Why Developers Love Mac? Reasons We FOUND

If you asked a random set of developers about their preferred system who they love most, there is a high likelihood that the majority will side with the Mac devices. Why is that? Especially considering the fact that Apple computers and laptops tend to be pricier than their competitors with similar specifications.

But still, mac devices offer some outstanding features that captivate developers or programmers to code on this machine. Significantly, expert programmers mostly prefer it.

Why do Developers prefer Mac?

A Windows machine can’t run Mac OS comfortably and the most popular Unix emulator (CygWin) has many issues when trying to use real Unix software. Linux is similarly limited. In fact. Linus Thorvalds (the father of Linux) did a lot of his work on Macs with a Linux VM.

So with a Mac, I get to develop for any platform whereas with Windows or Linux, I’m severely limited.

More reasons:

They are Reliable– Reliability is something that every professional needs. Developers don’t want Windows update problems to interrupt their workflow. Mac users are not bothered less by updating OS problems.

Cross-platform compatibility: Getting Windows to run on a Mac device is extremely easy, and the performance penalty for running a Windows virtual machine is practically negligible. On the other hand, if a developer wants to run Mac OS on any non-Apple device, they’d have to work with something known as a “Hackintosh.” But that is a buggy, unstable mess that no professional wants to dip their toes into.

A UNIX base– as macOS is based on Unix. UNIX is one of the most famous platforms for servers and hosts. The chances of a site created by a developer being run on a UNIX machine are relatively high. Therefore, the ability to access a UNIX environment in a typical Apple computer/laptop is something that a lot of developers want.

Excellent display scaling– Display scaling across multiple devices is an issue that a lot of website and app developers have to face on a regular basis. This problem is mitigated almost entirely by the perfect DPI scaling of Mac OS across all Apple devices.

Hardware– Great software would be useless on a terrible piece of equipment. There are people on both sides of this argument, but the fact remains that Apple computers and laptops are exceptionally well-built and tuned perfectly for professionals.

Efficiency– A MacBook with 8GB RAM can go toe to toe with a Windows machine with more than double the amount of RAM. Up until M1, Mac machines were using standard Intel processors, but Apple tuned and optimized them for better performance across the board.

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