What is Ping in Online Games?

Let’s find out what is ping in online games? and how this put an impact on your gaming skills.

Online games require a super-fast internet connection to play them. Yet, alone internet speed can’t deliver a lag-free gaming experience. Unless you’re getting a decent ping. 

If you’ve been gaming for a long time, sure you will agree that internet speed and ping are not actually the same thing. To step up your gaming journey, you should understand how ping works.

Ping in online games: Definition

Online Games

In the online gaming world, the term ping indicates how quickly your game character responds to your commands such as moving joystick, hitting fire shots, jumping, crouching, etc. Each command sends out signals in the form of data packets to a game server. Then, the server responds back to that signal resulting in actions over your commands. 

The time taken in this process is known as ping. Faster response means your player makes quick actions. 

Ping speed measures in ms (milliseconds). Lower ms means the connection between your device and a server is instantaneous, which makes your in-game characters obey your commands speedily.

In reverse, if the ms is higher, at that moment be ready to face lags, glitches, frame drops, at worst you will easily be beaten by opponents as your attacks will not register as earlier as the opponents with lower pings.

How to select the best ping possible?

In online games, you can see a list of servers at a specific portion. Allowing you to choose any of them. Mainly the list includes Europe, Asia, North America, and so on. Depending upon in which region you belong, you should select that server.

In general, the closer a server, the lower ping (ms) you will get. In order to understand this phenomenon, imagine two people playing an online game over the same internet connection, where player one is living at a distance of 100 meters from a server.

Whereas, player two is living far away from a server, let’s say around 1000 meters. In that case, the closer player will get the lowest ping possible.

What is a good ping?

A good ping is that can let you play an online game with rapid actions, while making moves your game character should act as quickly as you command. Online games must require lower ping to have a smooth gaming experience.

That’s said in general, always aim at the minimum possible ping to enjoy a fair gaming experience. Otherwise, you will be at disadvantage.

20 to 50ms– This is the most preferred range you should aim at. Ensuring a crisp gaming taste, rapid movements, you will be able to enjoy a perfect game environment.

100 to 150ms– This is an average range for most players, you may experience casual lags depending upon the game you play. For instance, FPS games feel laggier than role-play games in this range. Still, you should be able to carry on gaming.

200-300ms- In this range, you will most likely face lagging, delays in actions. For a competitive player, it’s completely a disadvantage.

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