Mumble vs discord- Best for gamers?

Let’s see which is better between Mumble vs. Discord in terms of voice quality, safety, and up-time.

Over the last few years, voice chat has been adopted by an exploding community of gamers. With this, it is also essential to choose a platform that has a better sound quality and maximum up-time.

discord is better than Mumble.

Out of the box, both software offers the same purpose, which is giving a platform for gamers to bring on chatting while playing like Minecraft game.

With opening a game installed on either of the software, a layout pops up with allowed-microphone permission to talk to others on the same software.

According to gamers who’ve used mumble and discord, mumble is usually preferred by its sound quality which slightly outranks discords.

Nonetheless, Discord still is leaping forward by sitting at the top, it’s because it offers an attractive internal-layout, more customization options, a plethora of themes.

The most useful feature- creating a community of thousands of members also manage them with ease by using different discord moderation bots- is something that attracts the most.

Discord vs Mumble- Comparison

AudioHigh QualityAverage
Bandwidth RequiredLowGood
Screen SharingNot supportedYes
HostingNeed to purchase.Bot Hosted by Discord
Video ConferencingNot supportedYes
PremiumOffers premium planOffers premium plan
DDOS ProtectionNot very protectiveYes
BrowserNot supportedYes
MediaOnly audio calling.Images/Video calling
Cloud SynchronizationNot supported.Yes
Android Mobile AppNot availableYes
Multiple ChannelsYesYes

What is Discord:

Discord is a platform for gamers, available for windows android as well for ios.

Mostly it’s used by communities where the gaming community is topping the list. 

It’s for everyone to hang out online with like-minded people, whether you are interested in dance, pop singing, DIY activities, or you find yourself an enthusiast gamer.

You can join servers out there for free and enjoy video calling, private message, audio sharing, texting, and sharing funny or cool images with others.

The server is well-managed by their mods- as well as having an array of different bots on a server can become more enjoyable. 

Discord allows integration of many popular sites such as youtube, spotify, itunes, and more.

Also some cool gaming mods are out there to keep all members enjoy playing together.

However, a large part of the functions is free, but there are some paid things that boost up fun- like when creating your own server.

You might reach thousands of people.

That can be done by paying a little monthly fee as an admin.

Discord Pros:

  • All-in-one package with many features
  • A secure environment is ensured by DDOS protection
  • Customizable and user friendly interface.
  • Browseable
  • Number of users is not limited to a server.
  • Supports audio, text, and video communications
  • Manage large communities by creating servers.

Discord Cons:

  • The code of a closed source program can’t be inspected
  • Conversations are not end-to-end encrypted. Discord sells their users data.

What is Mumble:

Mumble has limited features, focusing only on stepping up the sound quality. Well, it’s good though.

But to use it, you’ve to pay for creating a server where you can gather up your friends. 

Mumble is available for windows, linux, and iOS, unfortunately, is no slot for Android users.

Only windows and iPad users are to be allowed. 

Seeing mumble as a rival’s discord, it is no match.

Some basic things like ease of use, video calling, free to use, they’re not there.

So if you’re up to something that can give a better quality sound, mumble can be your choice as long as you’re okay to compromise some overwhelming features that only discord offers.

Mumble Pros

  • Open source and completely free
  • It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Authenticate and encrypt data to provide an environment that is secure
  • Low bandwidth requirements (up to 20 kbps) for optimal results

Mumble Cons

  • User interface isn’t friendly or attractive
  • Nave users may have trouble using it
  • Limitations: no video calling/ no image sharing.
  • Making connections requires an experienced person

Discord vs Mumble which is better for you?

VIdeo calling

Video calling is great fun, the fun gets its height when there are like-minded people.

Mumble lacks video calling, there are no such features that allow camera/gallery.

Discord offers video calling, you can also group call and chat with multiple members simultaneously to hang out with them.


Price matters a lot when making a decision between two similar things. In this case;

Mumble is completely free there are no subscription plans; as long as you want to build a large channel then you may have to purchase a hosting plan.

Discord is free for many, but for professionals who want to get the most out of it for their communities.

They have to pay for bringing additional features into their created servers- aside from Discord’s subscription plans.

Some particular bots also charge money to be added.

Voice Quality

Voice quality is what matters a lot between these two software-

Mumble is audio-focused, many podcasters use this as well because of its low latency.

Discord’s audio quality so far is not less than its rivals, but deep-down Mumple takes over Discord here.


Security is what comes first in mind before signing up for software.

Mumble is more secure in terms of users, the chats are end-to-end encrypted between the people.

However, the infrastructure of the software itself is not protected from DDOS attacks.

Discord has good protection against any DDOS attack and proved to be a secure software.

Yet, the user’s conversation is not private, It’s been recorded by Discord- even your deleted messages are not actually not deleted, they are also recorded in their servers.


Push to talk is one of the demanding features for gamers. It’s good when you’ve to send a voice message to your team members when you can’t fully allow your microphone.

Mumble has this useful feature- one of the reasons why it’s famous among gamers.

Discord doesn’t allow push to talk feature for some reason. It’s one of the major downgrades.

Verdict: Mumble allows you to convey only required messages.