Best SketchUp alternatives for Linux in 2023

SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling software used in various industries such as civil and mechanical engineering, interior and exterior design, and game development.

While SketchUp offers both paid and free versions that can be accessed through its web-based application, it is not supported by Linux, leaving Linux users without access to this software.

List of best alternatives for SketchUp for Linux:

Here is the complete list of prime tools that are best designed to replace SketchUp for Linux. You will find both paid and free applications in the list below:-

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A list of Cool Gimp fonts

GIMP 2. x supports all types of Font. That your OS can support either Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

GIMP tool has a few fantastic modules that render well in adding and supporting fonts. For instance, It has a Freetype2 engine to provide fonts. And a system Font config that supports manually added fonts in GIMP.

You can say, Freetype2 is an extensive font family.

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