Top 10 Windows 95 games

It has been over twenty-five years since Microsoft launched Windows 95 to the masses. The OS was revolutionary as it took computers away from the command line interface of DOS and showcased how brilliant and capable a GUI was. 

The introduction of a GUI brought a pile of new and exciting features to the world of computers. A significant addition that came with the new OS was the ability to play great games on the computer systems.

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The importance of games cannot be denied in the considerable success of the game-changing Windows OS. So, to remember the great OS, below are a few classics that helped establish the dominance of Windows 95. 

List of Windows 95 games

Here is the list of games compatible with windows 95.

Fury 3 

Any gamers that have been through the nineties would remember the classic game Terminal Velocity. For the decade, it was a massive game with many excellent features and a fun environment. A reputable source developed the game, so its success was adamant, but still, it produced excellent results and wowed the gamers. 

The game had many levels in which gamers could move around and engage in time-killing fights. The game offered players great boss fights as well, so essentially the game had it all for its time. 

Seeing the game’s great potential, Microsoft started to gain interest in it and finally approached the distributors of the game for launching it onto their new OS. The game was repackaged as Fury 3 and then was introduced to the users of the OS.

The game was a great success for the OS as it was able to secure a sequel in the following year as well. The repackaging of the game did not include any significant upgrades from the original version. However, the game studio did take advantage of the relaunch and improved the texture and resolution of the game. 

Monster Truck Madness

Once the games started rolling on the OS, there were many success stories. Another one of those great success stories was Monster Truck Madness. The game was based on a simple concept, and the gameplay did not have anything ground-breaking, but still, it executed the basics well, and it became a popular game among enthusiasts.

Doom 95

One of the core reasons that the OS was able to soar to such great heights was its marketing team. The marketers always built great scenarios for the OS to showcase its potential and mesmerize the audience. The game Doom 95 played a huge role in making the OS a prominent figure among gamers. 

Bill Gates himself was very hands-on with the OS’s marketing and made sure that no stone was left unturned when he made a video covering the capabilities of the OS, which made the gameplay a reality. 

The reputed OS company’s founder stated several reasons as to why it used to be very difficult and even impossible to develop such high-end games for computers but then showcased the gameplay itself to signal the change in the industry. 

The DOOM game was a massive name when the OS launched and because of it getting it on the OS was a must. The game’s demand was incredible as it was even outperforming the previous OS in terms of likeability and recognition factors. Some business owners even had to introduce new workplace rules to stop their employees from playing the game. 

The start of the relationship between the game’s studio and the OS’s parent company was anything but pleasant. Initially, they had a rocky relationship, but then, thanks to some executives’ work, the game was successfully introduced on the OS, and their relationship is still going on strong to this day. 


If gamers were to ask anyone from the nineties what was the best real-time strategy game of the decade, most would answer StarCraft. The game was phenomenal and received high praise from almost everyone who reviewed it. The game is said to be the one that catapulted the gaming studio Blizzard into stardom and worldwide recognition. 

The game was the first to introduce the studio’s filmmaking capabilities to the mainstream audience. The cinematic work done on the game was enticing, and through the hard work, the studio was able to carve out an identity for itself. 

The game was significant in improving the studio’s multiplayer services as it brought in many players to the service, which automatically shifted the focus of the studio towards it. The game’s popularity and significance cannot be ignored as it sold multimillion copies even after a decade from its launch date. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator 95

Microsoft could not solely rely on other studios and developers for games that supported their OS, so they got into making a game of their own. The OS’s parent company did not have to invest much time into the thinking process as they already had an excellent simulation series available. 

The simulation franchise had a good concept that could do well if it were given proper development, and that was what the company did. They restructured the game so that it could take advantage from the improved graphics of the new OS and become more immersive. 

The simulation game that the company launched was in a sense a re-release, but it had such drastic improvements graphics-wise that it gave off a new experience to the players. The full resolution and modeling of the game were improved; everything from the buildings, maps, and the planes gave a fresh new feeling. 

The game that followed the initial installment was even better than the predecessor. Developers made new additions to the game and made the simulation more realistic. In the end, the franchise established itself as a noteworthy contender as it racked up multimillion sales in a short time. 


Initially, Phantasmagoria was not meant to be a game that was introduced for the OS. The game was showcased in the year nighty-four, and gamers were left bedazzled by emitting the promise and potential. The game was a bit of a challenge for the developing studio as they had never produced anything grande before it. 

The development phase of the game saw some difficulties due to which it was getting pushed back constantly. Finally, the game was completed and was launched on the new Windows OS that was all about great games. 

When the game was finally launched, the US lacked a rating system, and the developers also failed to mention the mature content the game included on its packaging. When the game was launched, it got into some controversy, but that resulted in it getting even more coverage and its demand raised among the players. 

The game saw backlash because of its adult content, and some countries outright banned it from being sold locally. Had there been a rating system in place, the game could have saved itself from all the ensuing issues. 

There were a lot of factors that contributed to the game being delayed again and again. First, the studio handling the game had no prior big launches or projects. The inexperience of the studio also transitioned into the filming process.  Actors were unable to perform adequately for the game’s cinematic scenes. After all the delays, the game was launched on the same day as the OS. 

The game cost more than five million dollars to make, but it all turned out to be ok as the game became a great hit. The studio was able to sell over a million-copy of the game, and a large part of it was thanks to the controversies that followed the game tirelessly. 

Board games for 2

Not every game released on the 95 OS was a big-budgeted game having hundreds of thousands of dollars for their development phase. Developers knew that gamers and even regular people like to pass there in playing casual and relaxing games, and that is what they made when they launched Board Games for 2. 

The game had the ability to be played over a LAN connection, so it made playing with friends and family very convenient. The selection of games was also exciting and included everything people would want to pass their time casually. The collection included Chess, Checkers, and other games. 

People could select the type of game they want to people and then get on playing without wasting much time. 

The games were fundamental as it was intended by the developers. The game makers wanted to target casual gamers, and that turned out to be a wise decision. Every game was simple as they implemented real-world rules of the board games into them. There were no wow factors involved in the gameplay, but that is not something that can be held against the game. 

It was a simple game to kill time, and that is what it did exactly, and it performed it quite well. The game was able to successfully capture the essence of the board games in digital form. 


When the development of the outstanding game Diablo was ongoing, the people on board the project had no idea that the game would turn into such a massive hit. Initially, the developers behind the game wanted to create an old-style turn-based game that would invoke nostalgia into the gamers. 

The developers wanted the game to revolve around acquiring different objects like legendary swords and equipment. They wanted to focus on fighting and looting, but that all was not meant to be. 

The game had a bit of a challenging development phase as the visions of the involved parties did not align and mesh. The publishers were business-oriented and had no past gaming experience, so they focused solely on statistics and such. The developers were successfully able to present the game to the studio, and with the studio’s understanding and approval, the making process started. 

The studio was involved in extensive discussions and meetings before it was finally adjourned that the game would be an action-adventure into the initially turn-based concept. After the change in the plans, the game needed even more funding to be made and had to undergo changes as well. 

The game turned into an astronomical hit for the studio as its launch made the option of further sequels and connected properties a reality. Diablo is also one of those games that made its studio an overnight sensation and boosted it towards worldwide recognition. 

Barbie Fashion Designer

The game that went under the radar of many gamers in the year it was launched was Barbie Fashion Designer. The game was not a small fish as it brought considerable profits to its studio. The game had some great power behind it as it beat notable games such as DOOM in sales figures upon its release. 

The game was clearly targeted towards girls, a section of the gamer’s audience that goes unnoticed most of the time. The game proved that games targeted towards could also bring in extraordinary sales and can go toe-to-toe with heavyweight games. 

The game conveniently broke into the top 10 games of the year ninety-six. The accomplishment is truly incredible as the game was only placed on toy aisles instead of the software or gaming section. The marketing team truly outdid themselves. 

Civilization 2

Civilization 2 was a game that kickstarted a new genre of games. Many studios got inspired by the concept and then worked towards bettering it, but the original was in a league of its own. The game earned more than twenty-one million in its 1st year. 

When the game was launched, gamers went crazy for it and were so driven to play it that they bought new systems for enjoying it. The game had everything that a gamer wants to kill their time and blow some steam. 

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