Opera vs Microsoft Edge- Which is better?

Two popular web browsers, Opera browser, and Microsoft Edge are in serious doubt of choice today. To help you decide, here we have comprehensively distinguished between Opera and Microsoft Edge in terms of privacy, efficiency, storage, and much more.  


From Microsoft, Firefox, Opera, Chrome to several mutually similar web browser choices, chances are less to get everything you want in one ideal web browser. While choosing the best web browser, you may come across the trending debate between Opera and edge on the internet.   

Which One Is Better- Opera vs Microsoft edge?

Opera is famously known as a multiplatform web browser with a remarkable reputation of years for giving the best browsing experience to millions of users worldwide. From being secure, fast, safe to offer a variety of features, Opera is an all-rounder web browser for everyone. 

In contrast, Microsoft edge does the job half the time as Opera plus allows access to various windows. Without a doubt, it is the favorite web browser for tech-savvy enthusiasts compared to Opera, which’s widely used for home to office use.   

Let’s see more differences between both the web browsers and which one is ideal for you.   

Opera VS Edge:  Comparison

  1. Popularity:  

As per the slant community, Opera is much more popular than Microsoft edge, ranked 26th, while Microsoft edge holds the 44th rank. In addition, some of the regular of Opera says that its new built-in adblocker has attracted numerous users and is proved far better than any other bait.

 Also, it topped the list of best browsers in 2021 in a study carried by PCWorld. Moreover, Opera also regularly updates its features and asks its users suggestions for further browser improvement.   

  1. Appearance:  

Appearance plays an integral role in making the browser a user-friendly option to use. Opera is probably the most underrated web browser but has attracted a number of users for its recent modifications in browser layout. 

Like WhatsApp and Facebook, Opera also has one click-access feature to offer convenience while browsing. Moreover, its borderless design and option to display creative stories plus notification on sidebars looks very appealing. In contrast, Microsoft edge has a graphically friendly interface that offers high visibility to browse. This feature is beneficial for visually impaired people and with weak eyesight.   

  1. Ram Usage:  

Browsers are often considered according to the ram they use on a device. In this regard, Opera is a viable alternative to chrome when it comes to ram usage. 

Whether it’s Opera built-in features such as instant search, navigating webpages, VPN service, or the heavy apps and widgets, Opera is your ideal light and fast web browser. In contrast, Microsoft edge is comparatively a hassle to download, especially on windows 10, for using adequate storage. 

However, the new Microsoft edge launched on 5 February serves as a stand-alone browser that fills this lack present in previous versions of the browser.   

  1.  Speed:  

There’s nothing more irritating than waiting to open a separate tab on the browser being used. 

Being a venerable browser with a unique speed dial option, Opera offers amazing functionality to its users. From the browser’s predictive website preload ability to the instant search feature, everything ensures excellent browsing speed. 

Not only high speed gives an enjoyable browsing experience by saving time, but it also proves suitable for heavy uses such as offices or IT industries. At the same time, Microsoft edge takes time in loading the web pages and probably does not respond during heavy browsing.   

  1. Privacy  

Opera has some of the outstanding security features that every user would want in the browser he is using. It is a religious follower of google chrome and has recently launched a new VPN feature for additional safety. 

Opera tracks your browsing history and keeps it private to prevent any third party from accessing it. Moreover, the new Web 3 support in Opera allows using the crypto wallet on blockchain-based websites. 

Compared to this, Microsoft edge has recently disabled many privacy features such as Google’s safe browsing API, ad blocking, speed output. However, it regularly introduces new and simpler privacy settings and security updates that users are still unsure about using.   

  1. Extra features:  

A good web browser is known for the number of helpful features it offers. Opera has some of the highly user-friendly browsing features that are easily available on the browser. It opens a separate window to give search results for increasing the user’s focus on the main page. Its built-in stash feature is also pretty unique, allowing you to save pages instead of closing them in haste. 

Also, Opera has unique ways of displaying audio and video to improve visibility and make it simple to use.   

Microsoft edge has a rectilinear UI with a broad search bar at the top of the window to search everything right away. Plus, it also has bookmarking and password-saving features with different private browsing modes for your convenience.

 Moreover, the integrated feature in Microsoft edge helps monitor the correct use of a browser by utilizing Google’s casting technology. This feature allows users to display web pages and applications on a separate device. 

From saving individual pages together to saving and synchronizing items, Microsoft edge offers a list of impressive features.   

Final Verdict:  

A web browser is a fundamental necessity of connecting your device to the internet regularly. Therefore, choose the best web browser that is simple, easy, and smooth to use without causing glitches between browsing. 

If you’re still unsure which web browser to choose, then have some more research and open doors for other choices to come in.  

Long story short, both opera browser and Microsoft Edge have different handy features to help users consider them. 

Both offer different unique browsing experiences to users depending on their individual needs. Either Opera and Microsoft edge both have a long history as best web browsers, but things have evolved a lot now. 

Considering the recent feedback from users, Opera has proved far better, efficient, and faster than Microsoft edge. This web browser has favorably acquired the top position in the best web browsers and is increasingly progressing.   


The review was based on the recent browsing tests conducted to find the individual browsing experience with different uses. However, the best way to find your ideal web browser is by playing yourself on the ground. 

Through this, you’ll not only be able to match your needs but also have a clear picture of how the browser works for you. Overall, Opera offers top-notch functionality with many combined features from other famous browsers like Mozilla and Chrome.   

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