What Is The Average Typing Speed Of Programmers?

This is the question; you might not have thought of as a developer or software engineer. 

Although, it is arguable. 

Average typing speed of programmers

The average typing speed of a programmer aging between 30 to 60 is around 30 to 70 WPM (Words per minute), with an accuracy rate of 93%. 

Although, coding and programming may be homogenous to each other. However, both have the same typing speed. 

So, the question is, does slow typing speed an obstacle for programmers? Is it even mandatory to type fast? 

Let’s discuss these queries in the next phase of our blog. 

Does typing speed matter for programmers? 

Sometimes it does – sometimes it doesn’t. 

If you are in a learning phase, it won’t matter. Although, if you hold a bulk of projects or hold an employment contract, typing fast would get your work done quickly. 

Although, typing fast doesn’t prove that you are a skilled programmer or coder. Yet, typing slow won’t help either. 

Typing speed between 40 to 50 WPM is acceptable for most programmers. 

How fast programmers can type? 

Most software programmers have typing speeds between 40 to 70 words per limit. 

 , it depends on the code and problem, they are figuring out. Although, you should maintain your accuracy rate while coding. It’s 94% for most programmers. 

Is 50 WPM good for programmers? 

As we mentioned above, the average typing speed of a programmer falls between 30 to 40. So, of course, it is an excellent typing speed. 

In hindsight, getting habitual with your keyword is a vital thing. If you often change your keyword, your writing speed might slow down. It’s indispensable to have a good grip on your keyword. 

The fastest English typist Barbara Blackburn set the record of 212 WPM in the 2005 typing test. Yet, that’s not coding or programming. 

As a programmer, it’s all about how you manage to solve the problem and find a solution to it. If your program fails to show up result, it won’t impact whether you type fast or not. 

It will benefit you if you can write code instantly faster than others, but it can result in gawky solutions. Maintaining an average typing speed is preferable. 

 Why does typing fast don’t matter for developers? 

Software developers are hired to solve the problem, not to create one. Developers are hired to code less and sprout up results. It might take an hour or a day to solve one line of code because the solution matters, not the typing speed. 

Furthermore, it also depends on the type of program to be coded. It’s critical to take your time and do whatever the best. If there are blunders in your code, it won’t be prolific for the company or you. 

Final Words 

In a nutshell, if you are good at programming, you should focus on solving and figuring out the solutions. Typing or coding fast is a benefit, but make sure you don’t make it bloated. One wrong mistake can be a final nail in the coffee.