ZAP Hosting Vs Bisect Hosting For Minecraft Server

There are various Minecraft servers available for gamers. Two of them are ZAP hosting and Bisect hosting. 

Bisect hosting is a famous server which allows users to enjoy Minecraft by providing them with various features such as unlimited slots for players at the cheapest rates.

Similarly ZAP hosting is a server used by gamers, it is an easy to use server that provides its users with various features including live support chat to resolve any issue gamers face then and there. 

While both of them might seem to be similar, yet contain certain differences. In this article we will help you distinguish between the two servers and will give you all the information you require regarding the servers. 

ZAP hosting vs Bisect hosting: Comparison

Given below is a comparison table – this will help you compare the two gaming servers with ease. 

ZAP hostingBisect hosting
ZAP hosting is a hosting server for Minecraft that is used by various gamers. It allows you to play with your friends and offers various features such as SSD server, immediate customer support and etc. Bisect hosting is also a hosting server for Minecraft. It allows you to play with anyone you want to play with.

Moreover, it provides you with different features that make your game more fun and easy. Also, unlike other servers it is pretty affordable for players.
The price for ZAP hosting server depends on the number of people that will join the server and the RAM that you choose.

Therefore, the prices rise as the number of people and the RAM size increases.
Bisect hosting provides two different plans to its users. Budget plan and Premium.

The budget server does not hold any additional features and provides only the basic features to its users.

However, the premium server provides gamers with various features which include unlimited slots for players, IP addresses and etc. However, both packages are affordable.
You can always rent out a ZAP server for a small amount. This will give you 4 players along with 2 GB RAM.

You can pay the rent easily with PayPal, using your credit or you can use bank transfer!
The option of renting is not available on Bisect hosting as you have to buy a server to use it. However, their annual pay plans are quite affordable and easy to use. 
If you want to increase the number of slots in ZAP hosting you will have to pay an additional cost for it. Thus, its price will keep on increasing.With Bisect hosting, if you buy any of their premium packages you do not have to worry about paying extra in case you increase the slots as they provide you with free unlimited slots!

We hope this table will help you in comparing the two hosting servers. To find out more about the servers individually keep on reading the article!

What is ZAP hosting for Minecraft server?

ZAP hosting is a Minecraft server that you can easily rent to enjoy a good gameplay with your gamer friends. These servers are fully set up from the beginning and you can start using them as soon as you get a hold of it. 

You can easily order them by visiting their website and can start playing Minecraft by ordering the server. In case you want to make changes to the setting of the game you can do so with ease by using their web interface. Their web interface is extremely user friendly and is designed to help the gamers out. 

While using ZAP hosting you can also play Minecraft using the older versions of the game (if you do miss the older versions!). You just have to visit version manager and download the version that you want. It is an easy process that installs the versions of your choice within no time. 

You can also gain full control via Full FTP access. This will give you the authority to change any settings whenever you want to do so and upload any mods at any time. 

ZAP hosting also allows you to rent modded servers. This comes with pre-installed mod packs. You can add additional mods on the server free of cost if you are using ZAP hosting. 

ZAP hosting provides you with the best customer services as it consists of a live chat. Therefore, if you face any issue just contact them and your issue will be resolved within no time.

Pricing of ZAP hosting:

ZAP hosting’s prices depend on the number of slots you use and the RAM size. You can also rent ZAP hosting with ease. This provides you with 4 slots and a RAM of 2GB. However, you can always pay more and increase the number of slots and as the slots increase the RAM also increases.

In order to access the DDos Manager you will have to provide your IP address. This way you will be using the premium host, but do not worry as you will not have to share your IP address with your fellow player as for them to access the server, they will have to add the port code that will be provided. 

Features of ZAP hosting:

Listed below are the features that ZAP hosting offers to its users:

  • SSD Server:
    • This allows fast and brilliant performance of the game. In short it increases the efficiency of the game.
  • Intel E5-2650v4 processors:
    • This ensures that the game does not lag at all. Making sure that gamers enjoy their game without any issues.
  • 328GB DDR4-RAM:
    • The amount of RAM provided makes sure that all the plugins and extra things are supported without any issues.
  • Full access:
    • Full access ensures that gamers can update the game or make changes to the settings just by a few clicks.
  • Online configuration editor:
    • This enables you to change and understand the settings of the server.
  • Backups:
    • Backups ensure that all you have saved is securely backed up so that you do not have to worry about losing data. 
  • Live chat support:
    • Live chat support is for the customer services. It ensures that any problem faced by the users is fixed there and then so that users do not have to suffer.
  • Various Payment methods:
    • With ZAP hosting you do not have to worry about the payment procedure as it gives you various payment options to choose from. These options include PayPal, credit card and bank transfer!

What is Bisect hosting for Minecraft sever?

Bisect hosting is a server specifically used for Minecraft. It is one of the most affordable servers available and provides the users with various features. 

It supports both the versions of Minecraft; Bedrock and Java, making it easy for the users to use the server. 

Bisect hosting consists of flexible packages which everyone can use. These packages include budget and premium package. These packages offer from 1GB to 32GB of Ram to its users with unlimited slots for premium users. 

You are allowed to pick the features that you require. Also, they provide customer support 24/7 so that you can get all your problems fixed and queries answered within no time. 

To keep latency to minimum, Bisect hosting provides you with 8 server locations all over the world. Moreover, this is an extremely safe server to be used. 

Pricing of Bisect hosting:

Bisect hosting is a low costing server for Minecraft. It provides users with premium and budget packages. The prices for Bisect hosting start from $2.69 per month along with 1GB of Ram and these prices keep on increasing as the RAM increases. 

You can make your payments for Bisect hosting using PayPal, your credit card or debit card, Paysafe card, or a gift card. 

Features of Bisect hosting:

Given below are the features that Bisect hosting offers to its users:

Free unlimited slots:

With bisect hosting premium you do not have to worry about the number of slots as you can incrase them free of charge.

  • Free unlimited slots
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Free Modpack Installation
  • Solid State Drives
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • No overselling
  • Free My SQL
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Multiple Locations
  • Control Panel
  • Free Full FTP Access
  • Free Sub Domain
  • Custom JAR Support
  • DDos Protection

To wrap it up!

There are various hosting servers available for Minecraft. However, ZAP hosting and Bisect hosting are growing in popularity gradually. 

We understand that it can be difficult to choose between a single hoisting server for gamers and therefore, we provided you with all the information available for the two server. 

We hope this information will help you choose the perfect hosting server.

Happy Gaming!

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