Mobile data usage warning with unlimited data? Here’s what it means

Are you seeing a warning saying mobile data is about to hit the limit? 

Worry not, it’s probably the mobile’s setting showing this warning. Nothing to do with your monthly Data plan you activated. 

So you are browsing the internet, watching youtube or enjoying Netflix shows on your mobile. And then, suddenly you see a notification containing a warning about your data plan pops up. Turning down your interest at all.

Although you are sure about that you have not exceeded the Data plan you paid up for. Means, you have an unlimited data plan activated.

But still, 

The feeling of getting the warning “Data usage warning” is something that can make you feel worried like you have exceeded the monthly data plan. 

Moreover, the internet will no longer work since the warning appeared. Keeping you to not to cross the limit. Even if you still have lots of GB Data to use from your monthly billing.

So, you must know why this warning appears and how you can get your cellular internet back to work.

What does GB data warning mean on my phone?

Mobile phones have a setting to limit the GB you can use on a device. 

It’s a useful setting if you would like to be notified when you use a certain amount of Data GB. As the setting will restrict the amount of GB you can use, it’s ideal for many.

And you can set limits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis according to your monthly cellular plan. 

Moreover, if you wish to turn off any limit as you have an unlimited internet plan activated. You can disable/enable it and even set the limit of your choice.

For example, if you set the Data limit to 2GB. 

Then, once you use 2GB data on the mobile device, then the mobile will restricct the internet connection. Stopping you from using more than what has been set. 

Until you increase the limit to use more on the device. Which you can do easily by going to the settings.

Depending on your Data plan, if you have a limited GBs on your data plan. Enabling this setting can save you money on your monthly cellular bill.

How to disappear Data usage warning?

You now know why this warning pops up. And if the limit gets hit then the internet connection might not be working. 

So, There are two ways you can disable the data usage warning. 

  1. Toggle the Data limit on: you will need to turn off the data usage warning in order to get the internet back to work again. 
  1. Increase the limit: Increasing the limit will disappear the warning.

#1 method: How to disable Data usage warning

Here’s how you can turn off the data usage warning to disappear the warning notification.

Step.1 Head into your Settings > Connections

Go to the Mobile’s settings and then into connections.

image - Mobile data usage warning with unlimited data? Here’s what it means

Step. 2 Select Data Usage

Now from the connection settings, go to the Data usage settings.

image - Mobile data usage warning with unlimited data? Here’s what it means

Step. 3 Tap on Billing cycle and data warning

Now tap on the billing cycle. There will be a set of settings. Allowing you to enable the data limit, disable it, or change the limits.

However, the warning has already appeared. It means the daily limit is on. And to disappear the notification, you will need to disable it.

#2 way: Increasing the GB Data limit

image 1 - Mobile data usage warning with unlimited data? Here’s what it means

Step.4 Toggle Off option saying “Set data limit”

image 2 - Mobile data usage warning with unlimited data? Here’s what it means

From the settings menu, look for the “Set Data limit” and toggle it off. It will automatically disappear the data warning.

When does Data warning notification appear?

The warning appears when your mobile device has a limit on how many Data GBs you can use. So when you reach the usage limit, this warning “Data usage warning” will appear.

So, you should not be worried about exceeding the monthly plan. 

Since the warning is issued by the device and not the internet service provider. You should not be worried about that.

Why do I get a data usage warning with unlimited data?

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