Where to learn Python for free in 2022? (Resources)

Following are some of the best resources where you can learn python for free in 2022. The article contains all the resources, including, websites, platforms or apps, video courses, and PDF, all for free.

  • The top platforms to learn Python for free include Datacamp, Codecademy, Hackinscience, Scrimba, and much more. Free courses include those from Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, edX, Microsoft’s Free Python Course etc.
  • For websites for free learning, we may refer to Google’s Python’s Class, w3schools, and more. The Online books that can be downloaded in PDF or other include Python for Everybody, Python Cookbook, Hadoop with Python, How to Make Mistakes in Python, and Functional Programming in Python.

To learn more about their workings, reviews, and functions, just keep reading and solve all the queries.

Best Python Projects With Source Co...

Platforms for free learning of Python

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is more like a game platform. It is one of the interactive experiences, and quite not like reading a book, viewing a web page, also not like watching a video, but just in between that. 

So what you need to do is,

  1. Go to the search bar and type Codecademy or click on the link Codecademy to go to the website.
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  1. Look for the Catalog. As you are interested in Python content, click on Python given in the languages section.
image 58 - Where to learn Python for free in 2022? (Resources)
  1. All of the interesting courses are tagged with the pro keyword. You will find free online courses for Python 2. Most popular of them are

If you are more interested in learning Python 3 or looking for other places to learn, read on to explore more.

2. Datacamp

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DataCamp gives you free courses online where you can get your guidelines easily. One of its most famous courses regarding Python includes Introduction to Python, where you can learn basic to advanced level Python. So datacamp is one of the answers to where to learn Python for free? 

3. Scrimba

Scrimba is one of the platforms that not only give instructions in coding in the same window but also provide various lectures in videos along with it. Learn Python for free is a very informative course on scrimba for beginners. 

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Free Websites where you can learn python

These websites are great as reference material if you are stuck on learning a particular concept of Python.

1. w3schools

You can go to the site by searching it up or going to the link w3schools to open the page.

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When you open it up, you can see learning by examples, Python database handling, and lots of tutorials for anything you want.

They also have exercises here as well as examples.

On the left, they will give a bunch of tutorials with a lot of Python concepts ranging from introductory stuff to some more advanced concepts. Some of its most preferred tutorials include

One thing to note is that they also give tutorials on some Python popular packages such as Numpy, SciPy, Machine Learning, etc. 

The only reason it gets negative feedback is that it doesn’t guide you through a larger project.

2. Greatlearning Academy

Greatlearning Academy is most preferred by those who think their English is not good enough and can’t understand the content being explained. The tutorials are explained in Hindi language, and it is about as long as 5 hours. A certificate is also provided to you, which is applicable. Python Programming in Hindi is one of its well-known tutorial series.

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3. Google Courses

Google Python Class is set by learned and trained experts who teach people with a little programming experience and take them through the various steps of Python. Python Introduction is one of its prominent courses.

Official Python Documentation

Documentation is literally just how-to guides written by the people who made the language themselves. So you can just find it by your search browser or by hitting the link Official Python Documentation to open the Python tutorial.  

It is by the people who developed the language themselves and is extremely detailed in guidelines on any feature of the Python language you want to know.

If you look at the glossary, it is really big here.

It covers a lot of useful things from beginner stuff like learning how Python works internally, control flow tools such as ‘if’ statements, and the further down you scroll, the more advanced it gets. It covers all kinds of complex stuff to solve all types of queries.

It is like a lot at the first stage and overwhelming for total beginners, and for them, w3schools is preferable. It is not very user-friendly either or walks you through building big projects.

Videos where you can learn python for free

For video series, you can easily go to YouTube to find a channel that can easily help you through by giving directions for free.

1. Microsoft’s Free Python Course

It is one of the best resources on YouTube. It is completely free and a full-structure course. It goes over how to set up your environment, gives you mini homework and exercises, and goes over the solutions to the next question.

If you like visual learning and would like to see things done in video form, it is one of the best resources you can find on the internet for free. They also go through the intro concepts and bring you to a more advanced level towards the end.

The only issue you can encounter with the course is that it may go a bit too fast initially. You would still use it as a primary resource to learn Python along with another platform or course.

To access it, search on YouTube or Google. Or you can tap the link Microsoft Online Course to use it easily.

2. Some video resources

It will provide you with many videos ranging from fresh learners to advanced ones, and you can tell it exactly what you need.

Most commonly learned courses that are really meant for beginners and have built some kind of authority on YouTube in teaching Python for free includes

You can choose any of the above-mentioned free video courses and we are sure you would end up learning something worthwhile.

Along with these, many more videos will appear on your screen to provide you with all the information you need.

Online Books to learn python for free

Why we call it booking air pods is because this resource is not just a book that you can buy and hardcover, but it is also a website that displays all the stuff in the book for free online.

But it is also a YouTube and has lecture series which are both for free. So it pretty much hits all the categories. The description of some of the Top 5 books to learn Python is mentioned below.

1. Automate the boring stuff for Python_ Udemy

To go to the website, search it and get the URL or press the link ‘ automate the boring stuff.’

Here, you will see links to the courses. 

C:\Users\tkkhan\Downloads\WhatsApp Image 2021-11-22 at 9.36.49 AM.jpeg

It can ask you to buy or show the offer posted for a book for free on Reddit. You might have to do some searching around.

If you can’t find out for free, the first 15 videos are also free on YouTube. So you get the book and also YouTube videos for free.

Scroll down, you might see that all the contents of the book are free and chapters listed. The table of content covers topics from intros to more complex matters. 

You can have the lessons connected to the project as it leads you through the project. You can also schedule learning different topics in the book with actual great project knowledge.

Also, select the book you would like to choose from the options also given below.

2. Python for Everybody_ CourseraC:\Users\tkkhan\Downloads\WhatsApp Image 2021-11-22 at 12.41.01 PM.jpeg

Python for Everybody can lead you through books, assignments, and lectures to explain python.

Python Cookbook

Python Cookbook by Brian K. Jones and David Beazley will lead through all your difficulties in Python 2 or the new addition Python 3.

Final Words

So you can say that, in answer to where to learn Python for free, you have various options depending on what you need and what you would like.

If you like visual learning and would like courses in the form of videos, have a go on Microsoft or YouTube courses. You may get the book if you want or search up different websites. The choice depends on you.

We would be delighted to know about your choice of free resource to learn free Python in the comment section.