Notepad++ vs Atom – 2023

Although most of the features are the same in both of these outstanding text editors. For instance, both are open source and free to use, offer a sheer number of plugins, support for multi-line editing and multi-file opening, and so forth.

Notepad++ supports only the windows operation system, in contrast, that, Atom has separate versions for multiple OS(es), Linux, Mac, and windows too. This signs, Atom targets a broad community of developers regardless of the boundary set out by the operating systems- everyone can opt for it.

Secondly, Notepad++ is a little faster compared to Atom. It is because Notepad has been developed using the c++ language which is remarkably one of the fastest programming languages. And, Atom, on the other hand, has been created by the combination of JavaScript and electron.

Notepad++ Vs Atom Differences

Creationdeveloped by Don Ho in September 2003First released on 25 June 2015.
Best forSuitable for coding smaller programmers, consumes fewer resources.A fully customized text editor- everyone developer can customize it well.
Available forIt’s only available for Windows operating systems.Difference versions Available for windows, Mac, and Linux.
SpeedIt compiles short programs faster.It’s not as fast as Notepad++.
Written inC++Electron and javascript
PriceFree and Open sourceFree and open source


Almost the features and highlights of both text editors are similar. However the features of each editor are discussed in detail.

  • The most important feature of notepad++ is its ability to highlight syntax. The feature of syntax highlighting helps in differentiating different chords in a document full of them.
  • It also has the feature of collaboration tools that let 2 developers work on or edit the same file on different systems. So even if you are far away from your coeditor or colleague, you can work on the same file if you are using notepad++ as your text editor.
  • During the compilation of code, auto-completion of sentences and words helps a lot. This text editor has the feature of auto-completion which makes half the work very easy.
  • With the help of direct manipulation, you can add multiple lines simultaneously. This helps in saving a lot of time it also has the feature of split-screen editing that lets you work on different files at the same time or help you in having different views of a single file.
  • If there are certain steps in the process of coding that are repeated again and again, the feature of macros in notepad++ makes it easier for you to duplicate in the future.

Why Notepad++ is better?

  • It is very fast and light in weight. It takes very less time to launch the project and handle the entire code very easily
  • As it is light in weight, It is portable as well. You can easily carry it in your storage account while you are away from your system.
  • Notepad++ doesn’t have any cost and it can be used for free
  • It automatically saves your work so even if your system shuts down you don’t need to panic and you know that your work is safe and secure.
  • It is very simple and can  be easily  used by anyone
  • It has a very basic user interface that lets you easily work even if you are a beginner.

The cons

If we talk about the cons of this editor the only disadvantage that it has is that it can only be used on Windows. So if you’re someone who has Mac OS or Linux, you can’t even think about choosing this one because it won’t work or function on your system


Atom is a text editor that has many features and abilities and it is really famous in the coding world because of them. Those features are discussed below:

  • Like notepad++ it can also be customized and you can change the overall look of the editor by adding extensions. This doesn’t only make it presentable but it also makes your editing and coding experience 100 times better.
  • You can even add integrations that are prepackaged and plugins as well, in this text editor. This helps in bringing more efficiency and productivity.
  • If there is a code that is very long and you need to make changes to it there is a feature called “find and replace”. This feature lets you replace and find lines of codes you don’t have to Scroll down for longer. This makes coding very easy.
  • There are sometimes when the code you’re writing is way too long to be settled in one code. Here you can use the feature of court folding that lets you fit in a long cord in a single code. This is done by eliminating any extra lines or hiding them without the loss of efficiency or productivity.
  • It also has the feature of highlighting syntax which makes things very easy and your code becomes impressive by its looks and is easier to read as well.
  • It also has the feature of collaborative editing like notepad++ which helps many editors to edit a single code when they are far or using different systems.
  •  A feature of Atom that is different from Notepad++ is its ability to be used on multiple systems. It can not only be used on Windows but is also accessible on Linux, Mac, etc.
  • It supports a wide variety of languages in programming like  Python, HTML, CSS, SQL, etc.

Why Atom is better?

The pros of the text editor, Atom include:

  • One of the main reasons why developers or editors vouch for this text editor is because of it being an open-source editor. It can be used by anyone.
  • Like notepad++ it is also free and can be used without spending a single penny on it.
  • it is also very basic and easy for beginners and can also be used by the old developers it is very easily used by everyone you can even use keyboard shortcuts to make things easy
  • It also lets you customize your experience by installing different plugins and extensions. This way you can customize the editor and your experience as well
  • it also allows integrations and plugins that are prepackaged which adds more productivity to the editor. It can be used on different computer systems including Windows Mac and Linux so if you have Mac or Linux operating system you can use Atom as your text editor and completely ignore notepad++ as it won’t cater to you.

The Cons

  • One of the main disadvantages of Atom is that it is extremely slow and takes a lot of time to launch the project its programs also end up hogging up the system which hangs the user interface.
  • Plugins will improve the overall experience of cording but along with the increase in functionality, it will slow down the entire operating system.

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