List of Best Decompilers for .Net

A programmer’s life is filled with codes he has to decode, which is the trickiest part of his profession. Let me tell you that it’s not a piece of cake to interpret one language code into another language. To get onto a solution to your problems, software developers have provided you with some decompilers, making your life easy. 

So, let’s move toward the topic, what is .net and what are the best decompilers for .net?


.Net is an open-source unpaid platform where programmers can comfortably develop various applications. This platform provides you

  • To interact with multiple languages like C#, F#, and Visual Studio, making your work easier. 
  • An up-to-mark editor service.
  • Its consistent API provides its users with a set of libraries for web development and many more.
  • Faster development of desktop, mobile, and games.

Decompilers for .Net

In the following article, I will tell you about some of the best decompilers for .net so you can implement them without wasting time after reading them.

Let’s discover some best decompilers for .net that can make your life trouble-free as a programmer.

  1. DotPeek

DotPeek compiler is a free-of-cost decompiler that can efficiently decode any .net code or assembly into other languages like C# or IL. This decompiler has access to multiple formats, including packaged libraries, files related to windows metadata, and executables. 

It automatically saves the decompiled assembly into Visual Studio. Moreover, Dotpeek has been a time saver as it helps to restore lost source code. The DotPeek decompiler easily acknowledges local source codes based on PDB files, and it can also summon source code from source servers like Symbol Source. Apart from all this, it can act as a debugger as it can debug assembly code with the help of Visual Studio debugger. 

As the compiler is based on ReSharpers bundled decompiler, it takes over many of its properties consisting of contextual and context insensitive navigation.

By clicking on this link, you can have access to download the DotPeek decompiler.
  1. Ildasm.exe IL Disassembler

Ildasm.exe IL Disassembler is one of the best .net decompilers developed for Windows 10 Operating System on 4th December 2010. You will be happy to know that this decompiler costs no money and will be automatically installed on your PC when you download Visual Studio IDE. 

Microsoft Mono-Project has sponsored this open-source software which provides a platform to develop this free decompiler developed in the .net language. With the help of this magical decompiler, you can decompile a variety of .net files and binaries. 

Moreover, it also has access to many kinds of extensions, for example.exe

  • .obj
  • .dll
  • winmd
  • lb

People prefer it as there is no need to download this decompiler separately. As discussed above, it is downloaded automatically when you install Visual Studio IDE; hence Ildasm also had the same affinity across the platform as Visual Studio itself has.

Click on the link to install the Ildasm.exe IL Disassembler.
  1. ILSpy (by SharpDevelop)

The third top decompiler, as well as an open-source .net assembly for browsers, is ILSpy. High-level language such as C# or Visual Basics can be attained or decompiled by using ILSpy, as it offers the assembly which helps us search and explore the core of the code without any inspection of it. We can access any of framework developed disassembled programs of an assembly. ILSpy automatically downloads the following namespaces. 

ILSpy can help us dig out the assemblies’ codes having no source, assisting its users in understanding the code easily. The decompiler is 24/7, ready to work for the binary maintenance for the  .net core. The best point of ILSpy is that it has a great privacy policy. It cares for users’ personal data as it does not send its users’ files to any other user, or it never manipulates its users’ files.

Here is the link to install the decompiler:
  1. DnSpy .NET debugger and assembly editor

One of the most famous open-source and unrestricted decompilers is the DnSpy .NET debugger and assembly editor. The software is popular among programmers due to its unique features and properties. The decompiler carries extensive tools and options, and most importantly, it is more used due to its UI design. It is one of the easiest and most understandable assembly editors. 

Apart from this, it has a dark theme, one of the most beloved requirements of the youngsters to work. The Unity game assemblies, .net core, and frameworks can also use the debug mode of the decompiler. The programmers can build their extensions on the DnSpy .net decompiler. It has high DPI monitors; hence the users can also decompile a file using 4k 60 Hz. 

You can click on the link below to download the decompiler:
  1. 9Rays Spices.Net Decompiler is a decompiler mainly for C# applications, but it also supports other languages, including .net, VB.NET, MSIL, J#, and  Delphi.NET. These applications are developed under 9 Rays Software Company. 

To prevent crashing, the decompiler contains the feature which can recover the source code. Moreover, IL assemblies and executables can be converted into readable codes. Spices.NET is categorized under 9 rays as a flexible and proficient decompiler. However, the decompiler is not free, but it contains a trail. The basic properties include:

  • IDE’s integration, including Visual Studio
  • Complex codes containing nested statements 
  • Visual Decompiler
  • Visual decompiler

The decompiler’s privacy policy can detect the insecure and vulnerable codes with program pointers in a simpler way. The software also supports custom attributes to extract data from various attributes.

Here is the direct link to install the decompiler. 

  1. Redgate.NET Reflector DecompilerL bfaCmOCyJsbml6s9S2b8oCGdf0zHQTB0I5uXVJO Xlza4tCZ151O8v UeyBfXYMJMsJ5wSAajPk3S3ZKGMabLGDp5cp5OkADXCrwBErrcl wa6O1nEpLfTlPzjiMxFwqZmB1fZySJN1m8QPcxA 2Rws 9PeFw - List of Best Decompilers for .Net

Redgate.Net is included in this list of .net decompilers because of its historical use by the programmers and famous firms who worked with .NET, ranking itself in the commercial decompilers. 

It is also a paid decompiler based on the trial. RedGate owns this disassembler. It is a corporation that provides its users with several kinds of tools. Moreover, it also improves efficiency when developing a program. 

The function of the .Net decompiler is to search for the bugs in the code and fix them without access to its source code. Analysis of different APIs and third-party platforms can also be performed. The main features of this decompiler are:

  • Visual Studio Shortcuts
  • Browse assemblies
  • Handy search filtering
  • Several add-ins to attach more functions to the software 

Click on the link below to download the free trial of the decompiler:
  1. Telerik JustDecompile .NET Assembly Decompiler & Browser

Telerik is an organization that provides programmers with different UI products and solutions for testing, reporting, and debugging, among others. The reason why I have discussed this is that Telerik was the publisher of this decompiler. Just Decompile is also one of the free decompilers, which is 10 times more efficient than its competitors. The disassembler also consists of many features like:

  • Faster and easier search and navigation system
  • Command prompt is used for supporting actions
  • Extensible just like Ildasm.exe; hence we are free to create our extensions.
  • Resources can be extracted and saved with Windows Explorer.

Click on the link below to download the software:
  1. DILE – Dotnet IL Editor (by zsozsop):

Being a decompiler as well as an IL debugger, DILE permits the applications to be efficiently managed by debugging them without having access to their source code. It helps its users understand what is happening in the background as even the assemblies related to the dot net framework can also be debugged using this software. X86 (32-bits) and x64 (64-bit), both the operating systems can give access to it. It had numerous features like:

  • Categorized search makes work easier and fasterSHi1xZrQhbz0DDV KBU2G8 RsBZlSp1MJJ64q YYTK pQBkYCpeSQo2yxgOCMRIa9kEL8X2aYkpITYVu3PMMOIwiMYDO9hfj EngDZgGqkBViOo3IbG 2Wc9aFWq TWwSALaSaJgORbGbSiVHOU 6aEruTlOEeA - List of Best Decompilers for .Net
  • Supports both 32 and 64 bits operating systems.
  • Dynamic assemblies can also be debugged.
  • Breakpoints can be added, removed, activated, and deactivated
  • Can attach or detach to a new process 
  • Display of hexadecimal and decimal numbers
  • Generic support

You can use the link below to install the software:
  1. NDepend

NDepend is a Swiss Army Knife for .Net programmers as it has extensive features. From smart technical debt estimation to dependency visualization and eminent Gates. 

NDepend is a .Net decompiler for the static analysis and only emphasizes the project’s baseline. NDepend acts as a lifesaver for those programmers who need to work with others related to daily coding. It also gives an insight to its users associated with the technical debt and what to refactor. Users can use it internally when they need to work on the customer’s code.

You can click on the link below to download the software:


I hope this article has answered many of your queries as it provides you links for all the decompilers along with the information. So, let’s step into the world of .net decompilers and explore new opportunities. Let’s see how many of you will take advantage of this article. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments section which .Net decompiler helped you the most.

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