List of top 16 JavaScript Certifications

JavaScript, abbreviated as JS, is something you must be informed about if you’re interested in programming. JavaScript is a programming language for a computer that is used on web pages to implement complicated and intricate features. It is used to make pages with a good dynamic and perform tasks every time a member of the audience visits it.

If you want to design web pages that are interaction-based, it is essential to know technologies related to JavaScript. These technologies include Document Object Model (DOM) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). All the popular web pages such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc support JavaScript.

JavaScript is very important in the web world. Learning JavaScript is considered a great skill that will for sure come to use if programming is part of your interest.

Is it hard to learn JavaScript?

If you’re a beginner in programming, you’re probably worried about JavaScript being too hard to comprehend. Will I be able to understand it? This is a question every newbie asks. Learning the fundamentals of JavaScript is not a difficult task.

However, once you move past the basics, the intermediate and upper levels become a bit more challenging to understand but in no way is it impossible. When compared to the other languages used for programming, JavaScript is quite easier to understand and apply.

It is important to find a reliable source to learn from and practice through. Practice makes perfect. Once you learn the basics, it is essential to practice to get a good grip on it before moving forward with upper-level programming.

Benefits and usefulness of a JavaScript certification

For those looking to be professionals in programming, a JavaScript certification will take you a long way. The following are some benefits of having a JS certification:

  1. You’ll be acquiring a great new skill.
  2. There are so many amazing opportunities available in the market for JS developers.
  3. The demand for professionals who are good at developing software is high.
  4. You can enrich your CV by showcasing this new skill.
  5. You’ll get much better career opportunities.

The top JavaScript Certifications

CIW JavaScript Specialist

This certificate is provided by Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) and this course is for people of intermediate level.


This course is vendor-neutral made for candidates who are interested in learning more about platform-independent, client-side solutions to attract an audience and increase customers.

People who take this course will be able to effectively improve their communication skills, bring changes to the document object model (DOM), create cookies, animate photos, and control the flow of the program.

After learning the basic rules of JavaScript such as working with a lot of variables and dates, and using different methods and techniques, the techniques will start to get a bit more complex.

These include learning to use program flow control structures. The candidate will learn to change and shape JavaScript DOM. It will also help candidates learn how to create things based on expressions and custom objects.


The exam for this certification is taken in English and it does not exceed 90 minutes. To give this exam, candidates must be familiar with the use of the internet and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). They should also be able to read and write web pages.

Ideal candidates

The ideal candidates for this certification include those interested in web developing, web designing, software developing, full-stack developers, and UI/UX designers.

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

This course can be taken by beginners as it includes no pre-requisites.


This course has many different courses as part of it. It teaches all the necessary fundamental knowledge of JavaScript. This includes concepts such as numbers, functions ,and objects. People who want to style websites that are interaction-based and communicate with other web developers will find this course very helpful.

Certified JavaScript developer

This course is provided by International JavaScript Institute (IJSI) and can be taken by people of intermediate or advanced levels.


This is one of the top certifications and it determines a person’s ability to use JavaScript. It also allows people to study upper-level courses about the web’s programming language. This certification will immensely help those who want to become professional developers or just enhance their skills in programming.

With this certification, you’ll be able to get much better jobs that include higher wages and better acknowledgment amongst others in the same industry. For those who are interested in learning about fundamental rules of programming such as expressions, data, variables, etc, this course is highly useful.


This course has no pre-requisites and is taken in no more than 90 minutes. An IJSI invigilator monitors the candidate through a video call to make sure there is no fault in the credibility.

The JavaScript developer certificate

This course is provided by W3Schools and can be taken by any beginner interested in it.


Using JavaScript and HTML DOM, this course improves a person’s basic understanding. This certification tests the candidate’s ability to work with HTML DOM and change and manipulate it. Its exam is based on a JavaScript quiz and tutorial.


The exam for this is taken over the internet to make sure that the candidate is not using unfair means such as cheating and lying. For this reason, an invigilator is present at all times during the exam. There are no pre-requisites required to take this course.
The exam is given in English and its duration is 70 minutes.

ES6 – JavaScript Improved

The provider for this course is Udacity. This course is advanced in programming and can only be taken by those who have a good grip on the fundamentals of programming.


The complete duration for this course is no more than 4 weeks. As the world progresses, technology is advancing. Just like that, ES6 has made a lot of changes in the way programming was done.

In this course, candidates will learn about the improvements made in the world of programming and what all the latest features are. This includes new keywords, arrow functions, and others. This course is specifically made keeping in mind the individuals who want to grasp all the concepts of ES6.

ES6 JavaScript – The complete developers guide

The provider for this course is Udemy and it is an advanced level course.


This course is 6.5 hours long and uses the English language as the language of instruction. This certificate is the best for those individuals that want to become a pro at ES6. All of the ES6 topics are covered in great detail in this course.

Candidates will learn the concepts such as arrow functions, and maps etc in great length, improving their knowledge. Candidates will also learn to use these features practically, become great at generators, and teach about destructuring to other developers.

Programming for the Web with JavaScript

The provider for this course is edX and the level for this course is intermediate


This course teaches the details of the World Wide Web and how it lets people search, send and find information on the web.

Candidates will learn about the Document Object Model (DOM). They will learn about JS’ client-side frameworks. They will also learn about methods to make websites that are driven by data using modern web technologies.

Individuals will also learn to web-pages that are interactive and are dynamic and smooth.

People who know about data structures and have an understanding of the fundamentals of programming can take this course. The duration of this course is 4 weeks.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification(Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript)

The platform for this course is Microsoft and this course can be taken by beginners.


This Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) course checks if the individual has all the basic knowledge and essential skills to begin their work in a certain field of technology. Programming and data management are part of these fields.

Individuals can give an exam to get their certificate. There are many different types of exams to earn certificates in specific concepts.

These include Windows Operating System Fundamentals (exam 98-349), Database Fundamentals (exam 98-364), Introduction to Programming Using Python (exam 98-381), Mobility and Devices Fundamentals (exam 98-368), and others.

Individuals have the choice to get more than one MTA certification if they want. Someone who gives a 98-382 JavaScript skills exam will be able to grasp JS programs, get a good understanding of JS concepts, and make and implement decisions.


This exam is 45 minutes long. It can be given in many different languages and requires no pre-requisites.

Full Stack Web Developer

This course is provided by Udacity and can be taken by intermediate-level students.


This certification is great if you want to learn full-stack web development. A full-stack web developer is someone who can make software for both clients as well as servers. Candidates will learn to make database-backed APIs. It also teaches how to create and manage user authentication.

The duration for this course is about 16 weeks and Python or any object-object-oriented programming are its pre-requisites.

JavaScript Core Language

This certification is provided by Pluralight and can be taken by absolute beginners


This course covers all the basic and core concepts of JS and some other concepts of an upper-level such as employing classes for code organization. The duration of this course is 12 weeks.

Deep JavaScript Foundations

This course is provided by Frontend Masters and is for intermediate-level individuals.


This course uses the book series “You Don’t Know JS” written by Kyle Simplson to build and explore the foundation of the JavaScript language.

The duration for this course is a little more than 9 hours and the individual should know the basics of programming before taking this course.

Microsoft Technology Associate: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

The platform for this course is Microsoft and is for intermediate-level individuals.


This course is designed not only for those candidates who want to learn about JavaScript but also for those who want to increase their knowledge about HTML and CSS.

Individual needs to give two exams which are Programming in C (exam 70-483) and Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (exam 70-486). Once the candidate passes these tests, they can get their MCSA: Web Applications Certifications.

Introduction to Programming using JavaScript

The provider for this is Microsoft and the course can be taken by beginners.


The primary focus of this course is given to syntax knowledge of JavaScript. Individuals will be effectively taught to rearrange codes and solve them with the use of logic.

This course requires at least but not limited to 100 hours of study and its pre-requisites include fundamentals of JavaScript, DOM, HTML.

Quick courses for fast certifications

There are some courses that allow you to get certifications very quickly. These include:

The JavaScript Developers certificate

You can give a 70 MCQ developers test on W3Schools website if you have some prior experience with programming. This test is 70 minutes long and it’s given in the English language.

Beginners can take this course. Individuals must have a good grasp on JavaScript and HTML DOM before signing up for this short course.

CIW JavaScript Specialist

The provider for this course is CIW. This course focuses on every type of developer. This includes software developers, web developers, and full-stack developers etc.

This course covers all fundamental topics and should be taken by intermediate-level candidates. It is about 90 minutes long and pre-requisites include some knowledge of HTML code and development of web pages.

Certified JavaScript Developer

This course is designed for advanced-level students. It includes a test for fundamental concepts such as client-side concepts.

It also includes rules of programming, object-oriented classes, and DOM etc. The duration for the exam is 90 minutes and it has pre-requisites which are core JavaScript as well as client-side JavaScript.

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