What Makes Streaming Platforms so Popular?

Some would say that streaming has been on the rise for a while now, but the last year or so really solidified it as one of the most popular pastimes among different demographics.

Of course, for someone who is not aware, the question of what makes streaming so popular may seem quite interesting. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that lead platforms like Netflix and Disney+ to success.

Reason #1 – Variety

One of the biggest advantages of streaming platforms is their variety. You have services like Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix. Besides, even brands like Amazon are looking to enter the streaming industry and offer their exclusive content. And it is not just movies and TV shows. 

Spotify is great for music because you do not need to download songs and can listen to them on the go. Besides, the platform offers both free and premium versions, with the latter costing a few dollars per month but with the feature that eliminates ads.

There are sites like putlocker, but such platforms are not as reliable as recognized services (for example, Netflix). Not having to pay a fee is an advantage, but risking your computer or smartphone to consume media for free does not sound like a wise trade.

As a rule of thumb, you should stick to official content producers and distributors and enjoy the content variety they have to offer. Regardless of your preferable media type (movies, TV shows, documentaries), you should not have problems finding a platform that offers media you enjoy watching.

Reason #2 – Convenience

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In the early days of the internet, people would download movies, TV shows, and music from the internet, especially torrent websites. Sure, there are plenty of people who still do that, but the piracy numbers continue to decrease because sticking to streaming is more convenient. 

You can find a show or a film you want to watch by going to your streaming services account and using the search feature. 

If you were to do the same on a random internet page, the odds are that you would struggle to find what you were looking for. Besides, there is also a question of security that questionable platforms tend to lack. Not to mention annoying ads that you have to go through to access the content.

Most streaming services are optimized for smartphones and tablets as well. If you do not feel like booting your computer or TV, then watch on your mobile device.

Reason #3 – Affordability

One could argue that the affordability part is a bit of an exaggeration because some streaming services are quite expensive. On the other hand, you do not have to subscribe to every streaming platform. One or two is usually enough. And even then, people cannot find the time to watch everything they want. 

Besides, the prices have been dropping recently, given that new streaming services are emerging. A platform has to offer affordable prices if they want to retain customers. Becoming too expensive means losing a chunk of customers to one’s competition. 

Sometimes, even the most exclusive content is not enough to justify ridiculous prices, so streaming sites are not going over the top with their monetization policy, which means good news for consumers. 

Reason #4 – Scalability

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Scalability is also something we, as consumers, can look forward to. The ongoing streaming war means that involved services are trying their best to sign exclusive deals with the best writers, producers, directors or strike a partnership with IP holders that would be willing to turn their property into movies or TV series.

The streaming popularity is projected to continue growing as more people are discovering the advantages of Netflix and other platforms. Those who are in charge of these services are well aware of the trend and will look to work harder to scale the business and get a large share of the market. And once again, this need to focus on content quality and release new stuff to keep an audience engaged benefits us, viewers.

Reason #5 – Personalization

Sometimes, you have an hour or two to kill and feel like watching something. Returning to your favorites and re-watching the same shows is also out of the question. So what should you try? A recommendation from a friend or family member could be nice, but not everyone has someone who can help them with the problem.

Thankfully, streaming services have you covered. Judging by your watching history, they will send you recommendations. It is worth mentioning that some platforms have lackluster suggestion features, but the more people participate by viewing their content, the more these platforms can polish the feature.

You may discover something great to watch, and that is thanks to the recommendation by the services themselves. While not seemingly like a big deal, personalization is also a neat little thing that makes streaming platforms great.

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