Minecraft: Java Edition vs windows 10 Edition vs bedrock Edition

Minecraft is a great time-killer game. The unique concept of this game has made its way to attract hardcore gamers to try it out once.

If you want to play Minecraft for the first time, that’s said about Minecraft, you’ve to understand the differences between its various versions. So you will be able to play with your friends.

Let’s look at the fundamental difference between each Minecraft version in order to make a way to contrast their features in detail.

Windows 10 Minecraft

Windows 10 Minecraft is the PC version of bedrock, as each Minecraft version was named differently, such as Mobile PE (Pocket edition).

Minecraft for windows is the same as bedrock. Call it bedrock or windows 10, it does not matter now. Now there are only two versions: bedrock and java.

Bedrock Minecraft

So talking about bedrock Minecraft, it has the same game concept, yet too many little in-game changes have been made. The important thing about this version is that it supports cross-platform matchmaking.

It means, the players playing on mobiles PE, windows 10 edition on PC, consoles, raspberry pi, fire TVs, and PSPs can play together in multiplayer mode, only if they are on bedrock Minecraft.

Further, it has built-in add-ons that you have to pay for unlocking them, and also, many mods like texture packs and skins can be adjusted by putting in some technical effort; most are paid.

Java Edition Minecraft

It is the standard version of Minecraft, the first model developed in 2010. It is only for PCs, including, windows, Linux, macOS. So, this version is limited; you cannot match-matching with players who are on Bedrock or windows 10 edition.

Being the first version, it has some advantages over the bedrock version: a wide range of mods, resource packs, and graphics are available for free.

Note:- it does not have support for controllers built-in. You will need to use a third-party app for this purpose.

Java edition vs bedrock edition (or windows 10): Minecraft

We have pointed out some major differences between these two based on research we’ve done so far and mixed our personal experience with this game.

ParameterJava editionBedrock edition or Windows 10 or PE edition
LanguagesIt is developed in java language, and all the source codes are written in java.It is developed in c++, an entirely rewritten version of the java edition. All the source code is coded using c++.
Official NamesIt is officially called; Minecraft java edition.It is officially called just: Minecraft.
Who came first?It is the java edition that came first, developed first, 2009-2011It came out far later than java, about 2015.
ModsMods are easy to install in this edition. You can get many for free.It is quite a complicated process to install mods. Besides, many will cost you money.
PerformanceIt is not an essential difference in performance between these two versions.No big difference.
Cross-platformYou cannot play with players outside players of the java edition; it only comes for PCs.You can play this with friends on different devices, including pc players if they have the same bedrock version.
Newest updatesIt gets updated features first, as it releases snapshots every week that contains a new component, sometimes fixing bugs, etc.It gets big updates simultaneously as the java edition, yet does not have weekly updated features.
GraphicsGraphics are higher in this version. Even you can increase it by adding a mod pack.It has good graphics by default, but you cannot modify it further as per needs: or it is hard to do that.
Hardcore modeHardcore mode is available: One-time spawn gameplay.Currently, hardcore mode is not available in this Minecraft edition.

How to decide Which version to choose?

Picking one that is suitable for your needs is crucial. And it mostly depends upon what you want.

Let’s say you want to join people who are already playing Minecraft, then you are better to purchase a similar version to join them for a team match.

You should keep in mind that the java edition is not available for devices other than PC. Once you purchase it, you are bound up to play only on PC, with no way to get back from there. If you want something that is not just limited to PC gaming, let’s say you want to play on Xbox, console, in that case,

Choose bedrock either the mobile pocket edition or windows 10 edition: both are basically the same, and you can play together with other bedrock players who are playing on different devices,

In this way, you get a wide range of players that do not just stick with a PC. Also, you can continue your game playing on mobile, console, and PC only if you purchase all of them.

Until now, we’ve contrasted the technical aspects. Let’s showdown the in-game differences to get a closer insight.

Modding: Java edition has Mode mods

Modding is important for those who want to have unique features, looks, and characters in the game.

Eventually, when it comes to Minecraft, it is like a virtual world. The more you modify, the better it enhances, and that’s what actually this game is all about.

So let’s see which version lets us offer a wide hand to make changes.

Bedrock Edition

All the bedrock editions have built-in add-ons that are nearly up there to modify the game, yet they are paid. If you can put your money to grab those add-ons, then it is okay as you get your hands easily on them. But still, there is a massive disadvantage; you will not be able to opt for some interesting mods that are readily available over the internet for free.

Java edition

Java edition may not come up with an in-built add-on like bedrock by default. But there is a wide range of mods free and paid for both. You only need to go through a little technical process to get your hands on them. It is obvious here java edition has more mods, also interesting ones.

Bedrock Minecraft supports cross-match making

Minecraft offers single as well as multiplayer modes.

Playing solo gives you an unlimited gaming experience, but it feels like something next level when playing with friends. That’s why you should look at the ability of each one as it really matters when you plan on playing with friends, family members, and fellows.

Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition is leaping forward. It supports every device from PCs (Windows 10) to mobile (Pocket edition) and Xbox ( 360 editions). That is to say, it has separate versions, so everyone can play together in multiplayer mode, yet the devices are not the same.

Reminder: bedrock players cannot play with java edition players.

Java Edition

Java edition is only for PC gaming. This makes it very limited. As there is no support for mobiles or consoles so you cannot play with players who are on a mobile. Lastly, all the players must have a PC for having the joy of multiplayer mode.

Pricing of Minecraft vs Bedrock.

The price of bedrock Minecraft varies from device to device.

You can see the list below showing the pricing for each bedrock edition for different systems.

  • The Android version costs US$7.49,
  • iOS and Fire versions cost US$6.99.
  • PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Fire TV versions cost US$19.99.
  • Windows 10 version costs US$26.99,
  • The Nintendo Switch version is more expensive than the rest, costing US$29.99.

Java edition hence has only one version for PC; whether you install it on Linux, Windows, or macOS, it will cost you a fixed price of around 27$.

Specs demand Bedrock vs java Minecraft.

It is better to check out their performance on different specs. It will help you make a suitable decision as per your PC requirements.

Anyways, both of them are light games that do not consume too many resources.

Bedrock edition

Bedrock Minecraft architecture is written in c++, which makes it a bit faster and lightweight. On low-end machines, bedrock Minecraft’s performance is better than the java edition.

Java edition.

However, if you have a robust machine, the java edition will be more favorable.

It’s because you can add some shades, textures, and packs into your game that will enhance the graphics up to the fullest extent you want to have.

Whereas you cannot extend bedrock Minecraft performance this much.

Stable and bug-free

It is important to know about the version you choose should be stable.

Bedrock Minecraft has some bugs and glitches you will face when you start playing.

Anyways, they are too minor, thus not easily eye-catching, but once you start noticing, they are terrible to deal with.

Java edition claims to be a bug-free Minecraft.

Hardly will you experience any missing code there as it is the standard version, run on a specific platform. This way, it keeps updating faster than bedrock.

Every week, it gets maintenance updates.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcode mode in Minecraft gives a decent intensive gaming experience.

In this mode, you can respawn only once if you get killed, all the progress you’ve made will get wiped and get a refresh, and you will have to rebuild everything from the beginning.

As the name speaks for the theme, it is hard to play.

Bedrock Minecraft does not have the hardcore mode.

Java edition has the hardcore mode.

Who is the winner?

It is hard to put any words to that, both are good performing, have advantages, and fun to play.

As per the fact for running the Java edition, you must have a gaming PC, not just you but the people you want to play with online in the multiplayer mode must be owning a robust PC.

Truly speaking, although it is technically a good choice as per the gaming needs yet I don’t feel comfortable with this in the java edition. That’s the reason I prefer bedrock as it let me play on my bad laptop, and most importantly, I can play with friends that are mostly using mobile phones for gaming.

I feel no lags, no limits over matchmaking, and enjoy a buttery-smooth gaming experience.

Before bedrock Minecraft, I used to play java edition. Of course, I knew about my bad machine that it would not handle the game. I got carried away by the streamers who usually play java edition.

After a half and a month, I got fed up, the reasons were the same. Firstly I had to experience terrible lags; secondly, I cut off the way to play with friends because they all were on different devices.

That’s why I ended up playing the Java edition and bought the Bedrock Windows 10 edition. I’m now happier than before.

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