List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Java frameworks are pre-written codes that help a developer to build a project quickly. EIther a web app, backend, desktop app, microservices, and android apps, almost for each purpose, there will be at least one framework to help a developer with its project. All frameworks bring up many libraries and modules in-built that allow a developer to get his project done easier.

We have collected some popular java frameworks that are getting populare, describing each one’s advantage, disadvantage, so you should read this blog post for sure if you are a beginner. You will find it useful.

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Vaadin java web framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Vaadin works for server-side as well as client-side programming. Vaadin is more focused on implementing java codes, even on the front end. Even if you don’t prefer HTML, CSS, and JS, Vaadin takes it all for you and lets you code a whole web app narrowing to java. Not to mention, you are allowed to add HTML layouts too. Even the Back-end handling capability is also considered secure.


  • It is a java framework for web development.
  • It handles both server-side and client-side operations.


  • It is not suitable for handling big java web apps.
  • Consume high resources

Apache Struts

Apache Struts java ee framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Struts is a java (EE)  framework for developing dynamic enterprise websites. It walks through communication between the front end or view side to your database and works on MVC based architecture. Mainly it takes weight writing codes manually to update your view when bound with a server. Struts come up with some components such as JSP, JavaBean, XML, and many other components needed to get the task done sooner. Also, Struts benefits maintaining your web app consequently.


  • It is suitable for Maintaining front end view.
  • It helps you bind your client-side to the server.
  • It contains many useful components for building front ends.


  • It is an outdated framework, so understanding codes are somewhat troublesome.
  • Its documentation is hard to understand for beginners.

Play Framework

Play Framework microservices framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Play java framework renders well for developing projects like microservices web apps. It emphasizes low resource consumptions, lightweight, and RESTful support by default, such as JSON, SQL, and web socket in a nutshell, making this framework an excellent choice to pick. Besides only java, playframe works with Scala too. Although it utilizes just the Struts framework discussed earlier, it works in such a simple way. Since the playframe work chiefly handling microservices apps. So you need to compile large codes. And you can capture real-time errors and fix them on the spot.


  • It is a beginner-friendly.
  • It demands a few codes for developing highly scalable web apps.
  • It works well for developing micro web apps using java.


  • It does not render well when implementing it for developing big web apps.
  • It will require Groovy coding languages to move on at some points.

Spring Security

Spring Security framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

This java framework is compatible with both java versions of Java SE and Java E. It derives from the Spring ecosystem, and Spring security useful for security threads. Mainly Enterprise apps such as Banking, e-commerce, or platforms where people frequently use payment gateways are using this framework. If you want to restrict user control of your web application, then the Spring security java framework comes in handy. It imposes authentication and authorization filters on web-based Java applications.

The Features or components like CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) prevent an end-user from doing any unwanted actions. It imposed strong filters on such activities.


  • Offer strong security filters.


  • Any miscode can lead you to face penetration from hackers.


Hibernate ORM java framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Hibernate ORM is an advantageous java framework for object-relational mapping and CRUD operations. It takes care of mapping Java classes to the server via XML file. You can have other frameworks, but this one composes it easy to communicate with your back end. Many java developers often use this framework to map the URLs to their database, either JDBC or RBS. Hibernate turns lower the efforts while mapping Java classes to database tables manually.

The best part of using hibernate java frame is that we all know an unfamiliar SQL table can upturn some headache, mostly when we try to figure out, and fixing manually can take longer. So  HIbernate comes down here to take this obstacle and resolve this in a matter of minutes.


  • Automating Table creation.
  • Fast performance, lightweight
  • It works well with SQL tables.


  • Not suitable for small web apps
  • Restrict some queries that JDBC use.


MyBatis java backend framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

My Batis cuts down the efforts in writing manual JDBC code and manual setting of parameters. It follows the ORM way to a couple of java classes to SQL tables in a different way.  Mybatis is good to use for fetching a specific query from the SQL database. Instead of mapping a complete SQL database, it only gets a particular response from the Database. That’s why we don’t call it an object-relational map, although its function is similar to that.

However, if you want to know a clear difference between Hibernate ORM and MyBatis, then get MyBatis as if you’re going to run analytic fetch queries such as (summation/aggregation queries). On the other hand, use the Hibernate ORM framework if you need to work on CRUD ( Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation


  • Easy to maintain.
  • It is suitable for managing small web apps.
  • Support to write dynamic SQL codes in a separate file


  • Often it gets complicated to couple a java object to a database.
  • It does not fully support cascading between the two tables adding and deleting.


JHipster Java web framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Jhipster is a popular full-stack web development framework. Let’s Developers quickly develop a blog website using this popular java framework to use angular or react to client-side development. It is an open-source Java framework. Mainly it reduces the workdays into hours. Detailed documentation is out there where you can pick up to use this framework. Indeed, it will not take much of your time to understand this framework, even if you have very little knowledge of java functions. Moreover, you will also have access to JHipster repository, where you can get many libraries or contribute, thereby sharing some of your created libraries.


  • It lets you develop a web app in a matter of minutes.


  • It auto-generates a bunch of codes for the developers, sometimes unneeded.


Dropwizard Java restful framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Dropwizard is useful when developing a REST service, there are a few libraries that come into choices. A few of them are Hibernate Validator, Jetty server, Google Guava, Logback, and Jersey to build RESTful web services and Jackson for processing JSON. Fortunately, Dropwizard provides all these libraries in one place.

Dropwizard is more like offering a developer-friendly environment, typically when you are getting into something as RESTful web services. It is a collection of some handy libraries that you are probably going to hand them over. Furthermore, Dropwizar can be compared to a full-stack Java framework such as Jhipster.


  • It provides an accessible collection of java libraries in one place.
  • It aims to provide a desktop environment for developers.


  • Matter of taste, you may not see your favorite libraries.

Google web toolkit (GWT)

Google web toolkit GWT Java frontend framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Google web toolkit stands out for client-side programming and lets the developers build their front-end logic by using their favorite language, java. GWT formats the java codes into the browser-friendly language HTML, CSS, Javascript. As the name suggests, it is google’s tool. Many of Google’s websites are built by GWT. Such as Adword and Adsense. Additionally, you can develop and debug any AJAX application using java language and java development tools you feel comfortable with.


  • It opens the door for java developers to build front end logic.
  • If you’re a java developer, you hardly need any further learning to a headway.


  • It takes longer to compile codes.
  • It is a bit heavyweight.

JavaServer Faces (JSF)

JavaServer Faces JSF java web framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

It brings a bunch of layout of HTML including javascript within the box, we call them components, and show these components at the client-side it works based on the MVC concept. Where some modules take care of this. As model:backing bean view:JSF controller:faces servlet. Primarily Java server faces tend to provide a very operative UI scaling down the efforts and time as it comes up with quite handy components.

The main drawback of this; whenever an error crop up, its hard to walk thorugh. Due to readymade templates, it sticks around to identify where the problem has come out.


  • It makes it easy for developers to build web apps.
  • It reduces the developing time.


  • Often it gets a headache to change CSS styling.


Primefaces Java UI framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Prime faces works with the Java server faces. Primefaces comes up with many libraries for the user interface in one place. It is nothing but a vast gallery to pick any of your favorite UI components, then bind that on the view side. Besides just ready-made components, you are allowed to create a custom one if you prefer any Modification.

Rather than just components, Primefaces bring responsive templates, convenient widgets, responsive mobile designs, and things like these, helping a developer get his website ready as quickly as possible.


  • It carries heaps of tools for UI.
  • It is a lightweight framework.


  • Its components are troublesome when modifying.

Spark Framework

Spark Framework Java Android framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

Spark java framework lets the developers create android apps, microservices web using kotlin/ java with minimal effort. Despite the fact it is a popular framework, the spark is also. It is known as an ecosystem, so it is unnecessary to use it with Kotlin. It has various versions to stand with python, PHP, and many frameworks and dependencies for spark. It takes care of almost 70% of the code you can modify as per your project requirements. Typically, it is rich in code templates. However, it neither follows MVC nor components, even though it lets you structure your app.

Apache spark is best for server data-handling for massive data processing.

Apache Spark Java framework can be used on the server-side. With this framework, you can get your web server running up quickly, jetty server, No SQL, and many Databases work well with this framework. Spark framework servers can bear as vast amounts of traffic as 100,000 per day too. A study says that the Apache Spark framework is mostly used for creating REST APIs. Despite the fact, Apache Spark framework servers can bear as massive traffic as 100,000 per day.


Tapestry Java OOps Based framework - List of Most popular Java Frameworks in 2021

The tapestry was a popular component-oriented based java framework, similar to JavaServer faces. It was the first on the list that introduced the way to use java on the client-side and shared the methodology to couple java components with the server with ease. Sadly it lost its reputation now in 2020, the JavaServer faces have taken place. It does not mean it is dead; however, many frameworks based on the component-based (MVC) options divided their fan base. Also, the frequent alternation in technological zones had acted out its reputation poorly.


  • It is suitable for developing client-side views.


  • It is outdated now.
  • Hard to understand code syntaxes.


Grails Groovy framework

Grails serves a development environment by standing alone, coming up with a bunch of handy plugins, turning down the time for doing repetitive tasks, and reducing CSS and HTML use. Although its core language is not Java yet, it can be used in JVM. And let a developer use java language. The best part of this framework that It is very adaptable. You can easily integrate Groovy language and java language in one project.


  • It makes the development of a small or normal web app easier.
  • It comes up with useful plugins.


  • You must know Groovy in order to utilize.