How to type subscript on Mac

Subscript is used in equations, math, etc. Typing a subscript is easy to understand and implement once you go through the following steps. It can be done by using the keys on the keyboard or using specific options.

It can be saved in different formats accordingly. The keys also depend on the medium you are using for editing. 

Multiple easy steps for each medium and various procedures have been explained below. Just go through them and see what will work best for you. 

Writing subscript on keynotes, pages and numbers alike

The steps are the same for keynotes, pages, and numbers. So, you have to follow these same steps whether you want to write a subscript on keynotes, pages, or numbers

  1. First, type what you want in pages, keynotes, etc. Then select what you want in the subscript.
  2. Click on the ‘format’ option. Go to baseline, and hit the subscript option.
select subscript from format >> baseline
  1. All it does is increase its space from the baseline. It will look inappropriate with a font as big as the other characters, as the subscript is usually smaller. So what you can do is select it, right-click on it, and change the size. Don’t make it pretty small, but to the extent that it looks accurate.
  2. There is another option named ‘insert’ at the top. You can use the ‘equation’ option. A box will appear. Type the number, type underscore, and then the characters in subscript. It will give the desired result as you click insert.
type your equation in edit equation box

Subscription of a number

  1. Go to advanced options.
  2. Click on the baseline and hit subscript and here you go with your text being subscripted. 
subscript for number from dropdown

Using keys as a shortcut

  1. Press on control command ‘Ctrl’ and ‘-’ (minus) the number or character to be subscript.
  1. Another way is also there to subscript the values. Just click on the control (Ctrl) and space to bring up the character selector. It will give you the choice of special characters such as emojis, superscript, subscript, etc.
    Hit the search bar. Type ‘subscript’. It will provide you with several options. There will be special characters such as different numbers, other alphabets, various quantities, etc. Choose whatever you want or make changes in your document using these characters if required. 
subscript shortcut using keyboard

Subscript in Word for Mac

  1. Open the document you need to type in subscript
  2. Select the text and right-click on it.
subscript in MS word
  1. Choose your desired ‘font’ from the list.
  2. Look for the effects block in the middle of the page. 
  3. Check subscript box. And then click OK. This will finally subscript your desired text. 
select subscript option from effects

Final thoughts

See how simple it is to write or type subscript on Mac. Follow the simple steps mentioned above and get your job done. You may use the special character function, option in format, pages, or use Word. Whatever method you choose, it will give you the best possible results. 

With this, we are shutting down the post with the hope that we answered to our fullest. Let us know if you’re stuck somewhere in typing subscript on mac.