How to open Bin files in Windows and Mobile

Opening a binary file can become complicated if you have no idea of the proper steps or ways to accomplish the job. The files with the BIN extension can confuse you a lot, but you don’t need to worry as there are many ways to access it.

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Whether you select to open it by burning it, mounting it, converting it to other formats, using applications to help open it, making changes to the extension of file on android, and many other ways, all of it can answer the question of how to open bin files.

You no longer need to worry as long as you consult with these beneficial ways.

How to open Bin files in Windows and Mobile

Open the Bin file in Windows using UltaraISO

You can download various software that lets you burn, create and edit various files. One of them is UltaralSO.

Download and Install UltaralSO

install UltaISO
  1. Once you recognize your file as binary, you can download a utility that can do the work for you. To check, right-click on the file and go to properties.
  2. There you will see a box with its description. You can see its type from there.
check bin file is binary
  1. Open our browser and go to the google search bar.
  2. Type UltralSO and hit enter.
  3. Open EZB Systems Link and go to the web.
  4. Hit on the free trial. Click download. 
open ezb systems link
Download ultaiso
  1. Press ‘save the file’.
  2. Close the browser and open the setup file.
  3. Keep clicking ‘accept’ and ‘next’ until you hit install.
install ultaiso
  1. Click ‘finish’ on the popup that has appeared.
  2. A box will appear. Go to ‘Quit’. 
ultaisoinstallation process
  1. You now have to restart the computer.

Mount and open Bin File

  1. Create a new folder.
create new folder
  1. Name that folder and move the Bin file into that folder.
  2. Open the folder.
  3. Create a new text document.
create text document in the folder
  1. Copy name of the bin file.
  2. Open Text File. Write FILE. Type two inverted commas and paste the file’s name between the two commas. Write .bin after the file’s name. Write BINARY and click enter to go to the next line. Hence keep typing as described pictorially below.
type bin file name
  1. Click on the ‘File’ option and save it. 
  2. To save the document, press on ‘save as’. Select All in File Type. Paste the name of the BIN document. Write .cue after its name. Click Save. 
save the bin file
  1. Close notepad.
  2. If you see the type of file, you can see that it has been converted to a CUE file.
convert the file to cue
  1. Close the folder and open UltraISO. Click on continue to try again.
  2. Click on virtual mount drive.
open ultaiso
  1. Browse bin file. Select the bin file. Click open. Click mount. 
mount the file in ultaiso
  1. It will show loaded.
  2. Click on This PC. Open Virtual Drive. 
open the mounted image
  1. It has been done successfully.
check the content of bin file

Open Bin file in Mobile

Opening a bin file can become hectic and sometimes troublesome if you are unaware of the steps to help you. The ways are listed below.

Converting to PDF

If you have got a binary file not opening up and in your PC either, you cannot find a suitable file opener. The file opener also shows that you do not have a suitable medium to open it, so you can convert it to pdf to open it up.

  1. Select the file and rename it.  For naming, you should first consider what type of file that is. Whether it is an image, a video, a pdf file or a jpg file, etc., type the file type with the file’s name while retyping it. It should be in small letters.
image 20 - How to open Bin files in Windows and Mobile
  1. It will ask you to change the extension. So click on the warning popup and change it.
  2. Click on the renamed file. It will open the file with the medium you choose.  
image 21 - How to open Bin files in Windows and Mobile

Extracting the file

  1. Open your browser and go to Download it according to your PC version. 
download poweriso
  1. Install Power ISO on your computer. 
  2. Now select the file extension (.bin) you want to open in that software.
make sure to check .bin extension
  1. Right-click on the Bin file, select Power ISO and click on extract to capnamanh.
open the bin file in poweriso
  1. Click on the box that appears as required, and go to the file named capnamanh. 
image 25 - How to open Bin files in Windows and Mobile
  1. It has been accomplished.
open bin file in windows

Final Verdict

So we can say that in response to how to open bin files, you can download a utility that suits you, convert it into another format or extract the file.

The utility can help you mount, edit or burn binary files, converting them into other formats helps you open them in a suitable medium.

The extraction method is another really good way to open the desired file. 

Don’t forget to tell us what option you would prefer to open bin files. We wait to see your response.