Python for the app development- Is it good?

If you plan to learn app development in the python language, you are surely at the right place. A complete and well-explained guide on this topic is waiting for you ahead

So let’s get started with our topic. 

App development using Python

Both of the major mobile platforms – iOS and Android don’t support Python as an official programming language to build apps for them.

However, with python, you can still make some basic apps by using frameworks like Kivy vs flutter.

With that said it’s not a simple way to create apps using python.

First, you have to master all the basic skills of the python language and then move on to app development using Python. Python is commonly used to create two kinds of applications.

  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application

Can Python be used for app development?

A python is an object-oriented programming language, although you are not required to follow OOP when writing code independently.

Its simple syntax lets you focus more on actual program logic than learning long class-based inheritance hierarchy or similar complicated OO designs. 

As per Google developer survey 2011, Python was one of the most popular languages regarding app development in terms of usage.

Can you make Android apps with Python?

Using frameworks like Kivy and BeeWare makes it possible to develop Android Apps using Python language. Also, the python language is famous for its simplicity.

However, it doesn’t prevent the language from being very powerful and flexible to build applications.

Is Python good for apps?

Yes, Python has considered the favorite hot language of web app developers these days because it is simpler to code and easy to interpret in any operating system.

Python was made with one purpose that is “to emphasize code readability.” Thus, it is the perfect tool for writing maintainable mobile application code at very high efficiency.

Can you make web apps using Python?

Python is highly recommended to make web applications due to its versatile eco-system of libraries and packages, which provides you a perfect environment for creating a web app. 

Can you make iOS apps with Python?

Python is easily implementable on cross-platforms and supports the new additional features very efficiently; it is used in developers’ development of most iOS apps. 

Why is Python considered the best language to create applications these days?

Python is compatible with most of the major operating systems existing today.

It has a great variety of libraries and packages to adjust any desired feature for development, so it is considered the most suitable language to create applications in recent times.

Can Python get you a good job in the market?

Due to the faster growth of Python in the market, more career opportunities are being created for python programmers.

Python is a great choice for a professional career, but you have to master the advanced skills of this language to get a good job in the field.

Python is an open-source language that makes it perfect for students looking upon learning something new and want to have a quick start without investing too much time in creating infrastructure or building complex libraries and frameworks out of the box.

Creating Mobile Application using Python

Android and IOS software is not capable of understanding Python Language.

However, many frameworks, libraries, and packages let us develop a mobile application using Python.


Some frameworks are developed recently regarding developing mobile applications by using python language.

The mobile apps in python language are developed by using the following two famous frameworks.

  • Kivy
  • Beware


It is a cross-platform Python framework deployed to Windows, IOS, Linux, Android, and Raspberry Pi.

A Natural User Interface is created when you develop an application with Kivy, making it more user-friendly and easily understandable for any audience. 

Kivy has a customized UI toolkit that represents your mobile application’s consistency and flexibility from one platform to another.

It has respective toolkits for Android and IOS that lets you port the python applications on them. 


BeeWare is another famous framework that lets you develop applications in Python for cross-platform deployment on some major operating systems, including macOS, Windows and Linux GTK, Android, and iOS.

It provides you with some amazing tools that you can use to write desktop and mobile apps using Python language.

Beware uses a Native UI toolkit so you can build any native-looking UI on cross-platforms.

Python Frameworks for app developement

There are lot many frameworks available out there which are based on Python. These frameworks provide us with some basic features like logging, data validation, etc., to get started with app development. 

You can even form an API for the program using these frameworks and run it faster than ordinary program execution time by adding a caching mechanism in terms of Memcache or any other framework. 

Python can connect many databases through extension modules like MySQL, etc.

It also provides frameworks like Django, etc., which provide us with a very efficient ORM to easily and efficiently operate the databases. 

This characteristic of python language makes it perfect for applications where data needs to be stored in a centralized place and retrieved quickly without any hassle at maximum efficiency.

Moreover, It is not compulsory to use a web framework for web app development, but it is highly recommended due to its efficiency in developing complex applications.

Three types of frameworks are used for creating web apps in Python.

Full-stack Framework

These frameworks provide all kinds of app developing components. Some of the famous frameworks included in this category are

  • Cubic Web
  • Django
  • Web2Py
  • Giotto
  • Pyramid
  • Pylons
  • Turbo Gears


These are some lighter frameworks that do not provide additional advanced features as the previous ones. It is used to create basic and less complex web apps.

Some of these frameworks are

  • Bottle
  • CherryPy
  • Dash
  • Falcon
  • Flask
  • Hug
  • MorePath
  • Picnic

Asynchronous Frameworks

These frameworks are used for multi-threading that runs separately from the actual application.

It is used to enhance the application’s performance and improve its responsiveness. Some of them are

  • Growler
  • Sanic
  • Tornado
  • Vibora
  • FastAPI
  • Quart

Which framework is besst for you python app?

Choice of the right framework for your project depends on the following requirements

  • Size of application
  • Complexity of application 
  • Desired functionalities of the application
  • Compatibility with all the major web servers
  • Can handle a greater flow of traffic
  • Support new additional features to enhance the functionality of the application

You should consider all the above-mentioned key points before choosing the python framework for your web application.

Otherwise, you can get into some major problems if the framework does not match the needs of your project. 

Python Courses to learn app development

To become an efficient python web app developer, you must learn some courses that can enhance your knowledge and become a perfectionist in this domain.

Some of the famous courses are mentioned below. 


As you know, youtube has knowledge related to every bit of this world these days.

It has some amazing tutorials on web app development using python language that can help you master the incredible skills in developing your desired web apps.


Some very informative and professional books are mentioned below to help you become a good web app developer of Python.

Top Mobile Apps developed using Python.

We use some really popular mobile apps in our daily lives, created using the python language. Some of them are

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Dropbox
  • Uber

Python Courses to learn App devevlopement

To excel as a python mobile app developer in the market, you must master some advanced skills, and that’s why you are required to learn the courses mentioned below.

They will help you improve your mobile app development skillset and let you master this domain. Some of these courses are


We learn more through graphics instead of words. So it would help if you watched some amazing tutorials related to mobile app development using Python that is as follows 

Python Books to learn app developement

Some scholarly books regarding mobile apps development using python language are quoted below. Do give them a read and enhance your knowledge and skills.

  • Mobile App Development with Python & Kivy by Mosawenkosi Nyathi
  • Learning Python Application Development by Ninad Sathaye


No doubt, Python has taken the rule over the application development market, either web-based or mobile-based. With the increase of demand for more applications day by day, the scope of learning this language has exploded a lot. 

In addition, Python is a very good language when we talk about operating at scale. It supports concurrency due to mutual exclusion locks (MUL). Its design pattern follows the “Do One Thing and Do It Well” principle, making it perfect for multi-threading and distributed environments where scalability is a must.

So, you must learn this amazing language and master the skills that help you become an expert in application development shortly.

Hope you have got all the necessary information related to application development using python language in this article. Don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts on this post with us. We wait to see you in the comments section.