Vagrant Vs Docker 2021- A simple explanation

Due to a different environment, Apache server, libraries, version, whatever It could be. Running a code without giving us an error and asking for some changes in the environments to run the code.

Vagrant and Docker. They genuinely are entirely different from each one, yet overlap at some points.

The key difference between Vagrant va Docker is.

Vagrant works in a virtualization environment. It behaves more like an Automatic Virtual Machine. We get a Vagrant file that can be emulated and be transferred to any system with all the resources, libraries, even OS. Isolates a VM.

Whereas Docker provides containers that are lightweights, consume low resources. It only creates a virtualization environment for an app. Isolates an App.

Differences Between Docker and Vagrant

ObjectiveVagrant uses Virtual Machines mythology.Docker is based on containerization technology.
isolationVagrant isolates the entire system.Docker only isolates an app.
Speed performanceits speed performance is around 1 minute to 5 minutes.Its speed performance is around 10 to 40 seconds. faster than vgrant
Resources Consumption:

Its files consume high resources, the libraries, and the OS makes the files much greater. It can slow down your entire machine.its file “image” contains low resources. It

does not have any OS. That’s why the files eat fewer resources.
Supportable OS:
It comes up with an operating system. Primarily, it is an altered Virtual machine with an OS.

It means it does not rely on any third-party operating system. It has everything that is needed to head-on.
It Supports all OSs, except (BSD).

Moreover, it relies on the operating system that your host machine has.
Security and threads
It is self-contained so anything that happens, either good or bad it does not act on the actual machine.It uses its host OS. so any error in containers “its files” may reach out to the core.

This can be a drawback, however.
Why use it?If you want to containerize the whole system, then it is the best choice out there.If you are looking for something that can containerize just one app, then it is more favorable for you.

What is Vagrant?

Vagrant mostly sits up on Virtual machines. They are so-called systems where you can use any operating system. Linux, Windows, macOS, etc… Take that as you can make another system into your system.

There are a bunch of well-known VMs that mostly the developers use. It is out of the topic to talk about VMs, so better get back to Vagrant, which is, in short, an Adjusted Virtual Machine.

why vagrant over docker?

Vagrant is more geared towards making a workflow system for all. By means, the developers can share the environments that they see are helpful for others. We called them Boxes. It is like repositories that any Vagrant user can get and share.

Technically, Vagrant is extendable. The plugins make this possible. People keep trying to modify Vagrant so it can generate more attention. Basically, they aim to be a better workflow for developers.

What is Docker?

It is a software that is filling the error “ it works on my system.” Basically, what happens when you develop a project using Django or Flask: It works fine on your local servers.

When a client asks you to deploy this entire web app into my server, that time, you may become mad. Since it is apparent,

why docker is better than vagrant?

this is going to take time. Plus, a few new errors are waiting right there. However, Take this whole scenario as an example.

Here comes down the use of Docker. With the help of this tool, you can turn your project into an Image. An image is like a seed that can be grown and become a container when configured.

The best thing about this, you will not get any errors. If this is working on your local host, it will work on all systems after turning it into a Dock Image. Dockers will handle all the essentials, binaries, libraries that are going to need in no time.

Should you use Docker or Vagrant?

Choosing one could be objective for your specific project.

is vagrant better than docker?

As long as your focus is on setting up a web app. You want to share it In such a manner that everyone in your team quickly picks up the project in the same environment (hassle-free).

Without needing any additional dialogues or resources, it should work similarly for all systems. Then, the docker containerization is the way to go.

It can Isolate a project with all the necessary resources and turn it into an executable file “image.”

Meanwhile,  it increases productivity and lessens the stress, and eventually, it solves the main BUG ‘It works on my system” to “it works on all systems.”

In reality, Vagrant also can do this all. It works in a Virtual Machine. It is, instead, Isolating a single App it actually virtualizes the entire system.

It gives a text-based file Vagrant file; you can share it with your team members.

Then, Using the Vagrant up command, the file automatically starts setting and downloading all necessary libraries, tools, binaries to serve a ready-made workflow without delay in playing around.

Why is Vagrant better than Docker?

Despite the fact, we have concluded the comparison too. It is time to uncover the truth here. That is, Vagrant is one step ahead of docker.

In fact, the comparison between docker vs. Vagrant is not fair, even they overlap so many things, but there is an entirely meaningful differentiation.

Such that Docker is a small room “containerized” whereas the Vagrant is like a Hotel. Vagrant has support for providers of many virtual machines. Including Vmware, Virtual Box, Hyper-v, and Docker itself too.

Yes, the docker can be executed in vagrant because vagrant has always been heading towards to provide a workflow. So that in every expect the DevOps can benefit from.

Docker, on the other, has been there to compress files and share them with team fellows. In such a way, the project can be executed on every system hassle-free.

The hidden truth here that vagrant is also can be utilized in that way. Most of the time, vagrant uses the virtual machine, so it requires many other things to consider before just transferring a file. Moreover, the File shared using vagrant is much larger than that of Docker. Almost 15 times larger.

Why is Docker faster than Vagrant?

Yes, the docker is way faster than vagrant in terms of executing files and transferring the file procedures. That’s why many developers use Docker who want things to get work done more quickly.

It makes sense here to go with Docker if your project is like an app-only ONE APP.

 You should use Docker.

Nevertheless, imagine an industry or a software management company with many softwares and want to compress them all to keep secure.

So they can execute them later without any error when they wish. In this scenario, the Vagrant dominates.

The docker speed does not cover the gap that you have to compress projects one by one. Actually one Image= one container= one project.

Apparently, if there are many projects, the developer has to put them all one by one. Or better to use Vagrant with a lower speed.

Going with vagrant means you can easily compress a large file that holds in all of your projects. It may set off a large file at the end. It is what fits better here.

However, it is not necessary and works out for all people. Still, it is an objective and dependable selection.

Which one is more secure? – Docker or Vagrant?

No doubt, security is one of the most valuable reasons to check out. While comparing this one should be added.

Docker and Vagrant are both secure, and the process of making them even safer is going on. As of now, we can say the Docker is somewhat on the downside in terms of security.

The foremost reason could be that Docker uses the host’s operating system to one end. To function it needs” the shared Images.” On the other end. It makes bond here, between host operating system to Its files.So if any bug occurs their something like a cascading effect. It might act on the parent OS.

However, it does not mean here that it is going to happen with everyone. No, it is just a way, a point that you should know about.

On the other hand, the Vagrant is considered a more secure tool. Since it comes up with an operating system when emulated.

So it does not depend on the host OS. it is self contained virtualization. Anything happen will act on it under its circumstances.

Important FAQs:

What is a Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine is a computer within a computer. It has its own operating system and shared hard drive. Moreover, a virtual machine is a sandboxed. Anything that goes wrong does not act on the actual system’s performance.

What is Containerization in Docker?

The container in Docker is a term used for a standalone, and small file “image”. That can be executed on any machine when needed. It holds the package file as well as the environment that is required to run that package. We called all this procedure a “containerization” Lastly, it is nothing but a time-saving process that is useful for developers to keep sharing well.

Is Vagrant a Virtual Machine?

Vagrant is more than just a virtual machine. Generally, it sits on the top of virtual machines, unlocking the ways to extend further what a simple virtual machine can do. It allows customs codes, has repositories boxes and plugins. All these somewhere share the same destination. A developer-friendly workflow, that automates the setting up environment. Increase in Productivity.

Is Docker a virtual machine?

Docker behaves similarly to a virtual machine. However, it is not. It uses the parent’s operating system to function. When Isolating a project, it gathers only resources and libraries that are enough to run the app alone. Honestly, it does not care much about other resources.

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