best programming language for cybersecurity in 2022

Whether you want to become a cyber security programmer or just a seasonal veteran, paying attention to these top 5 programming languages is essential to become an ethical hacker.

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If you are well aware of these programming languages, you will find it a lot easier to protect your affected system and prevent further such unfortunate attacks.

1. JavaScript

Although its main objective is to be used in the front end, some frameworks recently made it work in the database. Hackers use JavaScript language to make a duplicate website with similar functions and redirect them through XSS cross-site scripting to that duplicate site.

So when a user types his information, it would be collected by a hacker, not the original one. However, it is not so easy to perform such an attack on a hacker. He needs to catch a vulnerability in your java scripting code.

Furthermore, the already giant banking websites, utilizing JavaScript code in their front end, often look for cybersecurity programmers with JavaScript knowledge, asking them to try penetrating and find the weakest part so that they can improve it.

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2. SQL (Structure Query Language)

SQL plays an important role in cyber security, as the database is the most crucial and important thing for a website owner to protect it from intruders. To learn SQL it’s better to build SQL projects from scratch

Hackers can attack and steal information from a website if there were some vulnerabilities in SQL codes.

That’s the reason the hackers target the database most of the time, as soon as they see any weak point they can break through the stored data and steal it.

As Cyber Security, this programming language comes at the top. You can defend your database by covering the weak points, and this could be only possible if you have good knowledge of this programming knowledge.

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3. Python

Python language is widely used in cyber security to analyze malware, scan viruses, and penetration testing such as ethical hacking. Using Python gives hackers a free hand to scrape a website and find out the weak points; they usually use python projects for web scraping and data mining.

Python language can help hackers breakthrough web servers since it is a general programming language, so many tools turn down their efforts. That’s why hackers use python script so they can write more robust code in a short amount of time.

There are many ways Python can fit into Cyber security. Such that if you have knowledge and understanding of python. You can well defend your website from getting hijacked.

With python code, you can write and run your script for your website that will auto-detect if something is suspicious happening with your website.

When found malicious codes, it alerts cyber security to take necessary actions.

That’s why developers use python in Cyber security and list this language among the best programming languages for Cyber security.

If you happen to start your career as a cyber security programmer, python is a great choice as well as beginner-friendly. You will understand the Cyber security-related task faster with this language.

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4. PHP

  • Most of its uses are related to websites; that’s why around 80% of the websites are using PHP programming language. The hackers usually attack a database with a PHP vulnerability and may take down the website if it is a (DOS) attack. Such attacks usually shut down a website for a period, or completely. Hackers may not be able to access and look into your database files with PHP; all they can do is delete them.
  • With PHP knowledge, you can get back your website and prevent DOS attacks in the future.
  • Most cyber security programmers have a solid grip over this language. Even WordPress bloggers understand the basics of PHP when such an attack catches them.

Therefore if your intentions are to learn cyber security for website recovery, then you should learn PHP. It will open a lot of ways for you to dig deeper as a cyber security programmer.

PHP comes with some tools for activating a shield to save your website from being hijacked, such as RIPS which can scan if something is malicious in your code.

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5. C++

Numerous hackers use this C++ language to crack enterprise software, or many paid games are being exploited by such intruders. As mentioned, C++ lets hackers be able to reverse the code of an app, later they play with the code a little bit, and develop the same copy as they want.

  • In cyber security, the knowledge of C and C++ is essential. Thousands of Software-house companies are willing to pay a good salary to those who can stop or figure out how they can stop such intruders from using their paid software for free.
  • To some extent, it seems impossible to stop this leakage in software houses, and the gaming industry also seems to stand by.

Anyhow, C++ has proven some proven methods to stop such intruders, and  C++ has a flaw finder tool that can detect vulnerabilities in a code. It was primarily added for cyber security experts to quickly scan all the written code.

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