Mobile data usage warning with unlimited data? Here’s what it means

Are you seeing a warning saying mobile data is about to hit the limit? 

It happens sometimes when using cellular data, a notification shows up and the internet connection no longer works. Even though there are still some GBs left and days in your billing cycle.

If you are facing this issue, read this blog post. It might help you understand why this happens and how you can get your internet back to work.

Here is why a Data usage warning appears with unlimited Data

if you are frequently receiving Data usage warnings even though you have paid for an unlimited data plan. Worry not, it’s probably the mobile’s setting showing this warning.

There’s nothing to do with the monthly Data plan that you have subscribed to. You can turn it off by going into the data setting> toggle off the option saying set a data limit.

Data Usage Warning on Samsung mobiles.

If you’re one of the many Samsung Galaxy phone owners who are concerned about their mobile data usage, you may be interested in knowing about the Mobile Data Usage Warning feature.

This feature is found on newer Samsung phones and warns you when your data usage reaches a certain level. If you continue to use your phone at this rate, your phone will automatically stop working until you reduce your data usage.

What is data usage warning?

Mobile phones have a setting to limit the GB you can use on a device, the setting can be found in the setting menu>Mobile and network data. And when data overrides the data, this warning pop-ups.

This notification shows up when you consume a certain amount of Data GB. Since this restricts the amount of GB you can utilize, it’s ideal for many. As they can set Data limits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis according to your monthly cellular plan. 

if you want h to turn off this data warning as you have an unlimited internet plan activated. You can disable/enable it and even set the limit of your choice by going into the settings.

Why Do i get data usage warning on my mobile?

Recent android mobile phones, such as Samsung, Oppo, Oneplus, and Vivo, allow the user to set a limit for how much cellular data is to be used in a given timeframe.

It appears when you turn on the “Data usage warning” on your mobile phone. This warning will restrict the usage of data, to make sure you don’t consume the internet without a data plan.

For example, if you set the Data limit to 2GB. 

Then, when you will use 2GB of cellular data on your mobile device, then the mobile will restrict the internet connection if the limit is turned on. Stopping you from using more than what has been set. 

Until you increase the limit to use more on the device. Which you can do easily by going to the settings.

Therefore, set the limit accordingly. When you have an unlimited data plan, increase your mobile data limit to avoid this warning. Similarly, if you have a limited number of GBs on your data plan. Enabling this setting can save you money on your monthly cellular bill.

What does having unlimited data mean?

Most people take for granted that they have a certain amount of data that comes with their cell phone plan. However, there are now unlimited data plans available to consumers. What does this mean for you and your cell phone usage?

An unlimited data plan means that you do not have a cap on the amount of data you can use each month. This can be helpful if you use a lot of data streaming music or videos, or if you use your phone as a hotspot for your laptop. It can also be helpful if you travel and need to use your phone’s internet connection to access maps or directions.

However, an unlimited data plan may not be the best option if you only use a small amount of data each month. You may end up paying more for an unlimited plan than you would if you had a plan with a lower data cap.

How often does a Data warning notification appear?

The warning appears when your mobile device has a limit on how many Data GBs you can use. So when you reach the usage limit, this warning “Data usage warning” will appear.

So, you should not be worried about exceeding the monthly plan. 

Since the warning is issued by the device and not the internet service provider. You should not be worried about that.

What happens when the mobile data limit is exceeded?

When the mobile data limit is exceeded, the network provider will prompt the user to pay for more data. And the connection will get slower and after some time internet will stop working.

If the user chooses to pay for more data, they may be charged an overage fee. If the user switches to a slower 3G connection, they may experience reduced speeds and possibly decreased reliability.

How to Turn off Data usage warning?

Here’s how you can turn off the data usage warning to disappear the warning notification.

So, there are two ways you can disable the data usage warning. 

  1. Toggle the Data limit on: you will need to turn off the data usage warning in order to get the internet back to work again. 
  2. Increase the limit: Increasing the limit will disappear the warning.

Step.1 Head into your Settings > Connections

Go to the Mobile’s settings and then into connections.

Step. 2 Select Data Usage

Now from the connection settings, go to the Data usage settings.

Step. 3 Tap on Billing cycle and data warning

Now tap on the billing cycle. There will be a set of settings. Allowing you to enable the data limit, disable it, or change the limits.

From the options under the network and data on your Samsung mobile device, you can choose to turn the data warning off by toggling the “Data warning” or you can increase the usage data manually.

How to check how much mobile data you have used?

If you’re not sure how much data you’ve used, you can check by going to “Settings” on your phone and selecting “Data usage.” You’ll be able to see how much data each app has used and how long it’s been active.

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