How to uninstall stickies from your Mac? – 3 Ways

Stickies are the Mac OS version of real-life stickie notes. It’s a nifty feature Mac users can avail but for a few, they are not desirable and populate.

We will discuss in this article, how to get rid of these annoying Stickies in your Mac.

Make sure the Stickies program is not running in the background. Either way, it will interfere with the uninstalling process and display an error message. Now that we have closed the application, we can go ahead and uninstall Stickies from your Mac.

3 Ways to Deleting Stickies app from Mac

There are three ways of deleting applications in general from your Mac. 

First Method: Hold the Stickies app icon

For stickies specifically, first find the app in question in the Launchpad and then search for Stickies. As the icon appears, place your cursor on the icon and hold it until the icon vibrates.

Next, go ahead and click the “X” and proceed with the uninstallation by clicking “Delete.” 

Uninstalling Stickies

This method is applicable to any app that has been downloaded through the App store, and if one wants to reinstall one of the apps, they could go ahead and reinstall it from the App store.

Second Method: Drag the stickies app to the trash box

If you’ve downloaded your stickies from an external source, use Mac Finder to locate the Applications and then find stickies in that Folder. Then simply drag and drop it in the trash or right-click and move it to the trash.

Simply empty the trash, by right-clicking to complete the entire installation but we would suggest you make sure there is nothing else in the trash that might be of use to you. 

Empty Trash

Third Method: Simply uninstall

A lot of apps come with a dedicated uninstaller. This is because these apps come with the factory Mac. And are pretty difficult to get off your system so you need to locate the relevant Stickies folder and open it and look for an Uninstall file in the folder. The program will be uninstalled.

Follow the instructions provided within the uninstaller to go ahead with the removal of stickies from your Mac. 


Using a software

There is several Uninstalling software that you can use to uninstall Stickies. They feature a simple click-select mechanism that gets rid of all the relevant components of Stickies that persist within your Mac.

There are different software that is easier to use than others and some that are more efficient than others. Do look out for them and use them to uninstall Stickies if the other methods do not work for you.

How to get rid of any remnants of Stickies from your system?

With the aforementioned steps, you can get rid of Stickies but occasionally, there are certain programs and parts that still remain within the system even after you have deleted everything off your Mac. 

Now to get rid of these leftover remnants of Stickies you need to:

  • Open the Mac Finder, go to the Go menu, and pick the Go to Folder
  • Type ~/Library in the box that appears, and clicks Enter

There will be subfiles in the library and search for files that are related to Stickies and delete their files by dragging them to the trash box.

An important thing to remember in this situation is to be very careful with what you are deleting, often users delete files that belong to other programs and sometimes those actions are irreversible.

This is why most people recommend uninstalling software that does the uninstalling for you in a manner that is safe and doesn’t put you at risk of losing data. 

The following were the best ways of uninstalling Macs from your PC, hope they helped.