How to Make a Graph in Google Sheets Updated 2021

For the last few years, the use of the Google sheets has been increasing substantially. The fastest backing up of files and data while working on them is one of the most remarkable features of Google docs.

Being a relatively new zone, users of the Google docs often find it difficult to use a few functions of formatting and styling that they have been used-to of seeing in MS Office.

This how-to guide is for the users who need a few tips and tricks to enhance the quality of their documents on Google docs. It shows step by step instruction on how to make a graph in Google Sheets.

In just a few steps users will learn how to add a graph in Google Sheets (an alternate version of MS Excel in Google Docs!) The first and foremost step of working on a Google doc is to start with a Gmail account to gain access to the complete set of features provided by the Google docs. Once you have logged in to your web browser (preferably Google Chrome), you will see a Googleapps icon in the top right corner of your main page.

how to make an x y graph in google sheets

By clicking this icon, you will see a dropdown menu showing a number of Google Apps that you can easily access with one click.

Select Google Sheet from Account

By scrolling down on the menu you will find the apps you must be looking for: Docs, Sheets, and Slides. By clicking on Sheets, you will be redirected to Google Spreadsheets aka Google Sheets.

Select new sheet

The page will give you a few options to start your work with. You can simply select a pre-made template that fits your type of work or create a blank sheet to do your desired work. 

Your sheet will be ready for work. You can input the desired information on the sheet and the Drive will immediately save your work after every few seconds.

Edit sheet and update table

You can also see the share button on the top right corner that has a lock on it. It means that only you can access your work as of now. Others can view or edit the file too if you give them access by clicking on the share button.

Now we will see how to make a graph of the information you have provided. Graphical representation of work makes it easier for the viewers to comprehend what the data is suggesting.

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Steps on How to Make a Graph in Google Sheets

So, to make a graph of the information you have provided, follow these steps given below:

  • Select all the cells that carry information you need to make a graph of.
  • Then click on the insert button in the toolbar.
insert chart into sheet
  • Click on the chart option in the dropdown menu.

A pie-chart will appear on the screen. It is a pre-made chart that can be changed from the set of chart and graph types given in the chart editor on the right of the screen.

select chart editor
  • Click on the dropdown option of the Chart type button. It will show a number of suggested charts and graphs.
chart editor options
  • Choose any type of graph/chart you like.

For example, if you click on the column chart, it will appear on the screen with the data already plotted on both the axes.

insert chart in Google sheets
  • Once you have your desired graph/chart on your screen, you can edit it by simply clicking on it twice.

The font style, size and name of the graph/chart could be changed from the customize tab in the chart editor.

edit chart in Google sheets

From the customize tab of chart editor we can choose if we want to keep the individual values of the items in the graph as well. The color of the graph can also be changed from this tab.

By checking the data labels box in the customize tab’s series option, we can see the individual values shown on every item in the graph.

label chart in Google sheets

In customize tab’s option chart and axis titles,there is a selection that allows you to change the titles of both of your axes along with the font style, size, and color alternatives.

change chart x y axis in google sheet

From the setup tab of chart editor, you can choose what your x-axis would be.

change graph x axis in Google sheets

Another important feature of graphs on Google Dos is the addition of a trendline. You can choose the kind of general direction or the average of the overall data. This will make it easier to express to the viewers the correlation between the two factors and the movement of data over a period of time.

The trendline can be selected from the series option of the customize tab in the chart editor. By checking the box, you will find a line going horizontally over your graph. This is the basic form of trendline called linear. The type of trendline could be changed as per your requirement from the given number of options.

add trendline in Google Sheets

Given above are the steps to use the graphs/charts option in the Google Docs. A number of qualities that exist in almost all the other types of graphs/charts are mentioned above. Besides, there are a number of other charts and graphs that are designed to fit the majority of users’ needs and requirements such as pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, scatter charts. These types of graphs have further divisions among them, and you can choose the one that comes closest to your requirements and then modify it completely into your desired chart/graph.

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