How to unblock Netflix on a chromebook?

If you are someone who is a part of a school or any IT organization that has blocked Netflix on Chromebooks, the article is going to be super fun and informative for you.

People often ask us how to unblock Netflix on Chromebook either in schools, universities, or some other institutions. 

They say they usually get bored or feel numb because of a long study day and need a bit of refreshment watching Netflix. Also, there are some regions that are not streaming devices friendly.

So how to watch Netflix on your Chromebook in such regions?

In this blog post, we will discuss two main methods of unblocking Netflix on your Chromebook.

But before getting started let us unveil the fact that the process may or may not work for you because most probably Netflix is blocked by the Authorities and can’t be unblocked until they do it. Still, there is a high chance of it getting unblocked.

How to unblock Netflix on Chromebook? Two main methods

Here we’ll learn two of the easiest methods of unblocking Netflix on Chromebook.

  1. By using VPN
  2. Without using VPN

How to unblock Netflix on Chromebook by using VPN

  1. First Go to your App store and search for your favorite VPN. We recommend using a hotspot shield or Nord VPN as both of them are pretty safe and secure.
  2. Now install the VPN and get it open.
  3. Select the country in the settings for which you want to have your server.
  4. Now browse and sign in to your account.
  5. And you are successful in unblocking Netflix on Chromebook by using VPN.

How To Unblock Netflix On Chromebook Without Using VPN

Follow some simple steps and get your Netflix unblocked on Chromebook

  1. Go to and Type Titanium Network Surf freely
  1. Open the first Link you get on your search results page. Titanium Network will be opened instantly.
  1. Now click on Surf freely

  1. Open another Tab in google and search

Copy the link address of the first link you get on your search results page.

Paste this link on the Titanium Network website.

Click on PHP and it will unblock Netflix in the very next moment.

Now sign in to your account by adding credentials and enjoy your favorite series.

Besides blockage by the administration, there may be other reasons why you are not able to use Netflix on your Chromebook. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why can’t I watch Netflix on My Chromebook?

There can be several reasons for it. We are about to discuss a few of them.

  1. Either you are using an older version of Netflix or your browser is not updated. That’s the main reason for the blockage of Netflix but most people don’t pay attention. To resolve this issue, you should update your browser or reinstall it.
  2. Moreover, it can also happen if you’re having too much of the browser’s cache that is enough to block Netflix or any other site. For this, you need to clear cached data from the settings of your browser or enable third-party cookies.
  3. Thirdly there may be a network issue that is stopping you from opening Netflix. Get your network error fixed and you’ll be able to stream via Netflix.

Final Takeaways

Netflix is a widely used streaming service all around the world. However, it may get blocked on your Chromebook for any of the reasons mentioned above. Use our detailed yet easy methods to get it unblocked. Still, if you are experiencing any issue, just write it down and we will see how to resolve it.