Where is the QR code on my android phone?

Your Android phone may feature a QR code scanner in its camera app or another third-party app. But locating the QR on a mobile phone? this sounds weird.

In General, the QR code may be printed on the box of your android mobile if you are finding that (note to mention, the QR code will take you to the manufacturer’s website when you scan it). Other than this, there is no QR code printed on your mobile phone so stop looking for something that does not exist!

But, there is the QR code feature is built-in on the latest mobile phones. it’s in the Camera app of your android phone.

  • To scan a QR code, Point the camera at the code, and your mobile camera will do it for you.

If your mobile phone is not scanning the QR code. Then, download a third-party QR scanner to get the job done.

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