessment
  • Keyword Magic Tool for smart selection


kwfinder - keywords api

A good alternative to Google Keyword Planner. Shows similar results, but, unlike the latter, it works quickly and has a user-friendly interface. Server reliability is high. KWfinder provides the following features:

  • Searches keywords and suggests a group of keywords
  • Display keyword data on trends, query statistics and cost in the advertisement;
  • Search is available by different languages ​​and countries
  • An assessment of the complexity of a keyword in terms of SEO ranking
  • Withdrawal of URL from the Top 10 by request in the SERP
  • Number of backlinks and social signals for each URL
  • Rating difficulty for each competitor.


ahref - related keywords api

A tool to research and collect keywords from the Ahrefs team which is available in a shared plan. The following features are available in ahrefs:

  • The keyword difficulty for promotion
  • CPC (cost in AdWords)
  • Worldwide frequency and by region
  • The real number of clicks
  • The ratio of clicks on advertising and organic


lsigraph longtail keyword API

A popular service for the selection of LSI keywords. This expands the coverage of targeted visitors significantly.

The keyword used in the article looks more natural, and the article effectively attracts more traffic for low-frequency queries. Here is the best part, the service is free.

Keyword Explorer by MOZ

Keyword Explorer by MOZ

Competitor of Ahrefs. A tool based on a multifunctional platform. The frequency of keys is displayed in the format from and to. The tool shows the graph of the frequency changed by month. It shows the keyword difficulty for the website.