Should I Switch From Apple To Samsung?

You may be anxious about switching your phone from Apple to Samsung. However, making a swap might not be as scary as it looks. It would help if you looked at the better side of a change to adapt quickly.

People always switch devices to learn and enjoy new features. Swapping between Apple and Samsung was once a daunting task, but not anymore! Unless you are an iPhone/Apple lover.

Considering both cell phones have somewhat similar and opposite operating systems, interfaces, and usability, you may decide according to your preference.  

Not just outer features, individuals also look for other specifications when making a cell phone buying decision. Inherent human behavior is that you always opt for the option which brings you maximum benefits.

If you are looking to see whether I should switch from Apple to Samsung or not? You are at the right place!

To get to know what it takes to make a decision or how it can benefit or harm you? Read further.

Pros And Cons of Switching From Apple To Samsung

Keeping in view the benefit and harm that a swap can make, you can reach your perfect decision. Following are the key pros and cons you may experience when you switch from Apple to Samsung. 


  • Price: Samsung phones are way cheaper than Apple. Apple is considered an expensive brand, but Samsung gives a variety in terms of pricing. You may opt for an affordable handset yet no compromise on features, so it’s easier to adapt.
  • Features: You may enjoy some different features in Samsung compared to Apple. For instance, Siri has been replaced by Google Assistant, which is widely accepted and appreciated by those who are into voice commands.
    Also, Apple exhibits FaceID to unlock your phone, which is certainly not possible in times of pandemic due to masks on the face. Samsung, however, lets you unlock your phone using fingerprint recognition or any pattern or password. 
  • Multitasking: Samsung enables you to use multiple apps simultaneously with its multi-window feature. Hence allows you to multitask.
    For example, you can use the pop-up view to make a video call and check emails simultaneously. Whereas such a feature does not exist in Apple. 
  • Customize: Apple doesn’t let you customize. However, Samsung allows customization for an enhanced user-friendly experience. Samsung gives the freedom to move your apps from one page to another or hide them in a folder.
    It lets you download an app of your choice and make it your default app. As in the case of browsers, you may use Chrome or Samsung browser either as your default. 
  • Battery: The battery timing of Samsung is exquisite. It is not necessary to carry your charging cable along wherever you go. Also, it provides wireless charging options as well in its latest models. On the other hand, iPhone users complain about low battery life. 
  • Storage: If we talk about storage in both Apple and Samsung, it is evident that Samsung provides good storage options. Apple doesn’t allow for extra storage like micro SD cards; instead, whatever is the built-in storage, it is the total.
    Samsung allows for micro SD cards along with good internal storage. A micro SD card lets you keep your photos, media, or apps that unnecessarily capture your phone’s internal memory. 


  • Ecosystem: There exists a notable difference between Apple and Samsung’s ecosystem, i.e., iOS and Android. However, the diversity of tech products that Apple provides for its users is commendable. For example, MacBook, iPhone, Apple watch etc. 
  • Features: Samsung cannot compete with Apple in some of its features. Apple users love iMessage, iCloud, and Apple music. Hence it is difficult for them to accept a different interface in the form of Google messages/WhatsApp for texting. Also, to access their media files, they have to switch to Google Drive from iCloud storage. Furthermore, in the case of Apple Music, you cannot access that from a Samsung device. Also, it is not as advanced in terms of ease of use as Apple Music. 
  • Accessories: You need to invest in smartphone accessories compatible with Samsung. Even though you already own one, which is consistent with Apple. All of this is due to opposite hardware. Furthermore, Apple makes various accessories such as phone covers, screen protectors, etc. So an Apple user always enjoys diversity to choose from. 
  • Display: In terms of display, Apple is still better than Samsung. Apple incorporates sleek and exquisite designs with every new model coming. Also, Apple is considered more secure as compared to Samsung. 
  • Camera: It is no offense that Apple provides a high-quality camera in almost all models. In Samsung, the quality of cameras goes up as you go up in price. However, It is still true that Samsung cameras also give excellent results, but you have to adjust your budget. 
  • App Store: The Apple app store incorporates more smoothness than the Google app store. Apple manages it firmly, and innovations come first in Apple phones. It is also true that Samsung’s latest models incorporate all innovations that an iPhone holds. 

It is a highly personal choice to decide about owning a tech product like a cell phone. Every individual chooses to keep in view their usage, preferences, budget, and the pros and cons of the product. It is undoubtedly true that Apple and Samsung are competitors but have both similarities and differences among them. 

Since Apple is a luxury brand and not everyone can afford it. So most individuals prefer to swap unless they are brand conscious. However, the above pros and cons might help you decide if switching from Apple to Samsung is worth it or not.