How to Run Linux apps on Windows 2021

Windows allows users to install thousands of software, on other hand Linux has limited software to download. So Linux users are often interested in installing Windows Software on their Linux Computer.

But Linux also have some special apps which are not available for Windows, so sometimes Windows users are also interested in installing Linux software in there Windows Computer.

Like Amarok music player, it is better than Windows media player and iTunes and you can even send songs to IOS device and download songs from IOS without using iTunes. It is assumed to be a difficult task to perform for learners. But here we are going to discuss about procedure to run Linux software in Windows computer following some simple steps.

Virtual machines:

There are number of methods to run Linux software on Windows PC. Rather it is difficult to run Windows on Linux machine.

Virtual machines help users to install application of any Operating system on Windows PC. You have to install software like VMware or VirtualBox. Then download the ISO image of Linux distributor like Ubuntu etc. now the next step is to install it in the virtual machine. The process will be same as you are installing copy of Linux OS on fresh machine.

Now your PC has two OS; Windows and Linux of your choice. Now if you want to install any Linux software, you can do that on your Linux OS. You can also try derivatives of Ubuntu like Xubuntu which is very light weighted.

You can even run the Linux apps directly in Windows PC with the help of a software like utility mode of VMare or Virtual Box’s seamless mode.


You can also use Wubi to run Linux apps. It is developed to run Ubuntu Linux software on Windows PC without installing the Ubuntu Linux. There is one drawback though, any application that requires Linux environment might show error.

Live CD or Live DVD:

Most of the Linux products are also available in live CD. You can use it to check out any of the Linux distributions and get the feel of it. But don’t judge the performance of the Linux by this live CD as it works slower than actual installation because it does not use the hard disk of the computer.

To perform this task you have to download live CD distribution. Download the ISO image. Now burn this image to a CD or DVD. For copying the image to the disk you need software to burn the disk. You cannot simply copy the image to the disk similar to the pen drive.

There are many DVD/CD burners that can handle ISO files, some of the famous burners you can download are PowerISO , ImgBurn to make an ISO Disk.

Now place your CD into the CD drive and then you have to reboot your PC. Now you can see that your computer will now run on Linux. If you fall in love with Linux you can then install it in your machine.

Now you can easily run Linux Apps on your PC. But in this process you have to insert disk each and every time you want to run the app.

You can also perform the same task with the help of the pen drive, the difference in running the app with the pen drive and disk is that you can save changes while running the OS from pend drive.

These were some of the methods to run Linux apps on your Windows PC. Most of the Linux apps are available for Windows but some of them are not, for that you can use these steps but prefer installing Linux to run Linux apps, else running cross platform may slow down the application.