PHP Libraries For Website Scrappers

This article aims to provide you with the best PHP Libraries for website scrappers that will surely help you squeeze data from websites more efficiently.

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Web scrapping, for developers, is as essential as the backbone to any vertebrate. It is the chore that developers go through and accomplish every day. Moreover, web scrapping is fun if it’s done for legal purposes. 

PHP is thought to be challenging, but website scrappers find it easy to scrape data from various websites. You can use Python website scrapping libraries too.

 Let’s have a look at our stunning list

Top 10 PHP Libraries for Website Scrappers.

Here is a list of Top 10 PHP libraries that will help you if you are a PHP developer. 

  1. Buzz
  2. HTTPFul
  3. MySQL 8
  4. Guzzle
  5. Requests
  6. Faker
  7. cURL
  8. Goutte

Let’s discuss them one by one to give you a detailed glimpse of each.


Buzz is known to be a more straightforward and lightweight PHP library that doesn’t acquire much space. Also, it allows you to administer HTTP requests very straightforwardly.

Moreover, it has a simple-to-use interface that is more like a webs browser. In short, by using Buzz, you can kill two birds with one stone.

If we talk about authorization, we are happy to pen that the library is MIT Licensed, and you can entirely rely on it for your daily data scrapping tasks either for you or for a client of yours.


  • MIT licensed 
  • Easy to use
  • Simple
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable performance.


There are a few libraries that are meant for HTTP. And this one is one of those great libraries.

HTTPFul is a PHP library used by many website scrappers as it is more straightforward and readable for HTTP.

A fantastic feature of this library is that it interacts with APIs more effectively than steering through or shifting on curl set_opt pages. Besides this, it offers many other great features also. To get an idea, you should try and test this worthy PHP Client.


  • Simple interface 
  • MIT Licensed 
  • Custom Headers
  • Automatic Parsing and Payload Serialization.
  • Multiple templates.


MySQL 8 is another database management system that offers various tools and services to developers and website scrappers. You can use it for scrapping data across multiple websites. Also, it can be used for effective web development and application development. 

In short, we can say that MySQL is the most reliable library that can be used for quick management of data, storing relational data, and fetching data more efficiently. 


  • Robust system
  • Compatible with PHP and various other languages including JAVA, and C#
  • GNU Licensed
  • Great Performance. 
  • Beginner-friendly 


Guzzle is the most accessible most HTTP client that allows you to send HTTP requests very quickly. Also, it integrates with web servers superficially, so the developers did not have to go through any hassle.

Guzzle has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and we can say that it is a beginner-friendly PHP library for website scrappers. Moreover, it assists you in building large upload and download streaming and query strings.

Likewise, it is a robust data management system that can prove to be the best webs scrapping tool for PHP developers and data scrappers.


  • Advanced data manager
  • Multiple ways to integrate with web servers.
  • Easy to send synchronous and asynchronous requests.
  • Perfect for scrapping data.


With evolving technology, websites have become more complicated and detailed, so it has become challenging to fetch heavy data. 

That’s the reason Requests Library has been developed as an HTTP library to help website scrappers squeeze data along websites more handily.

It is a PHP Library that is written in PHP and based on API format. It allows you to send HTTP requests, including HEAD, PUT, GET, and POST. 

Because of these multiple advantages offered by this library, many website scrappers are using and recommending it for data management purposes.


  • It is ISC Licensed
  • Excellent website scrapping library
  • Easy to add headers and Multipart Files.
  • Authentic and resourceful.


Faker is an open-source and free-to-use PHP library that generates and fetches fake data for you.


  • Powerful configuration 
  • Easy to use
  • Simple setup
  • Supports multiple languages.


cURL is known to be one of the most popular and most used PHP libraries. Many developers rely on it for website scrapping as it is loaded with many authentic tools and resources. 

It is a standardized PHP library that is why there is no need to include third-party files.

To use cURL, you only need to install the libcurl package, and that’s it. Just install and 


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Built-in PHP Library
  • Simple to use.


Goutte is another big name in the data scrapping world. It is a PHP library used by PHP developers to scrape valuable data from websites.

You can fetch as well as crawl along with websites very easily for factual purposes. Many developers find this library a great companion to their workload.

It uses the Symfony framework and offers multiple APIs for scrapping and crawling websites.


  • It is MIT licensed 
  • It can easily handle big projects.
  • It is provided with an easy-to-use interface and good parsing speed.

Other PHP libraries for Website Scrappers

Besides the ones mentioned above, many other PHP Libraries are being used and liked by thousands of developers out there. So let’s have a brief look at them.

  • Simple HTML DOM
  • TTProxy
  • Redis
  • Dom-crawler
  • Laravel 7

And many others

Wrap Up.

To wrap up the discussion, we must say a long list of PHP libraries used for web scraping and many other purposes. Best is the one that suits your needs and type of work.

Every developer has its kind of chores to do, so always choose a library that you think is perfect for your client’s projects. We have overviewed some of the libraries to make it easier for you to navigate through each.

If still, you are confused, let’s give some of them a try on your own, and you will know which one is perfect for your use.

Don’t forget to share your precious feedback about this informative post with us. We wait to see you in the comments section.