(FIXED) Parrot OS Stuck on the Black Screen

The Parrot OS may trouble you after installation by showing a black screen with a cursor whenever you start your computer or log in.

The Grub may work fine and the windows as well, so it may be difficult for you to recognize the problem, and hence, try fixing it.

It may be due to,

  1. Graphics card issue
  2. Problem in drivers
  3. Broken update

To resolve these issues, we will be presenting multiple ways for you to check on and solve the problem bothering you.

It will include disabling 3D acceleration for Virtualbox Configuration, installing drivers, rebooting the system, or choosing the correct version of the parrot/kernel for your laptop. 

So do not worry and just scroll down to find a solution that will work for you.

Fix 1: The Version of Parrot in the Older Laptops

For some laptops like older Dells, Intel Integrated Graphics chip and Parrot 20 do not work.

They need to be on parrot 10 to function. Similarly, problems due to kernels are being faced.

On the old Lenovo Thinkpad T410, access could only be gained by the parrot10 kernel.

It is as if the new kernels being used by the distros do not like onboard Intel HD Graphics in older laptops. So you need to care for that.

Fix 2: Rebooting the System

The system can be rebooted by following two simple commands.

  1. First press Ctrl + Alt + F1.
  2. Then press Ctrl + Alt + F4 or F7.

It will go from the GUI to the command line and back, fixing the disconnect. Or you can follow these steps to do that.

  1. Login via Ctrl, Alt, and F1.
  2. Type ‘reboot’ to reboot the system.

Fix 3: Disabling 3D Acceleration for Virtualbox

Follow these steps to solve the issue.

  1. Go to Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager. Click on Settings.
VirtualBox settings
  1. Go to the Display option.
VirtualBox settings >> general >> Display
  1. There you will see two options under the heading of acceleration. They have been ticked.
change display settings for VidtualBox
  1. Untick the box for 3D acceleration by clicking on it. Click OK.
uncheck Enable 3D acceleration
  1. Go to the File option on the top left.
  2. Click on preferences.
Virtual Box Preference
  1. Go to extensions and make sure the VM Extension pack has been installed. Click OK.
Install virtualbox extension pack

Final Words

Hence, to end with, we can easily say that the stuck screen that poses a major problem for us has now been resolved. The black screen issue can be resolved by choosing the suitable version of Parrot OS, its kernel.

Keep in mind the Intel Integrated Graphics chips when using Parrot, installing drivers using the command lines, rebooting the system, etc. Choose the option that fits you best.

Moreover, give feedback on the article and do not hesitate to register further queries.