How to Uninstall Wine from your Mac?

Wine is a popular compatibility layer that allows Mac users to run Windows applications on their computers.

However, there may be reasons why you want to uninstall Wine, such as compatibility issues, system updates, or simply no longer need the program.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover five different ways to uninstall Wine from your Mac, along with step-by-step instructions, advantages, and disadvantages of each method.

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how to install python on Chromebook: 2023 Updated Guide

While Chromebooks are primarily designed for web browsing and basic productivity tasks, they are good enough for python programming.

Python is a popular and versatile language that is widely used for a variety of purposes, including web development, data analysis, and machine learning.

Installing Python on a Chromebook can be useful for various reasons. One of the primary motivations is education. Python is a popular and beginner-friendly programming language, widely used in educational settings. If you’re a student or teacher, having Python on your Chromebook enables you to learn or teach programming more efficiently.

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How to install Numpy (Windows and Linux)

Installing NumPy is the same across all operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac) using pip, conda, or from the source. However, the commands used to execute the installation may vary slightly depending on the OS.

For example, using pip, the “pip install numpy” command is used in all operating systems, however, it needs to be executed in the command prompt in Windows and terminal in Linux and Mac. Similarly, using the conda “conda install numpy” command is used across all operating systems, and installing from the source needs downloading the source code and using the “python install” command.

In this blog post, I’ve provided multiple ways to install NumPy, which includes using pip, using conda, and using source code. Scroll down to have a step-by-step guide on each method.

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How to Update Python in Kali Linux?

Kali Linux comes with Python3 installed, but you need to make sure it’s updated as older versions of python may not work any longer.

Before Updating the kali Linux, first, determine what python version is currently installed in it. For this, open the Kali Linux terminal, and type Python — version. Hit enter to run this command and it will show the version of python in your kali Linux.

As of now (2022, 20th October) The latest version of python is Python 3.9.15. Or verify the latest python version from the official website. Less than this version means it’s older and thus needed an upgrade.

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How to install Python IDLE in Linux

If you have just started learning Python, you probably are using IDLE. IDLE is a cross-platform application used by many beginners. If IDLE is not already installed on your Mac or Linux, this article will help you to install it on a Linux box.

Installing Python IDLE in Linux

Most new Linux comes with Python installed which is bundled with IDLE. If for some reason Python is not there in your Linux distro, you can install it using a default package manager.

Run the following command Debian or Ubuntu terminal to install IDLE

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Tips to use Atom for Python

Atom is a dedicated compiler than can run all types of repositories such as Python, C++, Java, and many more. Atom is known as one of the best Python IDE. It supports packages developed in various programming languages. Most of these packages are freely available and built by open-source communities.

Tip.1 Atom packages for python

Setup Atom for Python

You can go to the settings tab to have a view of the packages that are listed there. Then according to your project requirements, you can download atom python package.

Tip.2 Download the code checker/atom python linter

Install Python Linter on Atom

Install a dedicated tool for flagging coding errors and bugs. A whole list of languages is available on Atom’s main website, where complete support for additional languages is provided. The purpose of the atom python linter is to offer a top-notch application to find and fix bugs. Few of the Atom Python linter packages:

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How to update Python in Windows, Mac, and Linux

As you all know, Python is the new trend in the world of computer programming. Working with the updated versions of python is more fun because it comes with more libraries for advanced programming.

Let’s get to know how to update python in Windows, Mac, and Linux, if you are already working with Python and want an upgraded version

Requirement for Updating Python

There are two basic conditions for updating python in your operating system.

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How to decode JPEG pictures for hidden information

We often see pictures online and wonder if this picture is Photoshopped; one way to determine if the image is Photoshopped or not is using gut feelings but have every search for software that decodes the JPEG and gives you the source code. How can you make sure that the photo has not been processed or modified in any software?

how to decode a picture

JPEGsnoop is a free photo authenticity detection software that can read various coded information to help you determine if the pictures have not been edited or modified by software. 

When you encounter a suspicious photo, you can use it, and it will decode the image and spit out all the information about the picture. This software not only supports standard JPG format but also supports embedded photos in PDF, AVI, MOV, and other documents.

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How to Replace Chrome os with Linux

Although ChromeOS has the Linux kernel, it’s not open source in the real sense. So the desire to replace chrome os with any Linux distro is real. And in this blog, let’s run how to replace it in the simplest way.

Even many simple Linux commands don’t work in its GUI. 

If you want to experience a true Linux-based tablet, look at this Raspad tablet 3 a Linux-beast indeed.

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