WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Trust me when I say that,

Setting up a discord bot is not an easy job, so finding it a reliable yet budget-friendly hosting service

Bots are beneficial on any modern website or, more precisely, on a Discord-like program. No matter what type of server you have, they will help you in moderation, verification, creating challenges, and more. They differ based on functionality, uniqueness, popularity, and uptime but operate on the same plan to provide convenience to the end-user.

Using discord bots, you and your private community will grow at a much rapid rate without any additional hindrance. But the thing is that to operate the discord bot; you might need an ideal hosting provider, which is hard to find these days. On top of that, most of them charge a large sum of cash for the features they provide.

If you have these kinds of frustrations, then you definitely came to the right place, as today, we will be going through one of the easiest methods to get free discord bot hosting in 2021. The great thing about them is that they don’t require any advanced coding skills to implement and are entirely free to use so that you won’t face any complications in the long run. Without further due, let’s get into it!

How to Get Free Discord bot hosting By Using Different Methods?

Free discord Hosting

1)  Using Heroku to set up free Bot hosting 24/7 manually

This is the most common form of free discord bot hosting 2020 used by discord server owners worldwide. It may not be the most straightforward of the options, but it will undoubtedly lead to long-term reliability. So, let’s check it out, shall we!  

STEP 1: Setup the GitHub Desktop Version control utility

1) First of all, you need to download the GitHub desktop utility from their official site by clicking here. For those who didn’t know, Github is one of the most popular utilities that allow the users to interact with the information on the discord server and the local files on the computer. This is how your Bot stays updated in real-time directly from your system.


2) The next step is to create a GitHub account, so if you don’t have one already, make sure to generate it. Once you’re in your profile, click on “Create a new repository,” which will open a new window. In the following section, name your Repository (Ex, Spirit-Bot), change your access to private, and select the “Create the Repository.” Make sure not to tweak any further changes.

Using Github
Keep Private

3) Now that you have created a Repository, the next step is to manage your Github desktop application. Within the utility, select the “File,” then scroll down to “Clone Repository.” You should see the Github account that you logged in to. So, if you move down, you should know the Repository that you have created. Simply, choose it and then hit “Clone.”

After opening it for the first time, you may not see all the access buttons at the top, so don’t panic!


4) After cloning the dedicated Repository, the next step is to move into the documents folder within your system. Within your folder, you should be able to see the corresponding GitHub folder and then inside the Repository that you’ve just cloned. Following that, open your Bot folder (that you previously created) and transfer/copy all the files to the GitHub folder.

Keep in mind that whatever you put in your Github folder will be transferred to your application. So, make sure to create a fully operating discord bot with valid files before continuing.

Open Desktop

5) Open your GitHub desktop in which all your files have been now transferred, add a Summary Name above the “Description” section, and hit “Commit to master.” This name could be anything you want, so feel free to adjust it. Once it’s done, just select the “Publish Branch,” which is present at the top right corner, and your first step of free discord bot hosting no coding is finished.

Publishing your files to the origin repository will take a while, depending on your internet speed and hardware performance.

Locally link

STEP 2: Manage Your Free discord bot hosting Setup on Heroku

This next step on how to get free discord bot hosting includes managing your Heroku account. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Heroku, let me brief you on it,


So, Heroku is kind of a semi-free cloud hosting platform (Paas) that supports multiple programming languages. You can use it to scale your applications with added convenience. It might be renowned in the industry, but it will more than get the job done when it comes to hosting your discord bot.

1) Firstly, make a Heroku account, if you haven’t already, and login into your profile. Once you’re in the control panel, generate a new “App” by selecting the respective box at the top right corner. Also, make sure to give your specified app a name, which could be anything of your choice.

If you live anywhere outside the United States, try changing the server zone in the Heroku App to Europe.

Ql3bQr0SA lN8gTyaa8kVNEuwXqLe0kuPdSgVGYiUaJAhBNgmK9N4qAKFUEepgqEO wvn8OyJZ4W27cgY xXSNR6E3bDvBmtNRiECTqOF2Y Mef96E7sjfsQOcI8CYLiYOa2YXph - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
Name your Free Discord Bot

2) As you’re on the new page, you want to connect to GitHub by clicking on the respective logo. Now search for your “Repository Name” in the below box and hit enter. Eventually, you will see that your GitHub account is connected to Heroku.

One of the things to note is that you should activate the “Automatic Deploys”, which will ensure that your Bot automatically enables itself every time you set up it from GitHub. Similarly, it will make adding new commands much easier in the long run.

szi7TSIREZvpK3jfceo09jRA6gPKWWWxHB obDtgpHEcxXfdJDb88wGiNYFk4pZbD6zSXNqfIvcc7Xwx4jHHgvGrEzFPb4MRqEJlGpcCTSIk5iO XBlG23wRlFUPlil639hFwu - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
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Name again

3) Next, move to the “Settings” and scroll down until you see, Add Build packs. This will help you implement Node.js, so make sure to select it and then “Save Changes.” Along with that, try to reveal Config Vars. Here, you need to copy and paste the following code DISCORD-BOT-TOKEN and the respective token value (which could be found in the Discord Developer portal) and Hit Add.

If you can’t find your token, then it’s already within your discord-bot files. But if you face any further confusion, check out this tutorial!

PsbZ21W xwcmGVwfGTH8sb96DVbFf2 PwO2viHkTgG77WOtd19542WNw7 vewgsSLM01UTvyOgc4XWF5F4UTQiAfdTpQhuYS1S4lmrMqaRwFpBF1hafuzVzgHV8d 6K4v3T5qCHg - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
Save changes
AnFo99SJYVk6TjPIY7QXxgKU0E6fXbcIy8ZxlkHap Un8Ox3istJoDXGmWik4Lc12bBzgPUkhkz2kYD4l0W J XyoPoMgPkr7nXBYJMWPgMDEVBY2DNo7DJamVKKmAi2iUBn3veg - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE

4) Now move onto the “Deploy section” and try to find and select “Deploy Branch,” located below. After that, wait for the files to be deployed. Once it’s done, you will see green checkmarks across the code, so get to the Resource Tab and refresh the page.

If you face any errors in the deployment, try to re-follow all the steps.

H xRwIwL83LXdSrh1DANXEptLpLj7yfXIAULhSUBOq4DjAvmsIpBys T9l1oY3yiT7kbV2KNWi1g XTicNX9uCC9G DL8qoeWKJXDN9 - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE

STEP 3: Make a Procfile And Make Changes in its Settings

1) Subsequently, move back into your official Bot folder, right-click and make a new text document. Keep in mind that the name should be “ProcFile,” as Heroku uses this format to read it. Similarly, remove the “txt” before finalizing its name. After that’s done, right-click on your File and Edit it through the Notepad ++ utility.

Those who can’t see the file extension, make sure that hidden names and Filename extensions are enabled.

Creating a new text document
WJmHpAEObKUHs5N9aVJbqA5b2J5pL3w0BgA2lNRhzi0N ihbA30ff7Qft0OLlmMXoUcQt6pTcLhdDD0pK2L2G1hEbZ6OTiEVVvelIvQ9i9GTcBVYnvE8oNggiuDhol71H dAeNS2 - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
editing with notepad

2) Now type in Worker: node ./src. Bot.js in the Procfile, which will help in running our discord bot. Then go to File, then click on Save All for redeeming all the changes.

0 9Kuz3dgPV500Fa2KkWUJFNrjrWrUFUzLYzbmzWAHmzbgU0HTQ9cLYjDN6CG qGkKVazVE CTED7xSQHsENIHZeufeimZvAFZF5CNf9xSUuIlUnvurj8dqbUNzH8bW1zxGVMr X - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE

3) Open your GitHub desktop app once more and insert “Procfile Added” into the appropriate directory. Simply select “Connect to master” and then “Publish to origin” after that.

Adding profile
KHzppSh8h5kOcYbXRIecR m2T Rt1sA9UEs6v5N8RGPFJ v8gq0zvnuC ZYiSJ5sZ1tWgmdiFYYeyaO3wthoegoSKUNjBlo vflHrUUO8A5TdsFvrpYuQILK Wv6kE3mZkeWN1M - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE

STEP 4: Finalize Your Bot in Heroku And Make it online

1) Again, move back to your Heroku dashboard and open the Resource tab. Additionally, refresh the page until you see the Worker that we’ve just implemented. Also, make sure the Worker tab is activated and the little button is turned on by clicking the pencil bar.

FLRsjpVSGyaWTnMXcE9XdnxbLQoZwiGA4zpOBTD3IrCL3C2RWRGUfkgKlvpCyYDpPMormvkWpY3dBOb K31u1rBoexv CUYFTaIcNqG4wWFJYBBuB0rtIYqBjUuQ7HsjoHsol4jq - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
Toggling on

2) Following that, pick “More” and then “View logs” from above to see your free discord bot is starting up. You will observe that your Bot has been booted up and is up and running on Heroku.

Ey3DgflUkvQ1SYmEMuMjk7U0fdA51tF9gNR NhzqMIfnsOVF6cAb ebAZBggzxgFp 5890IdqvQyGV3iAAlRtY5g qGHue4 cYPNzFj7P5XxuCAjjxHPBjLNYBQd6di 1JN0jl - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
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3) To double-check its implementation, go to your discord server, in which you will notice that your Bot is currently active. Test any bot commands like -tempmute in your channel and visualize the results! This Bot will be online 24/7 and with decent response and ping time.

x5t - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
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2)  Using Something.Host to Automatically Configure free discord.js bot hosting

If you are looking for one of the easiest ways to host your discord bot online, I highly recommend using this method. Not only is it straightforward, but it is also relatively quick so that you won’t face any major complications throughout the procedure.


Unlike Hosting services such as Heroku, Something.host is reliable. They offer industry-leading setup for their servers protected by any kind of active or passive DDoS attacks. On top of that, their console is straightforward to understand and use, which will ultimately give you additional peace of mind.

STEP 1: Create an Account on Something. Host & manage your free plan

1) First thing first, go to Something.Host an official website and create your account by clicking on the respective tab. The registration process is also quite simple, and once you verify your account (through Email), you will be directed to your console.

Visting something.host
creating an account

2) Once you’re logged in, start the process by clicking the “Services” and then “Order New Service” tab. You will be able to see hosting categories such as Minecraft and Rage.MP, so simply select the Discord bot service and click Continue to Service. Similarly, choose your free plan and then Add to the cart logo.

Compared to the competitors, the hosting plans of Something.host are pretty cheap, so if you have extra bucks to spare, it’s worth considering their reasonable offers.

Ordering new service

3) After your subscription plan is selected, move to the address section and fill out the reliable information. It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to add any specified information such as a billing address nor a mobile phone number.

So simply type in your name, select your region, choose the “Account Balance” as billing method and Hit “PLACE ORDER.” This will redirect you to the customer page, in which you need to select again “PAY ORDER.”

fill the details
go with the free plan

4) Now refresh the page until you see your Free 27/7 discord hosting service tab. Click it to slide it down and then enter the “Remote Access.” It will contain your FTP and SSH information, which will be helpful later in the process.

Remotely accesss

STEP 2: Install FileZilla & Connect it to the Hosting Server   

1) In this step, you have to download and install the FileZilla client to implement FTP access. So, click here to transfer its setup to your operating system. Once you’re done, simply launch the FileZilla utility.

Downloading filezilla Client
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2) Before you move on, click on Edit and then the Settings tab, in which you will see Passive mode under the FTP option. At once, make sure that you’ve checked the “Fall back to active mode.” This will allow you to eliminate any login problems that are susceptible to using an external IP address.

- WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
- WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE

3) Again, open your Something.host control panel and within the “Remote Access” tab, copy and paste all credentials like Port, username, and host onto the FileZilla desktop application’s Quick connect account. After you’re done, click the Quick Connect button and select Ok to allow access. This will link your system to the hosting service directly.

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4) Soon after that, create a new folder/directory within the FileZilla by left-clicking in the empty tab. Then, find the Bot that you have created for Discord in your system and drag and drop all the files in that newly created folder. Note that files like “.git” and “node_modules” aren’t needed at the moment, so leave them.

As soon as you do this, FileZilla will start transferring your Bot’s data into the cloud servers of the hosting service, which on average, may take a while. So, wait for the progress notification.

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STEP 3: Adjust the Discord-bot Console within Something.Host & Restart your Server

1) In the end, open your console once more and enter the “Configuration” tab. Now change the programing language to the latest version of Node.js and click on “Save configuration.” Although, you can also adjust the coding input according to your desired preferences.

Configure all things
Choose timing

2) Now, enter the “Console” section of the control panel and then simply click on the Stop button to terminate the running process. Once you complete this, select the Rebuild option and then wait for some time before choosing the Start button. It will rebuild everything on the server for you since you’ve just added newer files.

Discord console
z3CwSH WM8zHlt53KVNyYZ6MZ5BV2wiobkLRwZlYBLVeG2r4Y3e7cbN5Z L7UtObD9RJasN4YMPpCwUAywwRLWApd09OWI6KsjhiIacaKa LMHTM9mIxKcpIUSsjqbryg gnrU4i - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE
Click to start

3) After you’ve gained access to developer mode, all you have to do now is add some codes. So first of all, type in cd ./Test(folder name that you had specified) and press Enter. Again, put node . (hit enter key) and then npm i and let it run. Finally, insert node . under the same slot, and your Bot is now online!

enter the following commonds
8 RwwPOqm6BL9Rl8pCnkEpKqeeteYbMAqoJkPqL - WAYS TO GET free discord bot hosting– STEP BY STEP GUIDE

What’s All the Fuss About? – Free Discord Bot Hosting No Coding

You might be familiar with what Discord is and what a discord bot does, but just in case you’re new to this, let me give you a heads-up. So, Discord is one of the most popular multi-platform chatting programs that lets users communicate with each other in real-time. Its servers are set up by ordinary people like us and are focused on building a particular community.

Many organizations and renowned groups have discord servers for people to connect or simply have fun. In contrast to that, a discord bot is a user-created AI that functions as a real user, although a set of programs controls it. You can code these bots for various purposes, such as responding to messages, managing events, playing music, and even ban members.

Although, regulating the discord bot itself can be a bit of a hustle. That’s when discord bot hosting services come in place. Just like regular hosting, they will ensure that your server remains active 24/7 and your Bot remains efficient in day-to-day handling tasks. The majority of them have an intuitive and simple control panel, which gives the user even more peace of mind.

But, as we discussed earlier, I’ll walk you through setting up a free Discord.js bot. These free VPS for Discord bots will also run entirely on their own, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time managing them. They’ll be up and running instantly, with minimal downtime!


So, these were some of the best ways through which you can host your discord-bot online without paying a single penny. After applying any of these procedures, your Bot will automatically become online 24/7 without any significant problems. The great thing about them is that they are both effortless to incorporate and can be performed in under half an hour.

If you face any issues, make sure to re-follow the steps from the start and try not to overlook any vital information. Also, if you liked this article, then make sure to follow our previous guides on tech-related stuff. Other than that, you’re good to go!

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Q1, Is it Ok to host a discord-bot free online?

If you are currently on a tight budget but want the prime features of a discord bot in your server, then yes, it’s best to host it online on semi-free services like Vultr VPS. Although, keep in mind that its performance will be limited.

Q2, Do discord bot remain online 24/7?

It depends on the type of Bot you use and the hosting provider you have currently incorporated. But yes, most current bots remain online 24/7 as long as there aren’t any downtimes associated.

Q3, Is it possible for discord bots to stream?

Some bots are fully compatible with the “Go Live” API, which allows them to stream services like Twitch.