5 Differences: Arch vs NixOS – Which Is Better?

f you’re a Linux enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Arch Linux and NixOS. These two operating systems are like the rockstars of the Linux world, known for their unique approaches and passionate communities.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key differences between Arch and NixOS to help you make an informed decision.

Here’s a comparison table summarizing the key differences between Arch Linux and NixOS:

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5 Differences: Arch vs Alpine Linux – Which is Better?

If you’re a Linux enthusiast or a system administrator, you’ve likely heard of two popular Linux distributions: Arch and Alpine. Both have their merits and unique characteristics, but which one is better suited for your needs?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key differences between Arch and Alpine Linux to help you make an informed choice.

Here’s a comparison table summarizing the key differences between Arch and Alpine Linux:

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Best Lenovo Thinkpads for Programming (Updated in Oct 2023)

Which lenovo series offer the best programming laptops?

The lenovo thinkpad series offers the best programming laptops with the features you actually need for programming. They are mostly sturdy, have good battery life, and most of the units are focused on processing power and portability.

There are others too, like Lenovo Ideapad, and also Lenovo yoga series has some good options.

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How good Ryzen is for programming? (What you need to know) Comprehensive Guide Sep 2023

If you’re a programmer looking for a new CPU, you might have heard about the AMD Ryzen processors. These chips have been making waves in the tech world for their impressive performance and value. But how good are Ryzen CPUs for programming, and which one should you buy?

In this three-part blog post, we’ll dive into the world of Ryzen processors and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why Choose Ryzen for Programming?

When it comes to programming, your choice of CPU can significantly impact your workflow and productivity. Here’s why Ryzen CPUs are an excellent choice for programmers:

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How to Practice Coding Without the Internet

In this internet-reliant era, it’s important to hone your coding chops without being tethered to a live network at all times. 

Learning to code without an internet connection allows programmers to keep up with their abilities, keep working even when disconnected, and foster a more in-depth understanding of programming concepts. 

But how can you do that? Is it really possible?

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Are Touchscreen Laptops Good for Programming? – [PROS & CONS]

The purpose of a touch screen laptop is to provide an alternative input method to the traditional keyboard and mouse. With a touch screen, users can interact with their device by directly touching the screen, which can streamline navigation and make certain tasks easier, such as note-taking.

When buying a laptop for programming, there are several factors to consider. Such as good keyboad, processing power, long battery life, budget as well.

Now there are touchscreen laptops with the specs you need. Like powerful processor, backlit keyboard, and long-battery life. But these devices are costly than non-touch screen.

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Are HP laptops good for programming? – [Strengths and Weaknesses]

HP is one of the top brands of manufacturing laptops. For sure, their laptops are of good quality and reliable- that’s the reason why they are popular these days.

But when it comes to choosing a laptop for programming.

There are certain specs you should care about the most. Like, display quality, comfortable keyboard, long-battery life, and of course powerful processor.

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Are razer laptops good for programming work?

Razer laptops are a line of gaming laptops and ultrabooks designed and powered with the latest technology for extreme performance to cater to both work and play. They are known for their insane hardware performance and ultra-portability.

Some popular razer, include the Blade 15, Blade 14, Blade 17, and Blade Stealth 13. Which all are well known for their gaming performance.

But, are razer laptops good for programming?

The answer is not simple. Razer laptops are great choice for anyone who wants to do heavy work on their computer, such as video editing, animation, programming, or developing games. They are quite powerful. 

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The 7 Best Glasses for Programmers – Tried & Tested By Senior Coders [Sep 2023]

Staring in front of a computer screen has become our cup of tea, no matter the profession. This is especially true for software programmers and developers who fall victim to eye strain and headaches as they spend hours on end in front of their laptops or mobile screens.

Computer glasses are a necessary evil whether you’re a full-time programmer or someone who likes to surf the web over the clock. Therefore, after extensive research and feedback from senior programmers, we have finalized the best one for you which is Gamma Ray Blue Glass.

According to the latest studies, not only does the blue light coming from electronics (e.g., computers) damage our sleep routines, but it can also cause permanent retinal damage or, in some cases, blindness. So, yes, we have to take certain precautions to protect ourselves in these cases.

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