The 6 Best Mouse Pads with Wrist Support

Following are the best mouse pads with wrist support that will allow using your mouse with ease for hours.

Wrist-related injuries are quite common these days, and getting a mouse pad with wrist support is seriously a no-brainer. Not only that, they need to make sure that the ergonomic mouse pad they are going for is configured at a stable position.

If it’s too high, it kind of forces your wrists to move upwards, which ultimately leads to wrist extension and vice versa.

Prolonged usage of such wrist cushion mouse pads can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome that is a leading cause of severe numbness and pain.

Now, not all ergonomic wrist rest for keyboard mice are created equal, and you need to do quite a bit of testing before finding your ideal pick.

Luckily, we have compiled the list for the best mouse pad with wrist support that you can get your hands on in 2022.

1)  MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support


  • One of the best gel wrists rests on Amazon in terms of affordability
  • Greatly reduces wrist strains with the help of soft gel-filled covering
  • An ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support in multiple colorways
  • Accompanied with premium-textured for better durability
  • It prevents sliding and sustain your hand in a natural position

At the number one position on our list, we have the MROCO wrist cushion for the mouse. It is easily the best mouse pad for carpal tunnel that money can buy right now. If you’re looking for a highly-affordable mouse pad with a wrist rest that offers ultra-comfort and a ton of stability, then the MROCO gel wrist rest is a product that won’t disappoint.

Its fundamental use case is to act as a bed for your wrist, so you can continue using your mouse without any discomfort. It’s also pretty good for design, and even novice desktop users will feel genuinely impressed. Let’s look at some of the things that make MROCO a better pick than 99% of ergonomic mouse pads.

Design & Build

No matter which mouse you choose with your setup, its high-quality Lycra surface will be able to utilize it to the fullest. Furthermore, unlike most ergonomic mouse pads, it indents slightly at the base, giving you further comfort in the long run.

This featured model from MROCO is easily the most intuitive wrist cushion for the mouse that you can find on Amazon. It comes in two different sizes and offers a wide range of color options, so you can pick the one that suits your build.

Added Features

Another quality that makes it the best mouse pad with wrist support in 2021 is its memory foam. It’s quite responsive and will ensure you get the most comfortable hand position in the dedicated space.

The great thing about it is that it works wonders with both adult and children-sized wrists. So, if your loved one wants to use it for their convenience, they can rightfully do so!

Even its edges are reinforced so the end-user can benefit in terms of durability. There won’t be any need to find its replacement any time soon.

Besides being an ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support, the MROCO wrist cushion for the mouse is a risk-free purchase. According to the manufacturer, you can use it for almost a year, and if you are still not satisfied with its performance, you can return it with no questions asked.

              PROS                    CONS
Popular than premium-edition mouse pads for wrist supportLong-term, the fabric begins to tear away from the base.
Affordable pricing & ergonomic fillingNot great for optical mice
It can be used as a comfortable mouse pad for work 

2)  Gimars Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest


  • A large mouse pad with wrist rest that is great for both mise & keyboards
  • Backed by a comfortable memory foam which is extremely easy to clean
  • Several grooves are present on the base to protect you from deformation
  • Edge to edge support through double sticking function
  • Suited as a gaming mouse pad with wrist rest

If you’re someone who spends 24/7 in front of their computers, you may start to notice discomfort in your wrist, and that’s when something like Gimar’s ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support comes into play. At its basic fundamental design, it is a miniature wrist cushion for the mouse that gradually protects you from discomfort or any wrist-related injuries.

The cool thing about this product is the fact that it can be used for both PC accessories (keyboard & mouse) without any worries. There are no tedious procedures involved with its setup, and even non-tech consumers will feel inclined to use it for their benefit. With that said, let’s go through a couple of things which this mouse pad for carpal tunnel excels;

Design & Build

The Gimars Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest comes in a very simplistic design that is backed by smooth and lightweight materials. It uses a breathable memory foam which not only offers quality ventilation but also tackles sweating. The base of this mouse pad with wrist rest is premium, and even after long hours of computer usage, it will remain stable. Whether you’re in a cafe or at work, you can bring this product with you and get the most out of the task.

Being the best ergonomic mouse pad for wrist pain, it is also extremely easy to clean and completely washable. The padding doesn’t adhere to dust, but even still, you can scrub the model if needed.

Added Features

The optimal size of Gimars mouse pad with wrist rest is among its prime benefits that are definitely worth talking about. It measures 18×2.4×2 inches, ensuring you have enough space as you indulge in intense activities like gaming. Speaking about the size, this mouse pad for carpal tunnel fits most of the mice as well as regular keyboards on the market.

Not only that, there are skidproof rubber materials on its base, which protect it from gliding around your desktop. The company cares deeply about its customer service, and if somehow you get a faulty product, you can replace it right off the bat. Like MROCO, there are quite a few designs available for this gaming mouse pad with wrist rest. So, find the one which suits your gameplay and style!

              PROS                    CONS
A wide ergonomic mouse pad with arm supportIt lacks many gaming mouse pads with wrist rest functions
Supports multiple mice and keyboardsNot a solid anti-slip base
Easy to clean and use 

3)  Kensington Gel Wrist Rest


  • Best wrist support for a mouse that accompanies a stylish color pattern
  • Maintains the natural curve of your wrist through gel pillow support
  • Better than most ergonomic mousepads in terms of soft & comfy finishing
  • Provided with a variety of ventilation channels to minimize sweat
  • Under $20 gel wrist rest that promotes wrist health

Kensington is a well-known brand in the computer accessories space that has been providing some top-of-the-line products. This particular model is one of their latest innovations which is able to grab the attention of the majority of Amazon buyers. From design to stability and even durability, Kensington Gel Wrist Rest has it all. 

And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to protect against wrist injuries.

It is available well within $20, which is an offer you can’t miss.  If you’re searching for a comfortable mouse pad for work, then this particular model is worth the investment!

Design & Build

The highlight of this wrist support for the mouse is in its gel pillow covering, which is both elastic and comfy. It is ergonomically placed to optimize your wrist-to-hand positioning and thus prevents injuries.

Whether you are sensitive to wrist pain or experiencing an acute form of arthritis, the Kensington Gel Wrist Rest has you covered.

On top of a solid gel covering, the overall foundation of this mousepad is not elevated, which will ultimately allow you to work comfortably in a given space.

While the length is positioned at 9inches. Now this means you won’t have to face any storage-related issues and can easily accompany it with your laptop.

Added Features

In terms of quality and efficiency, this is an extremely well-made wrist cushion mouse pad. At the rear end of this model, you will find an adhesive layering that helps it stick to the desk and prevent any surface wobble.

Another interesting thing about the Kensington wrist support for the mouse is its duo-tone channels. They not only maintain the ergonomics of the mousepad but also make it somewhat intuitive.

Overall, for professional work or even gaming, this is if not the best mouse pad with wrist rest. The surface itself gives you a fabricated feel that doesn’t seem cheap at all.

              PROS                    CONS
It works well with even most optical miceIn terms of firmness, it is very plush
It’s not as tall as some of the best mouse pads with wrist supportNot recommended for long term use
The gel surface is super comfortable 

4)  VicTsing Wrist Cushion Mouse Pad


  • Quality mousepad for carpal tunnel that is equipped with gel-filled cushioning
  • It comes in a fabricated layout to provide good mouse tracking
  • Anti-sweat design that reduces irritation and maximizes comfort
  • It features non-slip paddings that keep the wrist cushion in a stable position
  • Eco-friendly mouse pad with wrist rest

At number 4th spot, we have the VicTsing Wrist Cushion Mouse Pad. VicTsing is another product on our list of convenient mouse pads for carpal tunnel that delivers up to the standards.

If you want something simplistic yet convenient, then this is the model we definitely recommend in 2022.

Unlike many ergonomic mouse pads with arm support, it may lack some features but believe me, its price tag justifies its performance. Other than having a minimalistic design, it comes equipped with comfy wrist support.

This will relieve extra stress on your wrist and allow you to enjoy non-stop gaming!

Design & Build

The VicTsing mouse pad with wrist rest is a budget-friendly alternative that shares a quality design and premium ergonomics. At its base, you will find that it has a gel-filled cover, fabricated layout, and non-skid support to keep your wrist in an optimal position.

Customers report that its gel-filling enables them to combat wrist fatigue and get the most out of their tasks. On top of that, this wrist cushion for the mouse is flexible enough to accommodate users with a wide set of hands.

Whether you’re a lefty or someone with massive hand size, it will have you covered.

The reason why we recommend it as a gaming mouse pad with wrist rest is due to the fact that it accommodates a variety of mouse pointers. So, even if your mouse uses the latest technology in the market, it will still have no issues whatsoever.

Added Features

One of the things which most razer mouse wrist rest faces is the mouse pointer moving all over the place.

Thankfully, you won’t be facing such problems as the VicTsing gaming mouse pad with wrist rest features a non-slip PU base. If that’s not enough, then you will definitely praise its Lycra cover. It not only minimizes hand gliding but also provides anti-sweat efficiency.

So, we can say that in terms of breathability and performance, not many can compete with this exceptional wrist support for mice. Another thing that makes this model loved by millions is the company’s fast-paced customer service.

No matter what kind of query you have, they will always be there to help you out. 

              PROS                    CONS
Hard enough to withstand hand wightThe gel cushion is not resilient against harsh usage
Quite a suitable razer mouse wrist restIt comes with an unpleasant odor
Smooth Lycra covering 

5)  SOQOOL 2 Ergonomic Mouse pad With Arm Support


  • Integrated with soft & comfortable gel-filled cushioning
  • Provides consistent gliding through the addition of Lycra fabric covering
  • Among the best mouse pads for a wrist support that is easy to clean
  • Backed by ROHS Certificate and has a minimal effect on the environment
  • Easy adjustment on the desktop with little sliding

On the basis of mouse pads for wrist support, we all want something that is relevant for the years to come. If that’s the case, then you will definitely praise the upcoming product on our list; that is the SOQOOL 2. It allows you to put your arm in a stable position, making you less likely to develop conditions like carpal tunnel.

Besides its simplistic design, the SOQOOL 2 offers a Lycra covering, which makes mouse gliding a thing of the past. You will be able to maneuver your mice according to the desired tracking and get the most out of your routine. 

Design & Build

This ergonomic wrist rest for the keyboard mouse comes in a pretty simple yet effective construction which is quite durable in the long run. Its flat black design is further complemented by get-filling support, which keeps the temperature under optimal limits.

There are no hot points whatsoever, so what that does is elevate your wrist while you’re working on your computer. This makes it the best wrist support for a mouse that can tackle repetitive movements.

If you’re a professional editor or someone into long hours of coding, getting SOQOOL 2 couldn’t get better.

Other than providing solid support, the gel filling maintains comfort for the average PC user. Just don’t expect a gaming mouse pad with a wrist rest level of luxury; other than that, it’s good to go.

Added Features

One of the other cool features that it has is this really impressive non-slip backing.

This polyurethane base acts like a magnet, so it stays there when you put it down on your desktop. Cleaning this razer mouse wrist rest is also quite straightforward, thanks to its Lycra covering.

Over time, even the best mouse pads for wrist support can get grimy so just pick a cotton cloth and wipe it out.

Trust me; it will be good as new. In addition to that, the material used to make SOQOOL 2 Ergonomic Mouse pad With Arm Support is eco-friendly. There are no toxic constituents that could harm the environment, one way or the other.

              PROS                    CONS
Quite comfortable to use and adjustThe gel-filling is prone to deflation
Available as a standard razer mouse wrist restIndentations in the center make the movement awkward
Environment-friendly construction 

6)  3M Precise Mousepad for Carpal Tunnel


  • Mousepad for the carpal tunnel with precise one to one tracking
  • It offers a unique battery saving design to extend wireless support up to 50%
  • Black-foam mouse padding makes it an aesthetically pleasing
  • Lightweight setup and a non-slip base
  • It’s multi-surface cleanable

Finally, we have the 3M Precise ergonomic wrist rest for the keyboard mouse at the end of our list. When it comes to high-precision work like graphic designing, you got to get something that is on-target with its performance.

Sadly, most of the ergonomic mouse pads in the market are quite expensive for their use-case and can cost huge bucks if you are not thoughtful.

However, that isn’t the case with 3M Precise. It’s an all-in-one wrist cushion for a mouse that only costs a few bucks on Amazon.

Even being an affordable wrist cushion mouse pad, don’t underestimate its performance as it works on par with some of the high-end models in 2021. 

Design & Build

Now, this particular mousepad is basically made to be stored on the back of a notebook. It’s only 7×8.5inches dimensions wise, with thickness well-within 0.03inches.

This makes it one of the most lightweight and portable ergonomic wrist rest for the keyboard mouse we reviewed. You will also find a repositionable adhesive on the rear end of the 3M Precise that holds for multiple uses.

This vertical mouse wrist rest may lack Lycra covering but trust me; it works great with either a standard ball or optical mouse.

The mousepad itself features black-foam padding, which not only makes it ergonomic but also helps to enhance its on-surface performance.

Added Features

The 3M Precise offers a wide range of features that are definitely unique in this lineup. From gel wrist rest technology to easy-to-clean surface, it has it all. The surface area of this razer mouse wrist rest is minimalistic and comfy.

Your wrists will feel little to no strain as you indulge yourself in long hours of gaming sessions. Another aspect that makes it one of our top picks is the battery-saving design.

You may not realize it, but it extends your wireless mice battery life up to 50% compared to any typical mouse pad surface. On top of great battery efficiency, the company provides a limited 1-year warranty on this model.

So, even though it is convenient, there is always an alternative.

              PROS                    CONS
Extremely thin & lightweight designIt reeks a strong chemical smell
Wide enough to be used comfortablyIt uses cheap materials
Provides battery efficiency 

Is Buying a Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Carpal Tunnel Worth it?

For the most part, having a wrist rest isn’t a bad thing as it keeps your hand in a nice natural position.

Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support 2021 - Office Solution Pro

Not letting it get too flexed or too extended, as you remain active in your daily tasks, is something you don’t want to miss out on. With that said, if you’re using the wrist-rest on your wrist properly, it’s actually a problem.

In the event of pressure, a very little muscle comes on top of that area to provide extra support. That’s why it is advised to rest the hand’s heel on the mouse cushion instead of just laying it around that spot with all those delicate tendons and nerves.

So, yeah, an ergonomic wrist rest for a keyboard mouse is totally fine.

In fact, most health professionals recommend it against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Just make sure that when you’re using a gel wrist rest, it’s the heel of your hand and not the meat of your wrist that is directly on the rear end, receiving the pressure.

Things To Consider When Buying a Razer Mouse Wrist Rest

Having reviewed the ins and outs for each mouse pad for wrist support, let’s talk about a few things you definitely need to consider when buying your next ergonomic wrist rest for the keyboard mouse.

Each of them may vary from person to person, but they will give you a basic understanding of selecting the right market model.  

1)   Height

One of the crucial aspects of any mousepad is the wrist cushion itself, and you want to make sure that it is available in an optimal setup. They may typically range within the area of 2cm to 1inch of height, which is more than enough for a balanced wrist position.

According to experts, anything above that causes hand strains and even Carpel tunnel. In addition to that, you also want to make sure that your hand is supported at a straight angle on the mousepad itself.

2)   Standard size

If the selected mouse pad doesn’t even fit your hands or work area, then it’s not the right pick. Always check its dimensions to see whether or not it will be able to move around easily and actually work for your use case. Models like the Kensington Gel Wrist Rest have a wide support area, so it’s definitely worth checking out in this regard. Depending on your hand size, you also need to analyze the elevation you may feel comfortable with. For a general rule of thumb, match the average adult size and then take your measurements from the reference.   

Guide to Mouse Pad Sizes and Dimensions for Computer Users.

3)   Material

Nowadays, even the best mouse pads for wrist support are manufactured through a wide range of materials, so it’s ideal for picking the one that is both resilient and budget-friendly.

You may find them in fiber cloth, standard glass, or plastic-rubber construction, with each holding its own set of pros and cons. For example, Glass mousepads are stylish and durable, which may hold through the test of time.

Non-Slip Natural Mouse Pad Roll , Mouse Pad Material Bulk Rolls And Sheets  - ay-pad

However, they can get a bit expensive. On the other hand, cloth pads are widely adopted due to their compact nature and easy to clean design. You can roll them up and take them to your office or school bag.

The only disadvantage they have is in the durability department as they need to be replaced from time to time.

4)   Edges

Edges also hold some importance when it comes to gaming mouse pads with wrist rest. Most keyboard and mouse pads contain edges that deteriorate easily and are a bit hard to keep clean.

That’s why you need to buy pads that are well-designed and have edges that can stand the test of time. This is especially true for cheap-quality wrist supports with uneven bases.

On top of that, make sure that they are slightly angled downwards as it maintains the natural sloop of your wrist. 


Q1, Do I need to get a Razer ergonomic wrist rest for gaming mice?

Razer wrist rest mouse is no doubt a top-of-the-line product. However, it is not quite necessary for gaming and won’t entirely make you a great player in competitive titles.

Q2, Should I buy a vertical mouse wrist rest?

Vertical mice themselves are great machines, which helps to relieve stress over the wrist. That’s why you don’t necessarily need a separate wrist rest but buying it is an added bonus.

Q3, What is an ergonomic mousepad?

A comfortable mouse pad is one that is ergonomically designed to suit your needs and preferences in the long term. 

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