8 Best Ubuntu Tablets for Better Performance

In the past years, Ubuntu has rapidly become a well-known and widely used operating system globally. The OS’s extraordinary success can be based upon the great features and advantages it provides to the users. From reliable security to advanced control, the OS offers its users everything.

The numerous options and choices available on the market have made it very easy for people to find a Linux tablet that fulfills their needs. Nowadays, people can easily find tablets that can support Linux for performing various tasks. Previously people used to find it very difficult to execute graphics-related work on Linux OS.

The reason for the inability was the system’s various restrictions and constraints regarding graphic works. Thankfully, the Linux 5.1 update eliminated any previously present flaws as now people can find great Ubuntu-compatible devices to perform graphics-related work. People can now efficiently work on the best devices in conjunction with Ubuntu without worrying about security issues.

Best graphics tablets with Ubuntu support

The best graphics tablets that support Ubuntu, which the industry currently offers, are:

Wacom dth1320 K0 Cintiq Pro 13

Wacom dth1320 K0 Cintiq Pro 13

No list for excellent graphics tablets for Linux can start without mentioning Wacom. The tablet has everything that an experienced artist or graphics worker could need from a tablet. The two thousand and forty-eight pressure sensitivity level of the tablet’s brush can closely impersonate a regular brush’s touch.

The makers of the tablets have put in significant work to pre-program the stylus and tablet so that users can get on with their work without wasting much time on unnecessary settings. But still, if users feel the need to change any pre-programmed functions, the option has been made available to them by the makers.

The great stylus is not the only notable feature of the product, as the tablet itself is highly noteworthy. The tablet comes in the perfect size of 13.3 inches, due to which users feel that they are working on one of their sketchbooks. From the high-definition display to the viewing angles, everything on the tablet is excellent and balanced.

With exceptional design and features, users can expect to increase work quality and productivity immensely. The only real downside to the tablet is that it is a bit on the larger side.

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Ubuntu Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Ubuntu Drawing Tablet

This tablet of the esteemed Wacom brand is manufactured in three different sizes. According to industry experts, this tablet is considered as revolutionary as it introduces new features and technology to the graphic world.

The tablet’s stylus allows users to produce excellent and immaculate work as it has eight thousand one hundred and ninety-two pressure sensitivity levels. The makers revolutionized graphic tablet pens with this tablet. The pen of the tablet is battery-free and has eliminated lag from work.

The tablet also offers many other advantages such as gestures, key customization capabilities, and multiple nibs. The lightweight built of the tablet paired with the exceptional features makes it a great buy.

Huion KAMVAS GT-221 Pro Drawing Tablet

Huion KAMVAS GT-221 Pro Drawing Tablet

For people looking for a tablet that does not break the bank, the KAMAVAS is an excellent option. The latest model has worked hard to improve the predecessor’s lack and has successfully turned itself into a reliable product.

The nineteen-and-a-half-inch screen of the tablet is massive and gives the users plenty of space to work upon. The screen comes equipped with glare-resistant glass so that the users can execute and complete their work without any trouble. The tablet uses the latest IPS panels and offers over one hundred and seventy viewing angles.

The stylus also has an eight thousand one hundred and ninety-two pressure sensitivity level so that users can expect outstanding performance from it. The pen does, however, need to change frequently.

Like all other budget options, there are some compromises attached to the tablet. People can expect a lower sharpness rate from the tablet. With all the features and little compromises, the tablet is a great product for beginners.

Huion Inspiroy H950P Tablet

Huion Inspiroy H950P Tablet

Another budget-friendly option that makes its way into the list is Inspiron. The tablet provides users with an extensive area to work on while also offering the great eight thousand one hundred and ninety-two pressure sensitivity level stylus. Both specifications are what people expect from the expensive high-end tablets.

Unlike the other Huion tablet, this model also has excellent image quality. Another thing that the tablet has going is it’s thin and smart built. The ergonomic build allows users to carry around the tablet without any hassle. The tablet can carry marks, but it is not something that a fibre cloth cannot handle.

The tablet is a superb choice for beginner artists who are short on cash. With the tablet, people can kick start their career as s graphic designers without having to fork out enormous amounts of equipment.



GAMMON, with its latest products, is quickly becoming a worthy competitor in the graphic tablet industry, and the PD1560 has further cemented its ranking. Though not directly compatible with Linux, people can take the assistance of Wacom’s drivers to run the tablet on the OS smoothly.

The tablet is cost-efficient and offers a display that is barely over fifteen and a half inches. The stylus of the tablet has a great in-hand feel because of its built. The keys of the product are customizable so that users can find further ease in performing their desired work.

The colour settings of the tablet are great, and the screen itself is beautiful to work upon. The makers of the tablet have also given users many customization capabilities so that they feel at home when operating the tablet.

The company offers all this and much more such as a stand, holder, several nibs, and other goodies in a neat package. Experts conclusively say that the tablet is the best product people can that costs under five hundred dollars.

Best Ubuntu Tablets for Privacy

Nowadays, tablets are quickly becoming the go-to device of every tech enthusiast. People prefer tablet models because of the great convenience they offer. Because of the outstanding portability, Linux users have also increased their demand for tablet computers offering Linux support.

The core reason for driving the demand for Linux-compatible tablets is the OS’s privacy policies and safety features. Anyone that has to use the OS knows the system is aware that it provides excellent all-around security to the systems and data. People can carry out numerous tasks on it without worrying about privacy issues.

When using the Linux OS, users can rest assured that their systems are safe from external threats or harmful viruses. The advanced control over system access and management also fascinates the users significantly.

The best options for users looking for Linux powered tablets are:



The Pine is a wonderful choice for folks that want to benefit from the privacy policies of Linux without having to spend astronomical amounts on their equipment. As is the case with most devices, this tablet does not ship with Linux installed, but people do have the option of switching over to it.

The tablet has a very impressive specification list backing it up. The tablet comes equipped with a great Allwinner processor and has a dedicated graphics processing unit which makes playing games and video streaming very entertaining.

The device has two gigabytes of RAM and offers sixty-four gigabytes of storage. Though the storage might seem minuscule, the tablet does support microSD cards for increasing onboard storage.

The tablet has a ten-inch display with cameras on either side of the screen. The great thing about the tablet is its exceptional battery life. The tablet comes equipped with a six thousand mAh battery for long-lasting usage on a single charge.

Users get the option of transforming the tablet into a laptop with its add-on accessory magnetic keyboard. Privacy lovers can get this great tablet at an astounding price of ninety-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents.

HP Chromebook X360

HP Chromebook X360

Upon reading the name of the product, people might get confused as the product in the discussion is a “Chromebook”, but there is no need to worry as the OS of Chromebook is based upon Linux. As the OS has Linux at its core, people can expect the same great privacy policies from it.

Today’s market is flooded with numerous iterations of Chromebooks, but only a few come close to the level of HP’s X360. The distinct ability of the device to rotate three-sixty degrees allows the laptop to transform itself into a fully functional tablet; hence it qualifies for the list.

The makers of the device have launched it in many different variations so that people can select the specifications that accurately fulfill their needs. To start, the manufacturers give people options in the processor department as the device has both i3 equipped models and i5 equipped models.

The device comes with Intel dedicated graphics and has eight gigabytes of RAM. The onboard storage of the device starts with sixty-four gigabytes, but one hundred and twenty-eight-gigabyte models can also be found in the market.

The device’s screen is mighty impressive, as is it a touch and rotatable screen capable of streaming content at full-HD resolution—the excellent battery life and the webcam round it off to make a great device to use.

The device’s OS is excellent as both new and old tech users can get accustomed to it in no time. The device costs just a cent less than four hundred dollars. So, for the people who want the laptop and tablet experience in a single go, this device is a great choice.

ThinkPad L13 Yoga

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JJS00100

For the users who have prior experience operating a Raspberry Pi, the RasPad3 can prove to be a reliable device. The Pi products developers manufacture the device, so it has a solid foundation and backing.

The device can be a convenient tool for performing standard video streaming, web surfing, or social media browsing. But if people want to perform complicated tasks on it, they must know how Pi products function.

The makers of the tablet made it by taking inspiration from the Pi 3. The device has decent components powering its system and has a ten-plus-inch touchscreen display. The device is excellent for moderate usage, but unfortunately, it cannot handle any high-end tasks.

The device is mostly targeted at users who enjoy using the Pi products, but if someone is looking to jump into its world, this budget-friendly tablet is a great place to start. The tablet costs just one hundred and twenty-nine dollars.

The L13 Yoga is much like the Chromebook mentioned above in terms of form factor and functionality. The only thing differentiating the two is their operating systems. The device manufacturers know the rising demand for Linux powered by devices, so they offer the L13 with the various Linux distributions.


With the device, people can get the complete experience of using the OS and can enjoy its privacy benefits from the get-go. The OS is not the only thing great about it, as the device’s hardware is fantastic as well.

People can get the powerful device equipped with a tenth-generation core i7 and an intel dedicated graphic card. To take the speed of the device further, it has sixteen gigabytes of RAM attached to it.

With such components, people can play high-end games and perform tedious tasks without any issues. The device comes in three different storage options starting from two hundred and fifty-six gigabytes and going all the way to one terabyte.

The display of the device was built with convenience in mind, because of which its size was kept to 13.3 inches. The full high-definition display, great webcam and microphone, and the addition of a fingerprint reader for advanced security make the device a complete beast.

The device is costly, with its asking price being sixteen hundred and seventy-six dollars, but considering the specifications, it is justified. If people have a massive budget, then this device can indeed prove to be worth every penny.

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