List of best Data science online Courses in 2021

With the advancement of technology, people are using more machines in their daily work and machines are producing lots of data every second. Pick any industry and you will find that we have lots of data to process. For example when you visit a website, the website creates data on every action you take.

Website webmasters use this data for multiple purposes. They uses this data to improve the performance of website, improve to accessibility of website, improve the delivery of advertisement etc.

According to business insider, there is a shortage of data scientist in United States. Big giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook are looking data scientist, senior data scientist and lead data scientist candidates to fill the positions.

If you want to be a data scientist, you have to start playing with the data first. You can pick any open source project on data science and start contributing to it. If you are self-learning data science, here are top 7 data science courses from various websites available in the market.

Top 7 Free and paid data science online courses for self learners in 2021

Udacity: Data Scientist

The Udacity is an online platform for self learners that provides paid and free online courses. It is well-known as an online university established in the Silicon Valley, partnered with Google, Amazon and Facebook.

This course is 40 hours course and runs for 4 months. It is a non degree data science course, focuses on gaining hands on experience in data science field. Python, SQL and statistics are prerequisites for this course.

If you have some experience with Python and have worked with Python libraries like NumPy, pandas, you will enjoy the course.

You need some experience with probability and statistics, calculus and liner algebra. This course also covers Machine learning, so some experience with machine learning is required.

The estimated time of completion is 4 months, 10 hours a week. The training is divided up among 5 in-house courses.

Along with the prerequisites mentioned above, knowledge of SQL, Git, GitHub is required. Knowledge of any IDE is not required but some experience with IDE like PyCharm, Jupyter notebook or Spyder will increase the productivity.

This is paid course and access to the course depends on the start date, however, it is possible to gain access to the introductory materials at the time of the payment.

Udacity: Data Analyst

This course is also paid non degree course with the same structure as the previous one. The goal of this course is to expose the student to varied experiences related to data and prepare the students for the job market.

The prerequisites for this course is having some experience with Python standard library, Pandas and NumPy. It also ask students to have some knowledge of SQL joins and simple queries

In this course students learn how to organize data, find patterns, conclude easy to consume meaning of data and clearly communicate their findings.

The course runs for 4 months and requires 10-hour-per-week commitment.

DataScienceretreat: Data Science Bootcamp

The boot camp is a program of education, immersive experience that focuses on the skills most relevant to a particular area.

This course is full time 40 hours/week course and runs for 12 weeks. It focuses on Data Analytics , Git, R, Spark, Algorithms, SQL, Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

It aims to cover the extensive concepts and practice of data science, enabling the student to work professionally in the field.

The topics covered are:

  • How to use data science tools in your work like text editors, IDE etc.
  • What are the programming best practices, what is test driven development, packaging etc.
  • Python libraries and framework liek Panda, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib
  • Basic SQL and how to use it to retrieve data efficiently
  • How to use Bash Shell
  • How to use Git commands and GitHub
  • JavaScript framework D3 for data visualization
  • Using Flash and Docker to deploy models
  • Machine learning with Spark

Coursera: Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

The program is integrated courses from Coursera, contains various training courses that enable the students to master their skill in multiple fields related to data science.

The focus of this program is to master Python, and the tools that are used in manipulating data. It includes 5 courses, each of which focuses on different skill set.

You need to understand the fundamental of programming in order to excel in Data Science. The best place to start with programming in C or C++ programming is to understand computer architecture and develop the code, which is near to bare metal. Here is the list of best free C/C++ Programming courses offered by different top-level Universities around the world.

The main focus of the whole course remains on Machine Learning, Text Mining, data representation, and network analysis using Python, and C/C++.

Each subject in this course is taught by 4 different instructors from the University of Michigan.

The course is recommended to complete in 5 months, 7 hours per week. Best part is that the course is available in multiple languages.

This course is part of the Coursera Plus, which means it’s a paid course and only available to subscribers. However, you can enroll for 7 days free of cost and cancel the subscription at any time.

Coursera: the Certificate in Professional Science Data, IBM

This is a professional course on Coursera, certificate and course material is provided by IBM.

It focuses on Data Science, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Python Programming, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Pandas, Numpy, Cloud Databases, Ipython, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), and SQL

The course takes 10 month to complete if students spend 5 hours a week, which is recommended time frame.

At the end of the course, the student will come into contact with a basic understanding of data science, getting to know the tools and learn how to use them.

Coursera: Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL

This course again is taught by instructors from IBM. It combines four different courses. The course focuses more on Data Science and Artificial intelligence.

The course combines the Fundamentals of Data Science with Python, Database and SQL for data science and AI with python. This course goes little more in depth with SQL for data science.

The course completion time is 10 months and requires 5 hours per week commitment.

This is again paid course and require coursera subscription. You can enroll in this course free of cost of you have subscription, which you can start as a trail for 7 days. courses in the science of data – Free

Free code camp website provides various courses that are relevant to Data Science for absolutely free. They claim to have 6000+ tutorials on different topics, out of which 3000 hours of courses on data science.

You can customize your learning path by selecting courses that you are interested in. Search for the term “data science” and add the courses to your portfolio.