4 Best Python Crash Courses in PDF

I review here the top 4 Python crash course pdf ebooks. The review will be unbiased and based upon my personal experience, and matter of preference.

I expect from individuals, after learning from these courses they will be able to such intermediate python projects.

Disclaimer: None of these python crash course pdf ebooks are written by our website, all the credits go to their original writers who’ve put their knowledge into these ebooks. These PDFs are originally for free, with this ambition we are sharing these pdf so people can learn, and appreciate their creators.

If links doesn’t work download These Python Crash Courses from here:

Python Crash Course PDF

561 pages.

This python crash course is the most dominating pdf book you’ll ever find. It has covered every single python logic in detail as well given explanation so a beginner without the age role can easily get started.

This book is purposed to make people a good python programmer, starting with basics and slightly take you to advanced python concepts.

During the understanding of python concepts in this Python book, you can see some example codes that will give you a real-time experience of a python function.

In the first part of this book, you will introduce python, and why should you learn it in the first place? And afterward, this pdf will guide you on how to set up infrastructure to start developing your first python program and run it.

As you move forward, the pdf will tend to cover topics one-by-one starting off with the basic ones, and if you think this basic is still advanced for you in python? Not to worry about it anymore, as the book’s prime aim is to target beginners, and its author has put more of his effort into bringing up this crash course pdf that makes python programming easy to get started for anyone.

In the beginning you’ll learn about different kinds of data to play with and the ways to store data in lists and dictionaries, build collections of data, while and if loops to test for certain conditions. And all these examples are beautifully covered in this book.

Later when your base will get strengthened, this book will take you to advanced ways to utilize python codes like experts such that you will learn about pandas or numPy libraries for playing with data, and learn how to do data visualization.

Also this book teaches to build some intermediate python projects like 2D games, desktop softwares, or bot for automating several repetitive tasks.

Python Tutorial point Crash course PDF download

500 pages.

This pdf teaches python 3 from A to Z, it includes hundreds of python 3 functions that we can’t describe them all like easily. Thus, hands down to the author and their team who’ve managed to put this much information in this pdf for free.

When I read this pdf book for the first time, the explanation of each topic is something that has more appreciation, although there are examples for each topic yet I still say the explanation is something that powers this up. Because when self-learning we need strong arguments to remember a topic and this is what this pdf has covered in-depth.

This implies that, if you want to learn python 3 in real sense, means that you want to touch every single possibility with python 3. Then, without a shadow of a doubt just get into this crash course.

This book teaches python 3 from the basics, and many of its functions refer to python 2 for a better explanation, so a person who has a little bit of understanding of python 2 functions may easily get hands on this python crash course.

And for individuals who’ve just jumped into python learning, they can learn from this course as well but that’s being said, they may face some sort of problematic points, mostly when this course refers to python 2 functions.

This crash course covers every topic, and several python libraries like tkinter for GUI, Django for web, Numpy for data science and many more Python frameworks. It almost has put a light onto every python’s programming possibilities.

Python Tips and Tricks Crash Course in PDF

I found this crash course pdf useful for intermediate python programmers, or even the experts should read this if they want to take one step ahead. As this pdf teaches tips and tricks that come in handy in several places while writing codes. So, with this course you will learn to do one python task in multiple ways which will be less time taken and give the outcome out of the box.

800 pages

One thing I must confness here regarding this crash course. It’s not actually made for beginners, even the introduction part is not there which speaks to that it is not managed by a proper team.

And it’s true as the person(s) who put forward this book has gathered information from surrounding, for instance stack overflow and put that information into this pdf to shape a crash course of tips and tricks.

Unlike other crash courses listed above, they are well-made for beginners. So it’s a fair decision for you if you pick any one from the above two instead of this if you are preparing yourself to learn python, as it requires some basic knowledge of python or at least understanding of print function in python, plus it lacks a step by step path to turn a person into a programmer.

My remark on this pdf; If you’re looking for a master piece to polish your python skills,that gives you ways to explore more of python’s functions that experts have found and use for completing their python-projects sooner than later. And if you want to get those tricks that pros have found in python from their years of experience being a pythonish, then this crash course is the way to go.

It has packed out of the box information. The pieces of examples are in this crash course, taken out from the stackoverflow that pros have left there for guiding individuals to learn the multiple ways of doing a simple task.

Best Python3 Crash Course

80 pages

The goal of this crash course is to give a short overview of the python language. The table of content starts with telling about what python is? To end up the very last possibility that you can expect with this language.

Therefore, take this course for learning about python, knowing it’s functions, and whatever content that is related to this approach.

For this instance, keep in mind that it may not be suitable for you if you want to learn python programming with code examples, or something that would teach you python programming from basic to advance, for this in mind the above listed courses are great.

In the middle of this crash course you will find sub heading for python functions with relevant explanations. If you’re going to have an interview and want to revise about python, and it’s related information, then by reading this pdf you can easily get points about python that is needed, and most probably the questions are going to be similar to the points this pdf has covered.

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