Top 10 Best Silent Keyboard for Programming – [2022 REVIEWS]

It’s pretty easy to say that;

Creative professionals, including programmers, cannot operate on a keyboard that is too loud or offers poor tractile feedback & mobility.

Are you a programmer who enjoys having a relatively noiseless experience while typing for long hours? Well, if that’s the case, this review seeks to make a noble attempt to cater to your needs by giving you a brief insight into the low-profile keyboard market.

Of course, finding something that is both silent and precise seems difficult in 2022. But there are some options that are way quieter while maintaining a reasonable price tag.

So, without further a due, let’s take a deep dive into the best silent keyboard for programming that will make you crave typing!

Text Box: •	Overall best silent keyboard: Logitech G915 Wireless
•	Best from Logitech: Logitech MX Keys
•	Keyboard for programming and gaming: SteelSeries Apex 3
•	Best Apple keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard
•	Ergonomic silent keyboard: Microsoft Sculp 
•	Modern keyboard: HP Elite v2
•	Cheapest silent keyboard: Vssoplor Wireless
•	All-in-one keyboard: Seenda Backlit Keyboard
•	Best minimalist keyboard: Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard
•	Silent RGB keyboard: Fiodio Rainbow

Here is the list of the best silent keyboards for programming.

1)  Logitech G915 (Overall Best)


  • Best in the business in terms of performance and resilience
  • Its low-profile mechanical switches provide tactile feedback and superb actuation
  • Aesthetically pleasing and coupled with Logitech’s top-grade wireless technology
  • Full-on dedicated media controls that allow easy access to the user
  • Up to 30 hours of performance on a single charge

It’s extremely difficult to find something that is both low-profile and silent, especially in the mechanical keyboard market. However, there is still hope as long as brands like Logitech come into play. Meet the new and improved Logitech G915, a very premium full-sized keyboard that supports wireless technology while still maintaining a reasonable price. What I like about this product is how well the whole thing is assembled.

Logitech has definitely done a great job in setting up the G915. It looks and feels premium, thanks to the brushed aluminum body. It’s also around 20mm thin which is more than enough to carry its mechanical switches. Speaking of which, they are compact and comfortable as well, so you can code without much trouble.

This Logitech keyboard is also relatively silent while maintaining a decent actuation force. The best part about it is that it’s available in three different configurations, so you will always have some options. Other features include macro profiles, RGB backlighting, and a lightspeed wireless connection.

                  PROS                     CONS
Low-profile setupNot the cheapest Logitech silent keyboard
Dedicated media keys and wrist restIt uses micro-USB instead of USB Type C
Ultra-slim & lightweight 

2)  Logitech MX Keys (Best from Logitech)


  • Phenomenal design that induces minimal strain on wrists
  • Backlit compatible to allow you to work in even dim conditions
  • Logitech’s stroke keys are known for their stability along with noise cancellation
  • Built-in wireless as well as Bluetooth support for optimal use
  • Pairable with up to 3 devices

Logitech as a brand has managed to stand out in the hardware industry due to its creative and innovative design. This can be clearly observed in Logitech MX Keys, which is one of their highly sold products to date. This keyboard offers a top-notch experience to programmers and office personnel mainly because of its premium look.

When it comes to its design, it is made from a full aluminum frame and therefore feels solid all the way. Also, unlike your standard Bluetooth keyboard Logitech MX is on the heavier side; hence preferably be used for desktops. With this model, you will also get perfect stroke keys that are low-profile in their feedback.

It can connect up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth or USB, so those looking for multi-tasking are rested assured. On the technical side of things, it comes equipped with a proximity sensor which makes the keyboard illuminate. It also does have a solid battery backup of 10 days, so no need to worry about losing progress.

The only thing this keyboard lacks is prominent tactile feedback, but you can’t complain much due to its overall performance.

                  PROS                     CONS
Exceptional battery lifeNot preferred for gamers
Solid built-quality and weightLack of a wrist rest
Very low-profile 

3)  SteelSeries Apex 3 (Keyboard for Coding & Gaming)


  • High-performance mechanical keyboard with tons of customizations
  • Made from military-grade alloy, which makes it quite durable
  • Low-friction mechanical switches for a quiet typing experience
  • Both water and spill-proof for traditional gamers
  • Magnetic wrist rest for palm support

If you’re searching for an RGB mechanical keyboard that can be used for coding, look no further as the Apex 3 from SteelSeries has you covered. This keyboard was originally intended for gaming, but because of its top-notch features and whisper-quiet switches, it’s preferred by developers as well.

Design-wise, the SteelSeries Apex 3 is such a prominent keyboard that it’s compatible with any modern desktop setup. You can customize it in many ways to match your preferences. Looks aside, it uses a set of floating keys that are both lightweight and precise. Pressing them makes little to no sounds, which is its main selling point.

So, as long as you don’t beat up the space bar or main buttons (Enter) too often, you are good to go. It even has a magnetic wrist-rest so your palm can remain in a neutral position as you code. Another thing which I like about the Apex 3 is that it’s not that expensive. You can buy this silent keyboard for just under $50 and maximize your experience.

                  PROS                     CONS
Its Ip32 water resistantNot the quietest mechanical keyboard
Fun to type onHigher-end models can be costly
Comfortable palm support 

4)  Apple Magic Keyboard (Best Apple Keyboard)


  • One of the best silent keyboards for typing from Apple
  • Its low-profile design with full numeric keys makes it ideal for creative work
  • Operates under scissor mechanism for added stability and key-travel
  • Pairable with mac devices through Bluetooth connection
  • A long-lasting built-in battery

Apple always manages to create a whole new line of products, and the Magic Keyboard is no exception to the list. It has evolved over the years but still gaining massive popularity due to its unique use case. It’s truly well-built, and unlike other low-profile keyboards that claim to be metal, it boasts a full aluminum body. This makes it solid and durable in hand.

Moving to its features, this keyboard offers a propitiatory scissor mechanism that feels quite different from the conventional MacBook keypad. It also offers an optimal travel distance and brilliantly resolves the sticky key issues common among programming keyboards. Not to mention its keys are quite stable and give little to no sound upon typing.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is packed with a long battery life that can last up to a month with almost 8 hours per daily use. It’s also capable of device connectivity with Bluetooth and works well with the windows interface. The only major issue this keyboard has is that it’s not quite equipped with a backlit feature which is common among its inexpensive competitors.

With that being said, if you’re looking for a premium keyboard from a well-known brand that minimizes noise and boosts your productivity, then the Apple Magic keyboard is good to go.

                  PROS                     CONS
Compact typing keyboardLimited color scheme
Full number pad and prominent key-travelNo built-in backlit
Great for Mac users 

5)  Microsoft Sculpt (Ergonomic Silent Keyboard)


  • It comes equipped with a split keyboard design for better mobility and palm positioning
  • A built-in palm rest provides cushioning and prevents injuries
  • Domed keys allow for better stability and typing experience
  • Discrete num-pad for seasoned desktop users
  • Works great on both Mac and Windows devices

When it comes to using programming keyboards, repetitive stress injuries like Carpel tunnel are quite common. So, to prevent that, Microsoft has come up with a brand-new solution in the name of Sculpt Ergo. It’s a Split keyset ergonomic keyboard that has a lot to offer than just looks. What coders love about it is a fact of how well built the whole thing is.

Its unique design might be off-putting for some, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a great investment. Also, with its domed rubber keys, you can type and click without any hassle. It will make sure that your typing remains smooth and that your inputs are registered. In terms of noise, it’s as loud as your on-slot laptop keypad.

This means the keys are very tight and won’t annoy you in the long run. Another cool feature about the Microsoft Sculp is the fact that it’s provided with a proprietary palm rest. This will put your wrist at ease and your hands in a comfortable position as you code.  

All in all, if you love to code for hours and are concerned about your health as well as keyboard noise, then the Microsoft Sculp is something I recommend.

                  PROS                     CONS
USB dongle connectionStandard batteries
Reduce wrist strainOdd-looking design
Separate numb-pad 

6)  HP Elite v2 (Modern Keyboard)


  • A clean-looking HP keyboard that supports wireless via built-in Bluetooth
  • Low-profile keys which keep your typing experience smooth and quiet
  • Supports both Windows 7 and 10 systems (and anything in between)
  • Its compact design makes it ideal for travel
  • Height adjustments to maintain your wrist posture

HP’s Elite v2 presence in the market marks more than a decade; however, it’s still able to secure a place on this list. This factor alone cannot justify its superior performance, so let’s look at what it has in store for us. For once, this keyboard has a well-built chassis, giving it a rugged feel.

Also, the well-blended low-profile keys coupled with a standalone design make the model dust-proof. This means that now you can say goodbye to sticky issues. It operates under the scissor key bounce mechanism, which gives the Elite v2 solid feedback.

Additional features include a built-in adjustable stand which offers a versatile typing position. For programmers or front-end developers, this little gimmick is a deal-breaker as it provides them with a stress-free typing environment. Its 2.4GHz wireless connection via dongle lets you pair up to 5 devices at once.

The reception also remains ideal at up to 30 feet. HP has done a great job integrating a battery indicator at the top of this keyboard, which many top-end brands seem to miss. The only drawback this device has is that there is no backlit support but if that’s not a deal-breaker, make sure to check out the Elite v2.

                  PROS                     CONS
One of the best silent keyboards for programmingLack of backlit compatibility
Adjustable anglesThe keyboard is not tactile.
Up to 30 feet wireless 

7)  Vssoplor Wireless (Cheapest Silent Keyboard)


  • Ultra-slim design with a stylish outlook makes it an ideal choice for programmers
  • Whisper quiet membrane keys, which allow for enjoyable typing
  • Full number pad and versatile hotkeys to improve your performance
  • 2 in 1 unified receiver with 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery that can stay relevant for the months to come

Now this brand might be new to many developers but trust me; it has a lot to offer. Just like its competitors, the keyboard provides a sturdy body. The refined aluminum body gives a premium feel to this product, which is always a plus. The keyboard is also exceptionally sleek, with its thinnest part being only 4mm.

In terms of the keys, it uses the scissor-cut mechanism to give the whole keyboard a suitable travel for daily usage. The keypad also has a wide array of hot-key features, such as an inbuilt screenshot key, which is quite convenient. Unlike many full-fledged mechanical keyboards, this shortcut combination will make your work much easier.

I also like the fact that this keyboard offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth up to a speed of 2.7GHz. It also supports multiple devices, so you can quickly swap between displays. It uses a USB cable for charging that comes pre-packaged. It’s also available in many colorways, so you can pick the one which matches your desktop.

When it comes to cons, the keyboard sometimes can be clacky, but if you have previously used membrane keyboards, then there is no need to panic.

                  PROS                     CONS
Easy to connect and useThere is little to no weight to it.
Quite sleek and clean lookingPre-packaged mice are mediocre
USB rechargeable 

8)  Seenda Backlit Keyboard (All in one Keyboard)


  • Pairable with up to 4 devices stimulations with lightning-fast wireless connection
  • A range of different backlight patterns to give you a sense of enjoyment
  • Rechargeable battery with auto-sleep function gives maximum performance
  • Ergonomically slim design makes it easier to carry around
  • 2-year warranty upon purchase

If you’re looking for an all-in-one machine to compile your code, then look no further as the Seenda Backlit keyboard is your best solution. It’s made to handle your everyday tasks in a breeze. Its unique and ergonomic design with a chassis with the thinnest part measuring around 0.3inches. This feature alone might make it the slimmest keyboard available to date.

Similarly, the scissor-cut keys work best for the keyboard. Its merit doesn’t end here, and you will praise the wide range of backlit colors. Facilities like these make it both candid and functional in the long run. Another great thing about the keyboard is its battery performance.

Seenda offers one of the best battery backups for its keyboards, and this one extends more than 600 hours. So, with a single charge, you can expect 5 hours even when the backlights are turned on. On top of that, there are three modes alone to control light exposure.

It also has a full-size keyboard meaning things like volume control and media keys are readily available. If versatility is something you need, then getting this keyboard is totally worth it.

                  PROS                     CONS
Quieter than traditional keyboardsChanging backlights is a hassle.
Plug and use supportPairing devices takes a bit of time.
Long battery performance 

9)  Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard (Best Minimalist Keyboard)


  • A Bluetooth keyboard that’s powered by Microsoft for Desktop work
  • It features a clean and slim design without much sturdiness
  • Built-in apps and media shortcuts for Windows devices
  • Extra-long battery life that will work wonders for two or more years
  • Seamless pairing via Bluetooth and Office 365 access

For office and desktop use, the Microsoft keyboard is my go-to product that offers much more than meets the eye. There are not many bells and whistles, especially when compared to other keyboards on this list, but that’s what it’s all about. From a design perspective, the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is clean and minimalistic, without much fuzz.

You will definitely love the fact that it comes in a durable plastic body that protects it from external wear and tears. It uses membrane keys that are normally incorporated in budget laptops. These will make your typing smooth and help to archive optimal travel.

There are also a couple of function keys aligned over the surface, which works best for Windows 10 users. Also, it uses a set of AA batteries which come included, so you can use the model right off the hook. Sadly, there is no number lock or print screen, but that’s how it is.

                  PROS                     CONS
A clean and compact designAA batteries replacement can be awkward.
Featured by MicrosoftNo print screen nor number-lock
Access to media control 

10) Fiodio Rainbow Keyboard (Silent RGB Keyboard)


  • Comfortable and thin design with keys that are suited for a quieter experience
  • Its anti-ghosting technology allows for precise key registering
  • USB wired keyboard with plug-and-play operation
  • The ultra-bright backlit effect makes it quite visible under dark
  • Spill resistant with extremely durable switches

At last, we have the Rainbow Gaming keyboard from Fiodio. On paper, this brand might not be that popular, but they sure know how to create quality products. This one is their budget gaming keyboard that’s provided with built-in chicklet-style keys. What separates this machine from the rest is its wired USB operation. In a world where wireless seems to be the norm, Fiodio works on basics.

Regarding ergonomics, it provided a durable plastic body with even symmetry. Although its main selling point is its multi-color backlit effects, making it visible under dim conditions. Similarly, its anti-ghosting technology gives the keys their top-notch precision. If you love to game on the side, then this might definitely help.

                  PROS                     CONS
Adjustable stands at the bottomSticky membrane keys
Durable and accurate keysThe rainbow RGB might be off-putting.
RGB lighting 


All in all, these were some of the best silent keyboards for programming that you can find on the market. Every single one has a set of distinct features, so make sure to go through them all before finalizing your decision. My recommended choice would be the Logitech G915 since it’s better in almost everything you throw at it. However, you could also opt for Vssoplor Wireless if budget is something you are concerned.

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