Steam For IPad- How to Run steam games on your Ipad?

It’s possible to play steam games on your iPad. Simply, download the steam link app for ios and connect it to the PC from where you want to choose and play your favorite game.

Although before 2018, no steam app is available for IOS. Only android users can get this from the google play store. Time passed, and now in 2022, there’s an official version of the steam app for Ios devices that you can download for free on your Ipad or iPhone.

Before you download, make sure that your iPad runs on 13.1 IOS or later to run the app. A lower Ios version than this will result in bugs and lags, in fact, the app will bring up compatibility issues.

How To Play Steam On Your iPad

Prerequisites to Setup Steam on Your iPad

Step by Step process

  1.  Open the app store on your iPad and download the application of Steam Link.  Once installed, you may be asked to activate Bluetooth to connect your Steam Link to a controller. To proceed further, select OK.

Now open the Steam app from your Computer. Enter the settings and from there Enable the option of remote play. Now go back to your iPad device, and refresh the steam link app.

Once you have paired to a steam controller, it may ask your permission to proceed further. Click Continue. And a scanning process will start.

  1. After some time, a list of connected computers shall be seen. Select your computer.   
  1. A pop up of Pin number will be appear on your iPad device.  
  1. To move ahead, enter that pin number on your computer. 
  1. Now the testing connection has started on your iPad device to ensure a strong internet connection between your computer and iPad.
  1. Once finished, click OK. 
  1. Three checkmarks shall be seen only if you are having a strong network connection. 
  1. Before clicking on Start Playing, fewer settings need to be checked on your computer. Go to Steam option on top left, click that to open a drop-down menu and go to settings
  1. Once opened, you will see your iPad device is paired.
  1. Go to the advanced Host Option to ensure the settings are just like in the picture given below. Press Ok when done with settings. 
  1.  Go to advanced client options and select Balanced to get the best results. 
  1. Exit the settings by pressing OK. 
  1. Now you are done with all the settings. Just tap on Start Playing. 
  1. You will be approached to sign in to the library and see the games you have. Select your favorite game that you want to play on your iPad.

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