21 Python Game Engines to use in 2021

Python game engines are recognized as an affliction for multiple games for the assistance of people who are willing to make their own video games, specifically 2D and 3D as demanded. Having equipped with numerous features, python programming language has been used for a large number of popular video games, including, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Among the programming languages surviving in the entire gaming industry, the language has proved itself to be one of the preferred ones. But there is still a lot of confusion when it comes to deciding for satisfying the ultimate needs of the business.

List of Python Game Engine Frameworks

Every perspective is countable for the value it holds. Let’s begin with the python game engine framework that can help with the development of games.



Games are intended to start over with the click. This python game engine framework works to immediately start the game, keeping the modules smaller intentionally.

The designers of the framework chose the establishment of multiple small items, i.e. as the change in requirement takes place, one can swap the small item in the library.

This also means that one can have the opportunity to adopt advancements in technology upon reaching a certain stage. PyGame does carry numerous matches within it’s name. 


image 6 - 21 Python Game Engines to use in 2021

This unique framework of the engine holds the python bindings collectively, referring to as a 3D engine in C++ programing language (all written). Hence, making it one of the standard ways of using the engine.

Unlike other machines, these bindings are produced automatically, meaning that it is always complete and up-to-date. From supporting the templates to silkscreen, and faithful reproduction, the engine works amazingly to promote the fastest learning processes, quick developments, and maintaining stability.  


image 8 - 21 Python Game Engines to use in 2021

This has been widely recognized for it is free of cost and its core feature namely interactive storytelling. It is for the video games producer who is to produce life-simulation and interactive games, with the flexibility to make a great combo of the tone, words, and picture.

The framework is targeting those willing to struggle with visual novels, helping one in writing down the plays. With the core feature being simple to understand, it appears to serve to achieve the best.

The features added in the game are for the video gamers who believe in learning from graphic novels in the absence of any modification.

Godot Engine

image 10 - 21 Python Game Engines to use in 2021

Having it initiated by group of volunteers, it is perfect for those who are to make their video games on their own. It is free of cost, now available in C++ language for both desktop and mobile gamers, especially for the ones interested in 2D/3D games. From Microsoft windows to desktop, and Linux, Godot is designed to work.  

Ogre 3D Engine

image 11 - 21 Python Game Engines to use in 2021

It is a modeling engine, written in the C++ programing language. Equipped with features that help produce successful games, it is connected to python via Boost for since long.

The bindings changed the ownership as soon as the individual lost their interest in preserving it. 


Python ogre Game engine logo

This is referred to as the python formation for the 3D game engine of Ogre. It has been designed with an aim to provide the availability and making it easier for the producers to ease its’ use concerning both its performance and reliability, thereby facilitating the quick development.

Further, making it easily accessible for beginners to video games to help with technical issues relating the C++.

CrystalSpace 3D Game Engine

Crystal Space 3D game engine

This has been defined as a kit relating to software development, specifically for 3D graphics. From the python engine, it is accessible in two distinctive ways including;

  • Crystal space plug-in module
  • Python module introducing the program

Prepare with the installation of the python plugin. Secondly, install the crystal space app (any) with the first option appearing. Have it communicated using ‘iScript’ functionality.

Whereas the second method works to permit the writing of the application in the absence of C++ coding language.

Irrlicht Fast Realtime 3D Engine

Irrlicht Engine - realtime 3D engine - LinuxLinks

This game engine is written in C++, a free of cost software. Formally installed on Desktop, Windows CE, macOS, and Linux. It’s known for being a cross-platform accessible to other platforms due to its accessible existence interfaces, like FreeBSD, Xbox, Gaming Consoles, Symbian, iPhone, and Google Local Client.

It is popular because of its low cost, older and newer hardware functionality, ease of learning, and a big, friendly community. To most languages, such as AutoIt, C++Builder, FreeBASIC, Game Creator, Java, Lua, .NET, Object Pascal (Delphi), Perl, Python, and Ruby, unauthorized connections exist. However, much of them re-establish still not been for two to five years.

Delta3D Opensource Game Development

Delta Engine - Open Source Multiplatform Game Development

As provided by Delta3d, it is an effective and usable particle effect editor that works wonderfully with 3D games. Having equipped with multiple platforms, it is a free standard game development engine, written in C++.

Backed by the community and legally open to the consumers, this engine has been gaining popularity worldwide. From teaching to learning, entertaining, and designing, this multi-functional engine works wonders.

Soya3D Object Oriented 3D Game Engine

Soya3D — Open source Game Engine

A high-level 3D engine is a combination of C and python, specifically for the development of 3D games. Having the GPL, GNU license, this Pyrex-designed engine is available at a significant rate, being object-oriented.

The core features it holds include; simplicity of use, quick learning, and maintaining efficiency.



It is a python system, specifically-designed for the 2D, 3D, and VR game developments in multiple coding languages. Although it features understandability, it is run on any sponsored platform with inadequate documentation.

It has developed over time into fully interactive media. Harfang aims to bring functionality and versatility to the Python, Lua, and C++ growing developer communities.

Pysoy 3D cloud Game Engine

PySoy on Google Code-In 2012 - YouTube

For Python, PySoy becomes the cloud game engine. In a model that will allow Python-based games to run in various environments, along with web browsers, Android apps, and gaming systems.

It is recognized-popularly for the blending of 3d graphics, physics, sound, as well as networking. It permits the beginners the development and production of commercial-grade games, easily approachable to beginners.

Therefore, unlocking the creativity of beginners to developing their own game.

Pyglet Cross-platform Multimedia Python Library

Minecraft in 500 lines with Pyglet - PyCon UK

For python, it is a framework that works to develop games and applications. Having operated for Linux, Windows, and OX, it features a user interface, playing sounds and soothing music, loading pictures and images, etc.

It’s quite a simple framework that simplifies delivery system, works with the specifications of the game, and its installation. The best that comes with it is the use of multiple windows at a single time with full-screen games and deployment.

Blender3D Free and Open 3D

3D Game Engine for Cycles - BlenderNation

The best-kept secret of Blender is that it is a game engine. The system of the game is unbelievably powerful yet not well known.

Blender is a highly customizable 3D creation package that endorses video editing, 3D pipeline, designing, simulation, trying to rig, visual effects, compressing, scripting, and object detection.

This Engine is a retired part of a 3D production package, open-source software for the customization of content in real-time.

The engine was produced as a mostly independent component in C++ from the scrap, supporting functionality like Python scripting, and 3D audio via OpenAL.

GGZ game zone Game Client Collection

GGZ - Gaming Zone

This engine works to combine the capabilities of the multiplayer at a technical level while expanding them by providing several cool inserts to the core game computing environment in terms of experience. Driving down the multiplayer system, it is respondent towards the advertising sites including Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Ika RPG Game Engine in Python

ika version uploaded - Mannux by hatchet2k4

It’s a forum that works for the game engines at both windows and Linux. Though it has faced the closure part, the interest of the game designers has started working on its latest version.

Today it owns its very own society despite several disagreements. The inception of the game engine was the map in an XML file format, it now helps the search engines with the use of fonts and sprites.

Pyirrlicht Python Game Engine

Irrlicht Engine • View topic - Rin's Quest [NOW AVAILABLE]

This Engine for gaming and graphics or any visual desktop applications works for a simple 3d system. There are also a few specific embedded tasks in this project: descriptions of FreeBASIC object-oriented software, SWIG wrapper, smooth assembly language, TinyCC, and thinBasic application.


Images - Flexible Isometric Free Engine - Mod DB

Written in C++, this multi-platform isometric game engine is Scalable Isometric Free Engine. It deals with Python bindings, helping the consumers to use Python and C++ for the establishment of games as per their needs and desire.

The best that it comes up with is it being adjustable, providing the project any functionality needed. FIFE is created as versatile as possible so that works for any particular genre. It is oriented towards an RTS or RPG.


Cocos2d-x: Casino slot machine (GAF Converter, nesting mode, sequences,  etc.) - YouTube

This free software application is to assist the designers and producers to create an application, laying its foundation on games, GUIs, etc. It is written in different programming languages including, C++, javascript version, etc. with collective javascript-friendly APIs.

Kivy Cross-platform Python Framework

Kivy: Cross-platform Python Framework for NUI Development

This popular framework is designed for the quick creation of an application, fitting with a novel user interface. Having it operated on windows, android, Linux, OS X, etc. the best it offers is its wireless use. With the availability of 20 plugins, it is completely configurable.

Wasabi2D Cuttin edge 2D Engine for Python

Wasabi 2D

Written in C++, this game engine is created for an educational purpose. It provides the 2D action-adventure service, allowing the video game players to understand the worlds appearing, battling the enemies, and the dimensions that help the earth from armies.


Want to develop a game in python? There are multiple platforms where one can do this. But what matters is learning the languages of the game in demand including 2D/3D is to be high in performance.

What you need to do is to make a choice of the software because this is what can help pursue the original content for the game. If appropriate, try upgrading your understanding. This will lead to multiple ideas for the next game.  

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