The 7 Best Glasses for Programmers – Tried & Tested By Senior Coders [Sep 2023]

Staring in front of a computer screen has become our cup of tea, no matter the profession. This is especially true for software programmers and developers who fall victim to eye strain and headaches as they spend hours on end in front of their laptops or mobile screens.

Computer glasses are a necessary evil whether you’re a full-time programmer or someone who likes to surf the web over the clock. Therefore, after extensive research and feedback from senior programmers, we have finalized the best one for you which is Gamma Ray Blue Glass.

According to the latest studies, not only does the blue light coming from electronics (e.g., computers) damage our sleep routines, but it can also cause permanent retinal damage or, in some cases, blindness. So, yes, we have to take certain precautions to protect ourselves in these cases.

Unfortunately, regular glasses are not much helpful, and you have to invest in high-quality coding glasses. This is why today we will be going through some of the best Glasses for Programmers. The list is up to date and includes options for every price point. So, let’s get straight into it!

Best Glasses for Programmers – Editor’s Pick

Top Pick

Gamma Ray Blue light Glasses

  • Advanced Blue Light Filtering: These glasses effectively filter out harmful blue light from digital screens, reducing eye strain and fatigue.
  • Stylish Design: Gamma Ray Blue Light Glasses are designed with a fashionable and comfortable frame that complements your style.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: By blocking disruptive blue light, these glasses can help improve your sleep patterns and ensure a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, these glasses are sturdy and can withstand daily wear and tear, making them a long-term investment in eye health.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re working on a computer, watching TV, or using a smartphone, these glasses are suitable for various screen-based activities, providing all-around eye protection.

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Quick Comparison: Best Glasses for Programmers

Gamma Ray Blue Light Glasses

Overall Best

At the number 1 spot on our list, we have the Gamma Rays Blue Light Filter Glasses. They have been a top seller on Amazon for quite some time, and that’s for a specific reason.

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At the number 1 spot on our list, we have the Gamma Rays Blue Light Filter Glasses. They have been a top seller on Amazon for quite some time, and that’s for a specific reason.

Right off the bat, these computer glasses come in a nice casing, which can give the end-user a solid impression. The whole frame is, of course, plastic, but it doesn’t look cheap at all.

According to the manufacturer, they use a bunch of ultra-lightweight materials in the assembly, which makes the whole frame easy to carry around.

Besides that, these coding glasses don’t feel bad at all. You can wear them outside for a long duration, and they will make you look stylish and bold.

You will also love the fact that they make use of UV400 protection. What that means is that these glasses will filter out the blue light with greater precision. Overall, the Gamma Ray Blue light Glasses are worth $15. Over the course of time, your eyes will feel much more relaxed even if you code for hours on end.

There will be little to no eyestrain, and as a programmer, that’s what you want. So, yes, for $15, I definitely do recommend these glasses. The only issue is that these computer glasses are available only in a single sizing, but other than that, they are good to go!


  • One of the most highly reviewed blue light glasses for programmers
  • It features an anti-reflective lens to give solid protection to your eyes
  • The frame is made from ultra-lightweight materials so you won’t feel off-putting
  • UV400 protection greatly minimizes the blue light coming from your monitors
  • Highly affordable computer glasses in 2022

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  • Works well on blue light
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Solid case & cleaning towel


  • Not recommended for larger forehead
  • Poor customer support

GUNNAR Gaming & Computer Glasses

Runner Up

The next one on the list is a brand that you’ve probably heard of because they’ve been around for a while, and that’s GUNNER from GUNNER Optics.

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The next one on the list is a brand that you’ve probably heard of because they’ve been around for a while, and that’s GUNNER from GUNNER Optics.

They have done a pretty good job in designing computer glasses or blue light glasses for programmers. In terms of the frame, it’s super comfortable, and you can wear these all day without much trouble.

Similarly, the Lenses are where GUNNER glasses truly shine. The anti-reflective coating on the front and back surfaces is just phenomenal.

You can hardly see the reflection in your eyes. In fact, the yellow tint that it offers is way better than any pair of glasses I have reviewed so far.  

You won’t find any sort of glare, and overall using them can make your coding session incredibly soothing. According to their website, the GUNNER computer glasses cover 65% or block 65% of the blue light so these are quite effective, especially if you’re working or using a computer in the evening.

GUNNER Optics is also great to check out as they have a wide range of glasses with different lenses, tints, and styles. So, at just under $60, I definitely recommend them.


  • Performance-driven blue light glasses that are ideal for everyone
  • The polycarbonate frame makes it resilient to wear and tear for the years to come
  • The anti-reflective coating along with yellow tint allows them to filter blue light with greater precision
  • Their patented optical design gives comfort and prevents irritation
  • Wide range of styles and focusing power to choose from


  • Great to look at
  • A solid yellow tint for UV blocking
  • It helps with sleep and eye fatigue


  • They do accumulate dirt pretty quickly.
  • Have to buy an extra set of microfiber cleaning cloth


Best Programming & Gaming Glasses

Sometimes, we need a bit of everything, and that’s when HORUS X blue light glasses truly shine. It’s an all-in-one package that provides both style and protection to guys fixed with their computer screens 24/7.

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Whether it’s programming or someone who likes to game a lot, these carefully crafted anti-glare glasses are worth the shot.

In terms of design, the HORUS X computer glasses are a league of their own. Both the frame and the lens speak quality, and you can wear them outside without much trouble. It’s just the sturdy polycarbonate material that you won’t find anywhere else.

This eyewear is available in both clear and amber tint, but some programmers might be skeptical about its outlook.

However, the reality is that the color effect won’t annoy you much and give your eyes a clear and soothing effect, especially in prolonged use.

There is an anti-reflective coating on the front surface which works wonders in filtering out blue light in the range of 380-450nm. On top of that, you get a money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t stand to your liking.

Discover the best glasses for programmers to reduce eye strain and enhance focus, and find the best monitor for programmers to optimize your coding experience.


  • It offers long-lasting protection to your eyes and improves your typing performance
  • Each unit is packed with polycarbonate, which makes the frame light and compact
  • Filters more than 90% of UV rays coming from your monitors (at 400nm)
  • Money back guarantee with superior customer support
  • Available in both Amber and Clear lenses to match your preference


  • Quite a comfortable frame
  • It helps with eye fatigue
  • 86% blue light filtration


  • Its sturdy design can be a bit hard to clean.
  • No back lens coating

J+S Vision Blue Glasses

Best Value for Money

The quality of your sleep has a real impact on how well you perform at work and in school. Unfortunately, the blue light that digital displays create can impair our ability to sleep and perhaps lead to long-term eye discomfort.

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The quality of your sleep has a real impact on how well you perform at work and in school. Unfortunately, the blue light that digital displays create can impair our ability to sleep and perhaps lead to long-term eye discomfort. This is when J+S Vision Blue Glasses truly shine.

They can dampen the negative effects of your sleep cycle from being exposed to blue light all day.

So, what makes these blue light glasses for programmers stand out from the rest? Well, it’s all about lenses. J+S Vision provides its customers with lenses that are not tinted with bright yellow color.

This means you can compile code or play games all day without worrying about the colors being distorted. In addition, they include an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating on both the front and the back, which is great if you do a few web conferences.

As far as the frame goes, it is made from a pretty durable plastic material that is sort of bendable. Also, each pair can cost you around $30, so yes, it’s pretty affordable. If you want to take care of your eyes as you code, then getting J+S Vision is a solid investment.


  • High-quality blue-light-blocking glasses that feature a low-distortion lens
  • Stop approximately 90% of harmful blue light coming from your display
  • Improves sleep and prevents headaches or eye strain thanks to 100% UV protection
  • Ideal for either gender and available in multiple frame designs
  • Best glasses for watching TV and computer work


  • Solid frame with a cleaning cloth
  • No yellow tint or color distortion
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • A small amount of observable glare
  • Quite hard to clean

Felix Gray Computer Glasses

Best Luxury Glasses

When it comes to coding glasses, Felix Gray is a brand that is recognized throughout the world. Their computer glasses cost a little more than those standard models but with good cause.

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When it comes to coding glasses, Felix Gray is a brand that is recognized throughout the world. Their computer glasses cost a little more than those standard models but with good cause.

For once, they use high-quality materials in their lenses, and their frames are durable enough to resist any kind of wear and tear. On top of that, they offer some extra features that do more than just block light.

Now each Felix Gray lens comes provided with +0.25 magnification off the hook. They do that to prevent eye strain, which is common among programmers as they try to squint long lines of code. This adds extra stress on your eye muscles which, of course not healthy.

But as long as you have Felix Gray computer glasses, there is no need to panic. Furthermore, their lenses are coated with proprietary filtering technology, which blocks more than 50% of harmful rays coming from digital screens. There is also no yellow tint, so good job all around.

In terms of frames, they have two different styles to choose from, each a league of its own. Again, it’s not much, but something to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the best programming glasses.


  • A refined-looking programming glasses with rectangular frames
  • Covers 50-90% of incoming blue light thanks to the proprietary filtering technology
  • Reduces eye strain and helps you maintain your natural sleep cycle
  • It uses a top-quality glass lens, which you won’t find anywhere else
  • Provided multiple measurements for that one-to-one fit


  • Reduces 50% of blue light emission
  • Stylish and sturdy frame
  • Recommended by professionals


  • Quite expensive glasses for watching tv and computer
  • Limited frame selection

6. Prospek Blue Light Filter Glasses

Best Compact Glasses

Blue light glasses for programmers are available in a wide range of lenses, magnification power, and frame sizes, but not a whole lot can deliver up to the standards when it comes to flexibility.

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Blue light glasses for programmers are available in a wide range of lenses, magnification power, and frame sizes, but not a whole lot can deliver up to the standards when it comes to flexibility.

However, that’s not the case with the Prospek 15. These are premium computer glasses that protect your eyes from harmful rays emitted by your digital devices.

Each unit is provided in a solid hard case which is always nice to have with prescription glasses. Similarly, the frame of the glasses is quite compact so if you like to work outdoors, you could rightfully do so.

Another thing to mention is that they do come in both regular and smaller sizes, each with its own set of magnification power. 

Users who have trouble concentrating on the screen will find this useful. In addition to that, Prospek Blue Light glasses are made with an anti-reflective coating, which not only reduces the incoming polarized light but also prevents dry eyes.

Prospek also ensures that their lenses are safe from yellow or amber tint as it’s a leading cause of color disorientation. There is also a lifetime warranty upon online purchase, so you don’t have anything to lose in the end.


  • It offers some clear and concise lenses to help you with your coding journey
  • Light and durable frame that is resistant to dirt and debris
  • A comfortable and stylish outlook allows it to be used even outdoors
  • Third-party tested so your eyes can remain better protected from digital environments
  • Provided in a wide variety of magnifications


  • A durable and lightweight frame
  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Hard case with a handy cleaning cloth


  • Having too many magnification settings is frustrating
  • Prone to smudging

7. Gaoye 5-Pack Reading Glasses

Amazon’s Best Seller

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The final product on our review is nonother than the Gaoye 5-Pack Reading Glasses. Not only it’s a popular product with thousands of customer reviews and the best seller in terms of computer glasses this year. If that doesn’t impress you then its on-board features most likely will.

So, it uses a set of blue light lenses that are both anti-glare-coated and scratch-resistant. We all know how messy it can get working on computers for long hours, and this plug-in will definitely suffice for it. Another great thing about Gaoye reading glasses is that it comes in a pack of 5.

Each one has its own style and color (like clear white & tortoiseshell) so you are not limited with your choice. This is also great for those like me, who keep losing their glasses, especially the expensive ones. Now you can put them all over the place and become carefree.  

The same could be said for the frames containing a solid polycarbonate and resin foundation. It’s UV400 certified, meaning you get both blue light and UV protection in your purchase. Each pack will roughly cost you $25, so yes, these aren’t pricy at all.

  • Fashionable pair of blue light glasses that come in a pack of 5Its lenses are UV400-rated, meaning you don’t have to worry about eye discomfort  Made from rugged polycarbonate material, which gives its durabilityTons of magnification power to choose from on each purchase100% risk-free, with fast-paced customer support
  • Pros

    • 5 sets of glasses in a single packageUltra-flexible springe hingesUV + Blue light protection


    • Moderate anti-reflective coatingQuite hard to clean

    Programming Glasses Buying Guide For 2023

    Finding the right coding glasses can never be easy, especially when you don’t know where to start. Besides, there are dozens of blue light glasses, each with its own style, lens color, magnification power, and price tag. So, to make everything easy for you, the following is my brief buying guide;

    What are Programming Glasses?

    So, programming glasses or computer glasses are essentially a type of eyewear dedicated to long-term digital use, ideally to protect oneself from eyestrain. Each will have its own magnification power and can also be beneficial for smartphones, watching TV, etc.

    Programming glasses also do wonders in relieving muscle tension as long as the display is kept 24 inches apart. Nowadays, most of them are synonymously used as reading glasses since basically both are the same.

    Are Blue Light Glasses Different from Programming Glasses?

    Now blue light glasses, in contrast to computer glasses, are either coated with anti-reflective coating or contain lenses that have an ambient tint to block the incoming light of blue wavelength.

    For those who haven’t realized, our digital monitors, smartphones, and even TVs release blue light all the time.

    If this light is in the range of 400-500nm, it can cause eye strain, dry eyes, and even sleeplessness. So, in a nutshell, having blue light lenses is just an add-on on top of your regular non-prescription computer glasses.

    Things to Consider Before Buying The Right Coding Glasses

    The best way to find blue glasses for computer screens is by considering several factors. These include:

    1. Frame

    For Python programmers, your frame should be durable (polycarbonate) as well as flexible. The frame style is a thing that varies from person to person.

    2. Magnification Power

    Use magnification power for the lens prescribed by your doctor. If you’re going for a non-prescribed route then anything between +0.25-+0.4D is more than enough.

    3. Lens

    Try to pick coding glasses whose lens is integrated with an anti-glare coating. It should also hold a certain degree of blue light protection (<50%).

    4. Tint or Clear

    Most glasses for using phones are yellow-tinted. However, some might find them annoying as it causes color disorientation. So, use clear lenses.

    Best Glasses for Programmers – FAQ’s

    Do you need blue light glasses for coding?

    If your computer glasses are compatible with blue light filtering technology, then that’s great and can definitely help you in coding.

    Are computer glasses helpful?

    Many health professionals believe that using non-prescription glasses can reduce eye strain and aims to improve your natural sleep cycle.

    What is blue light, and why is it a concern for programmers?

    Blue light is a high-energy, short-wavelength light emitted by screens and electronic devices. Prolonged exposure to blue light can disrupt sleep patterns and cause eye strain. Glasses with blue light filters block or reduce the amount of blue light reaching your eyes.

    Are prescription glasses necessary for programmers?

    Prescription glasses are essential if you have vision problems. However, even if you don’t need prescription lenses, non-prescription computer glasses with blue light filters can still provide significant benefits by reducing eye strain and improving focus.

    What features should I look for in glasses for programming?

    When choosing glasses for programming, consider features like blue light filtering, anti-glare coatings, and a comfortable fit. The glasses should effectively reduce eye strain, minimize glare, and be suitable for extended screen time.

    Can I wear computer glasses all day, or should I use them only while working?

    While computer glasses are designed for screen use, many people find them comfortable for extended daily wear, especially if they are exposed to screens frequently. However, it’s essential to take regular breaks from screens to rest your eyes, regardless of wearing computer glasses.

    Our Top Pick – Gamma Ray Blue light Glasses

    • Works well on blue light
      Comfortable to wear
      Solid case & cleaning towel

    Final Thoughts!

    These days an average person spends more than 10 hours looking in front of their smartphone or computer screen. This can have a deteriorating effect on your health, especially that of your eyes. So, to prevent this, one must reduce their on-screen time, which is easier said than done. Another remedy is through the use of blue light or computer glasses. The glasses as mentioned above, are all prominent in this regard and can get you up and running in no time. So, choose wisely and get a hold of your digital life!     5.0/5

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