9 Best Budget desktops for programming (April 2023)

Buying a desktop over laptop for programming is a wise decision to get more powerful components at a low price.

However, Desktops are not as portable as these budget programming laptops. But if you prefer performance over portabilty.

Here are Our top picks you can choose for programming.

  1. Best budget Desktop PC programming- Acer Aspire TC-885
  2. Best for professional programmers- Dell Inspiron 3880
  3. Best All-in-one PC for programming: Lenovo IdeaCentre
  4. Best for programming and gaming: Skytech Blaze II Gaming
  5. Best Budget Mini PC for programmers-WEIDIAN Micro PC

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1)  Acer Aspire TC-885

Best budget Desktop PC programming

Acer Aspire budget Desktop for programming


  • It comes equipped with Intel Core i5 9th gen processor for the superb feedback
  • Up to 12GB DDR4 RAM & 512GB SSD storage capacity
  • Bluetooth 5. 0 connectivity paired with 11AC Wi-Fi network
  • 4X USB Type 2, along with 1X USB Type C & HDMI/VGA port
  • High Def 5.1 Channel Audio support

If you want the best of both worlds in terms of performance and price, then the Acer Aspire TC-885 is something that shouldn’t be missed out on.

There is nothing to be worried about in the long run, featuring a robust metallic case in a compact form factor. You can upgrade the casing if you feel like it and get the most out of your buck.

The hardware side of things provides a 9th gen i5 processor (@8GHz) that is reliable and productive. It won’t bottleneck for basic programming-related projects, and there is no need to worry about lagging issues.

Other than that, it’s supported by 12GB system memory in DDR4 architecture.

Getting a decent amount of RAM is essential these days, and the Acer Aspire TC-885 excel in this regard as well. You will also receive around 512GB SSD that is completely upgradeable.

On the front, you will notice that it has quite a number of connectivity ports.

This includes a couple of USB Type-Cs, USB 3.1, SD card reader, and a microphone and a headphone jack. Other add-ons which are worth mentioning are a keyboard and a basic Acer mouse.

As computer specs for programming, these aspects won’t be a game-changer, but they sure can provide you with peace of mind.

Overall, it’s an adequately built desktop computer for programming that I wholeheartedly recommend for beginners.

                  PROS                     CONS
Respectable hardware and specsNot recommended for side gaming
Compact casing with decent upgradabilityAesthetically, the casing is a bit basic
Free-addons upon purchase 

2)  Dell Inspiron 3880

Best for professional programmers

Dell Inspiron 3880 is for professional developers


  • One of the best desktop computers for programming with i5 10th gen processor
  • ‎512 GB M.2 disk space that can be relatively upgraded
  • Running on 12GB RAM for quick program access
  • Added visuals thanks to onboard Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Provided with USB Type-A ports as well as a card reader space

Finding the best desktop computer for programming is hard, especially in a laptop-dominated market.

However, there are plenty of systems that still deliver exceptional performance without costing a fortune and, the Dell Inspiron 3880 is definitely one of them.

Being an inexpensive model, it can handle most of the day-to-day tasks while providing a decent programming experience. The great thing about this device is its small form factor.

It measures around ‎13 x 6 x 11.5 inches, which means you won’t have to dedicate a lot of space or get restrained on the desk area.

In terms of hardware, there is the option of i5 and i3 processors, so depending on your requirements, you will always have some options.

Although both are quite capable processors, neither of them is great for beginner-level coding.

There is also the addition of Intel UHD integrated graphics, which will provide you with a further boost in performance, but don’t expect much from it.

Storage space is also another key factor for any modern-day desktop computer for programming, and the Dell Inspiron 3880 rightfully covers that as well.

Each unit is equipped with 1TB hard disk space along with 512GB M.2 PCIe for responsive boost times. Speaking of hardware, another addition to the Dell Inspiron series is the 12GB RAM slot.

Now you can run multiple applications and tools and get the most out of your coding skills.

On the connectivity side of things, you will get 2X USB 2.0 & 3.2 as well as an audio jack and a card reader at the front.

                  PROS                     CONS
Sleek and compact setupNot ideal for high-demand CAD projects
Multiple processing optionsSingle HDMI output
A wide plethora of connectivity ports 

3)  Lenovo IdeaCentre

Best All-in-one budget PC for programing and eveyday task

Cheap All-in-one PC for programming


  • 24″ FHD screen size
  • HD camera
  • Windows 11 operating system
  • 8GB RAM memory storage capacity
  • 1TB + 256GB storage
  • AMD Ryzen 3 5425U CPU model
  • Black color
  • Includes mouse and keyboard

If you are looking for a desktop for everyday tasks and for basic programming. Then, this lenovo Ideacentre is perfect for you. It’s so cheap, as much as for under $500 only you are getting a fully fucntional computer with Display.

Designed for space-saving, the all componenets are built into a single unit, which can save space on your desk and simplify your setup. There are is a stand that a dock to place your mobile phone and includes multiple USB ports, LAN, microphone/earphone combo, power jack, and HDMI-out.

Processing power is just as good as for basic programming. Powered by AMD Ryzen 3 5425U processor, it can run code editors like pycharm and visual code studio without lagging.

Display is also nice, 24-inch Full HD display with a narrow bezel provides a wider screen. it also has built-in speakers.

The 8GB RAM is good for most of the task. But you are not supposed to multitask in this amount of RAM. Other than that, storage capacity is more than enough, which dual storage (1TB HDD + 256GB SSD). Thanks to SSD, it boots up quickly.

                  PROS                     CONS
Modern looking designInadequate system RAM
Fast and responsive storageNot upgradeable
All-in-one design 

4) Skytech Blaze II Gaming

Best Programmig and gaming Desktop for cheap


  1. CPU: Intel Core i3 10105F 3.7GHz (4.4GHz Max Boost) CPU Processor
  2. RAM: 16GB 3200 DDR4 Gaming Memory with Heat Spreader
  3. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6 Graphics Card
  4. Storage: 500GB SSD – Up to 30x Faster Than Traditional HDD
  5. Comes with Display: Acer 21.5 Inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Ultra-Thin Zero
  6. Cooling: 3 x RGB RING Fans for Maximum Air Flow
  7. Comes with mouse and keybaord:

The skytech is not a very well-known company. But their desktops have gained good ratings on Amazon. Among the popular option is this, skytech blaze- a budget desktop that is designed for basic gaming and prgramming.

Just looking at the specs and price, it offers a well-balanced combination of powerful hardware and high-quality graphics for cheap.

This unit comes it comes up Acer 21.5 Inch display, which you can skip if you already have one- to save yourself $100.

Powered by the Intel Core i3 10105F 3.7GHz (4.4GHz Max Boost). Which is more than enough for running code editors.

And thanks to the 16GB RAM, you can run as many apps as you want or multple tab browsers. It would not lag easily.

There is 500GB SSD storage, which is great for fast booting time and of course for storing files.

And for gaming, it comes with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. Even though it’s not an high-end GPU but it can still handle most modern games at high settings without issues.

The GPU is also good for programming tasks that require GPU acceleration, such as machine learning and video editing,

As a cherry on top this budget programming PC has three RGB RING fans and tempered glass case.

The accompanying Acer 21.5 Inch Full HD IPS Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Computer Monitor is also a notable addition, providing a clear and fast display with a 75Hz refresh rate and a 4ms response time. Which makes this monitor suitable for both gaming and programming tasks.

                  PROS                     CONS
Intuitive chassis and port selectionMost programmers won’t like the gamer aesthetic
Ideal computer specs for programmingLimited in terms of graphical performance
Best Desktop for programming and gaming 

5)  WEIDIAN Micro PC

The device is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 3550H processor and Radeon Vega 8 graphics, providing fast response and performance for productivity, image processing, and content creation tasks.

The pre-installed Windows 11 Pro 64-bit operating system ensures compatibility with the latest software and applications.

The WEIDIAN Micro PC also boasts flexible storage options, with the ability to upgrade to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and expand the storage via a 2.5-inch SATA SSD/HDD slot. The dual display output via HDMI and DisplayPort allows for multi-tasking and handling of 4K video, media editing, and other graphics-intensive tasks.

The device also features strong connectivity options, including 4 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, and Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. The package includes a VESA mount and screws, HDMI and DP to HDMI cables, power adapter, and instruction manual, with 24-hour after-sales service available.

                  PROS                     CONS
Powerful processor and graphicsNo built-in optical drive
Limited upgradability compared to larger desktop PCs
Flexible storage optionsLimited upgradability compared to larger desktop PCs
Dual display output 

Buying Guide- Budget Desktop for programming

Free photo Computer Cpu Desktop Technology Pc Monitor Screen - Max Pixel

Before investing in a top-notch programming desktop in 2023, keep an eye out for key factors that can elevate your decision and make your setup exceptional. Let’s explore a few.

1)   Processor

A speedy CPU is vital for programming; a sluggish one can hinder overall performance. Keep an eye out for new-gen i5 CPUs with moderate cores and clock speeds or consider the Anthlon/Ryzen series from AMD. Spending big on a processor isn’t necessary for optimal results.

2)   RAM

Another key computer spec for programming that can limit your real-time performance is the system memory or RAM. Tasks such as programming may require you to juggle between different tabs and applications, so a decent amount of ram is necessary.

Try to purchase a rig that has at least 8GB of DDR4 RAM. However, you could go for 12GB or more depending on your specification. But for Python programmers, 8GB RAM will do just fine.

3)   Storage

Lastly, every best budget desktop for programming should have sufficient storage space to preserve files or other kinds of data. It should also be fast enough to make a solid impact on performance.

Typically speaking, a combination of both HDD and SSD is something I personally recommend in modern rigs. If you go for the typical hard disk path, your boot speeds will be slow, but the damage is permanent.

Systems such as the Dell Inspiron 3880 series are provided with 512 GB M.2 along with a 1TB HDD, so buying it is a reliable option.


All in all, that’s my two cents on some of the best budget desktops for programming that can be bought in 2023. In general, computer desktops come in a range of specs and features, so no two can provide the same results.

Choosing the best out of the bunch ultimately boils down to your needs and how much you are willing to spend. The computer specs for programming for a Python developer might be different from a software coder, so first, decide your end goals before purchasing either one of these machines.


Q1, Do I need a powerful desktop in order to learn to program?

Programming can be done on a simple Raspberry Pi, so there is no need to spend extra on a powerful machine.

Q2, Are Desktop faster than laptops for programming?

Yes, most of the time, desktops are faster than laptops in terms of their performance. However, the norm is constantly changing in the upcoming time.

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