How to install Python IDLE in Linux

If you have just started learning Python, you probably are using IDLE. IDLE is a cross-platform application used by many beginners. If IDLE is not already installed on your Mac or Linux, this article will help you to install it on a Linux box.

Installing Python IDLE in Linux

Most new Linux comes with Python installed which is bundled with IDLE. If for some reason Python is not there in your Linux distro, you can install it using a default package manager.

Run the following command Debian or Ubuntu terminal to install IDLE

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Linux mint vs elementary OS – Is one better than the other?

Linux Mint is a community-driven Linux distro. The main focus of this operating system is on ease of use and an abundance of other useful features. Linux mint has a perfect balance of a lightweight base, immaculate UI, and stable performance which puts it towards the top of the Linux distros hierarchy. Read the official Guide to using LinuxMint.

Elementary OS, on the other hand, is an aesthetic alternative to other operating systems. One of its key advantages is total privacy and the no-tracking environment. It is a relatively new addition to the Linux distro family but is quickly becoming one of the favorites. The design is cleaned up to make it more streamlined, especially for folks migrating from other operating systems. Read more about Why you should Install Elementary OS.

In case, you want to understand the difference between Linux mint vs Ubuntu, click to read.

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Kali Linux vs Ubuntu- Comparison

Both Kali Linux and Ubuntu have expertly crafted Linux distros, with a very distinct use cases in mind.

While Kali Linux focuses more on security testing, Ubuntu favors a set of features that are geared more toward a regular PC user, not an ethical hacker. Both have their place in the Linux ecosystem.

However, Ubuntu can also be for penetrating testing instead of Kali Linux. A good way to achieve that is by installing the PenTesters Framework (PTF) from TrustedSec. The benefit of installing it is that it compiles and builds hundreds of penetration tools on various Linux distributions across, Fedora or Ubuntu, and ArchLinux.

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How to Replace Chrome os with Linux

Although ChromeOS has the Linux kernel, it’s not open source in the real sense. So the desire to replace chrome os with any Linux distro is real. And in this blog, let’s run how to replace it in the simplest way.

Even many simple Linux commands don’t work in its GUI. 

If you want to experience a true Linux-based tablet, look at this Raspad tablet 3 a Linux-beast indeed.

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Amazon Linux Vs Ubuntu- Differences

In this article, we will feature differences between Amazon Linux vs Ubuntu. You can read more about Ubuntu vs Debian from here.

Amazon Linux is a Linux image produced by Amazon. The main purpose of its existence is its use in amazon web services on the amazon elastic compute cloud. It has two main versions Amazon Linux AMI and Amazon Linux 2. The latter of which is the latest version with a completely rebuilt kernel and better performance.

Ubuntu is a Linux distro that is most famous for its beginner-friendly user interface. It is highly flexible and can be customized for almost any use. There is a version of Ubuntu that is designed and optimized specifically for Amazon web services. The AWS version is available in both a free and a premium option.

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How to install MX Linux With Windows in 2021: Step by Step

Windows and Linux can reside in same computer and will never bother each other. In this step by step guide, we will show how to install MX Linux and running it along with Windows 10.

Download the MX Linux image:

Download the image from their official website. Go to their website and click on “Direct Repo’ button to download the files directly from the website. You can also use Torrents to download the file from Torrent. I prefer torrent because its much easier and faster. The current version as of now is MX-19.2

Download MX 19.2

64-bit works with most new PC, but download 32-bit if you have old PC that supports 32-bit.

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