How to install Kali Linux and run on Android without root in 2022

Learn to install kali Linux on android mobile using this simple method. You don’t need to root your device.

How To Install Kali Linux And Run O...

Kali Linux 2020.1 OS is geared towards ethical hacking. It provides all the essential tools for penetration of databases, wifi, security, machine, and so on. That’s why Most Hackers use Linux on their laptops, Live USB, windows, etc. Make sure you always update Kali Linux.

It’s possible to run kali Linux on Android mobile with rooting. In fact, there is a Mobile version of Kali OS that you can get from their official website.

However, the official version of kali Linux does not work with mobile that is not rooted. Therefore, follow this method to install kali Linux on your device without rooting it. It will require to download some extra apps like Froid or Anlinux to create a virtual environment.

This guide will cover everything you need to know, at the end of this article you can replace your Android OS with Kali Linux OS.

This method is so unofficial, so follow these steps at your own risk. However, we have tried this, and it worked for us.

How to run Kali Linux on android without rooting

Video tutorial:

Requirements to install kali Linux on android

First of all, you will need the following apps; download them first from the google playstore.

  1. Termux (Linux command terminal for android)
  2. AnLinux (to run Linux without rooting)
  3. VNC reviewer (for full desktop version)

Storage and Data Required

Minimum 8 GB of free space and up to 3GB of (Data GB) internet will be required for installing kali Linux.

Step by Step Guide

Once you have installed all the apps now, we can move on to our guide to show you step by step how to run the Kali Linux full version on your mobile phone.

Step 1- Open AnLinux app

Open AnLinux app

Once you open Anlinux, click on>Choose> tick mark, Kali.

Step-1.1- Copy the command from Anlinux

command from Anlinux

As shown in the image “a command,” simply copy this and now open the Termux app.

This command will let you install the Kali Linux latest 2020.1 CUI version on your phone.

CUI Kali Linux is one of the methods to run kali Linux in CUI mode, this method does not involve any graphical interface. It will be like using kali Linux in a terminal by commands.

Step 2- Open The Termux App and paste.

paste command in Termux App

After you paste the command, an automatic process will occur and install Kali Linux distro’s essential packages. Wait for its completion. And yes, “HIt Enter after pasting every command.”

Step 2.1- Start Kali Linux (CUI version)

start kali linux

The Kali Linux CUI has been installed and is ready to use.

We will show you how to use the full version of Kali Linux, although, at this stage, the kali Linux terminal commands are ready to execute” ./,” and the terminal will open.

Step 2.2- Install Packages

install package for Kali Linux

To Install packages in the terminal, use the apt command as the image shows a command “ apt install nano.” After executing this command, it will install the nano, a kali Linux package used for ethical hacking.

You can see we have executed a Kali Linux package using mobile. There are many other packages you should execute because by default Kali Linux does not give any package. For this reason, you may need this list of kali Linux packages.

How to Run “kali Linux full version” on android

Above mentioned steps will lead you to run kali Linux without rooting your mobile phone for sure. But it may not be enough for so many people. Many kali Linux users want to access the same Desktop version of kali Linux on their android mobiles.

So let’s figure this out in this guide.

Step one- Open the AnLinux app again.


To run the full version of Kali Linux on your Mobile, you need to step back and open AnLinux, then go to the dashboard>Desktop Environment>Kali. Then choose any GUI desktop environment. It’ll appear something like this.

Step two- Tick Mark Kali Linux

select kali linux

There are different GUI modes for PC, but in android, the number of GUI environments is limited. By the way. Xfce4 is recommended.

Step three- Copy the “VNC script.”

copy vnc script

Copy the code once again, and paste it on the Linux terminal (Termux) but, remember; You must have opened the Kali Linux terminal by executing this command ./sh

Step Four- Paste it in the Termux.

use vnc script as root

After executing this script, you will be asked for a password and local hostname. after providing the password as you wish and naming your local host, you can connect it with the VNC viewer (our third application).

Moreover, you will be allowed to connect your Kali Linux with a VNC viewer using a Local Host connection.

Step Five- Name your localhost, and give a password.

select server name

The Image shows, Our VNC server has been started, and we named it localhost1. To Stop the VNC server, use the command “vncserver-stop,” and to start again, use the command “vncserver-start.”

Note; Before you open the VNC viewer app, you must have Run the VNC server first. In this image, it is already running. So, we can now open the VNC viewer app.

Step six- Open the VNC viewer app and follow these steps.

  • Open VNC viewer
vnc viewer - How to install Kali Linux and run on Android without root in 2022
  • Write your Local Server name.
local servername

This the Localhost number that we have written when executing Desktop Environment Script on Kali Linux

  • Name your VNC review server
vnc server viewer

After you write to the localhost, it will prompt and ask you to give it a name. Name it any randomly you want.

  • Give the password
change password

Now it is time to give the password you have provided when executing the VNC script on Kali Linux.

  • Finish kali Linux full version should run now.
install through apt

You can see the image it is working; if you follow these steps too… you will get the kali Linux full version working on your android or any mobile phone.

If you feel any difficulties, you can watch this Youtube tutorial.

Final Words

The above guide can run Kali Linux for you. If you want to run any other Linux distro, then no problem. You are allowed to run them too, but so far, we have only tested running Kali Linux in this way.

You can use Kali Linux for ethical hacking purposes; there are many ways to utilize Kali Linux, even on Mobile phones. Look at this guide; this guide explains how to hack a wife using Kali Linux on mobile.


Is there a mobile version of Kali Linux?

Yes, there is a separate version of the kali Linux designed to run on touch mobile named Kali NetHunter. It’s an open-source project you can install on various mobile devices, including, Samsung, LG, OPPO, One plus, etc.

With this Version, you can access so many Kali toolsets, a beautiful GUI, and support for touchscreen is also available.

Do hackers use Kali Linux?

Yes, Kali Linux is an official OS that is used for penetration and testing. It’s mainly legalized only for professionals who want to test the security of their systems; eg websites, apps, online banking systems.

They use Kali to test the systems beforehand making them live on the internet.

However, hackers illegally use Kali OS to penetrate the sensitive data of others. Read more: why do hackers use Kali Linux?

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