List of Online Tools to Create Flowcharts

FREE Online tools to create flowcharts, diagrams, and process flow graphics!

Flowcharts and diagrams are as a great visual aid to explain complex process flows and complicated concepts in a simplified, easy to understand way. And they come very handily for commercial purposes and personal study work. It makes an understanding of complicated data and statistics easily.

Creating such technical flowcharts and diagrams is usually tough and can be very time-consuming. Also, it turns out to be expensive if you hire a specialist to create them. But there are some free online tools to create flowcharts that you can explore. These are available on the internet and are easy to use along with being simple to learn.

List of 5 free online tools to create flowcharts and diagrams:

1. Cacooonlione flowchart software

Cacoo is a website that provides the user with a FREE online tool to create diagrams like flowcharts, wire-frame graphics, database diagrams, office plan layouts, UML diagrams, site maps, and network diagrams with ease.

The UI is extremely user friendly and easy to get around, grasp. The website showcases some samples that you can browse through before you start using the tools yourself.


create flowcharts free

When you go to it will first prompt you to select where you wish to save the design work and ask you to choose between Google Drive, Dropbox, a specific Device, or Browser.

Then after you select an option you go on to creating the diagram or flowchart. Powered by mxGraph, is a super tool that you can use to create flowcharts, graphics, and diagrams that too with ease. And what’s more, it is absolutely FREE to use and explore.

3. Gliffy

Another website that offers an online diagram creating software is Their tag line is ‘diagrams made easy’, and true to their word they make the process of creating diagrams extremely easy for any user.

Whether you are a pro or a novice you can create flowcharts of professional standards such as UML diagrams, Network diagrams, wire-frame graphic, org charts, and technical drawings, that too in no time at all.

To top it all Gliffy operates directly into your browser. They showcase some great examples that are created using the tools that you must check out before you start creating yourself.

4. Lucidchart

The next in the list of online tools to create flowcharts that are absolutely FREE is This website can help you in making static wire-frames, flowcharts, UML graphics, rapid prototypes, complex mind-maps, difficult org charts, and lots more.

They employ a simple drag and drop methodology to create the most complex and professional diagrams in no time at all. The output graphics are in an easy to share format. So go on give their tool a shot you will be able to save oodles of time and money too.

5. Creately

flowchart creator

One of the best tools out there to do this job is They provide a great platform to create beautiful flowcharts, UML, UI mocks, and diagrams. You can choose from a huge library of templates and examples if you do not wish to create your own diagram.

The site also gives the option to work and collaborate with a team that may be present in some other part of the world, it has features that allow secure sharing and easy publishing of projects too.


Diagrams and flowcharts are an amazing way to explain and comprehend complex concepts, processes using simple visual tools. All these 5 websites offer amazing tools to create flowcharts and cool diagrams of professional standards to do just that.

Go on explore them, you are sure to find them handy!